Mr Billionaire Episode 14


The day had arrived. October 31st. Halloween. The day of ghosts and ghouls and candy. Carole had gone through the liberty of buying me a costume. I had put it on. I wore a long, flowing white halter top dress. The fabric was soft and beautiful. I wore a gold bracelet on my upper arm of a snake. I wore a short, black wig that hung just above my shoulders and a golden headpiece that–from the weight–had to be made with real gold and diamonds.

I wore a typical Egyptian’s cat eye with light golden eye shadow. My face seemed to have an Egyptians glow. I even wore sandals that came up to my knee. I grinned at my reflection. I had to admit it: I looked really hot. There was a soft knock at the door and then Levi peeked his head in. He slipped into the room, dressed as an attractive vampire. Women would hate it when they found out he was gay.

“Whoa, Vonna, ” he breathed, gaping at me. “You look hot. Girl I know Liam must want to hit that.” I grinned at him.

“You look pretty hot too, my little homosexual vampire.” He rolled his eyes and said,

“B—h, shut up. All the guests have arrived. It’s a arena in there. I mean there are literally thousand s of people down there.” I frowned, feeling slightly nervous.

“Well, let’s go down there and get ’em,” I said, shaking off my nervousness.

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Ryan stood in the back with the table overflowing with food. He kept an eye on both Lucas and Liam while simultaneously scanning the room for Yvonne. He didn’t see her, though. And it made him anxious. And finally he saw her. She was walking down the stairs gracefully, linked arm in arm with some brown haired guy dressed as a vampire. His first thought was, She’s beautiful.

She was dressed a Cleopatra, only she should’ve been Isis or Aphrodite. She looked more like a goddess than a human. Gretchen came slinking over to him, her eyes were on Yvonne just like everyone else. Liam’s jaw was slack and even Lucas– who was always internally dead– was gaping at Yvonne like she was a religion he was more than willing to convert to.

“Tonight you and I will both get what we want,” Gretchen said softly in his ear. “You get Cleopatra’s knock off and I get the 1950’s gangster.” She grinned and flounced off. Ryan smiled as Yvonne laughed when Lucas kissed her hand, driving Liam to yell at him. Ryan could hear him even from the distance.

“Don’t kiss Yvonne, she’s mine. ” Ryan chuckled. Poor naïve Liam. He should enjoy these next few hours with Yvonne because after tonight, he’d never see her again.


After an awkward arrival where everyone stared at me like I was ice cream, I finally found my place at the party. And Levi was right, the mansion was packed, crowded with costumed men, women and children. But as time went on, I became more and more tired. I had been asked to dance so many times I lost count. I had eaten two pieces of pumpkin pie, complimented numerous people on their costumes and smiled so much my face was aching. I ended up on the balcony. I was ecstatic to be away from the craziness of the party inside.

Liam kept glancing over at me, but the women swarming around him made it nearly impossible for him to leave. I smiled. He did look extremely sexy dressed as a 1950’s gangster. Not that I was interested in him or anything. The door to the balcony opened and closed. I smiled and turned, expecting to see Liam. Instead of blue eyes, I met a pair of piercing sad gray eyes. My breath caught. I knew exactly who I was facing. Ryan. He removed his mask and sure enough the light from the party inside illuminated the planes of his face, exposing his always sad, wistful expression.

“How did you get in here?” I stammered, my voice barely a whisper. He cocked his head to the side and said,

“Gretchen.” I nodded and swallowed, feeling a little sick.

“So…you’re gonna kill me now?” Dammit, Yvonne! Why would you ask him that? Are you stupid? He laughed for the first time since I met him. The sound was low, hearty, deep.

“Gretchen and I came to an…agreement. I’m no longer killing you.” I looked at him, not daring to believe my ears.

“You’re not?” My voice was quiet and tentative. He shook his head and answered,

“However, since I’m sparing your life I must ask something of you.” I didn’t want my life to be on the line again. I just nodded. He held out his hand and said, “Come with me. We’ll only be gone a few minutes.” I wasn’t sure I trusted Ryan. At the same time, though, I didn’t not trust him. Besides if I didn’t go he might just put my life on the rocks again and I didn’t want that. I took his hand and he pulled me close to him, jumping into the darkness with me in his arms.