Mr Billionaire Episode 13


And now we were in his car. On our way to Liam’s office. So Levi could see “this Gretchen b—h”–his words exactly–with his own eyes. “Besides, don’t you wanna see bae?” he asked, grinning at me. I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t tell Levi that Liam wasn’t really bae. Liam was only pretending to be bae to get back at Kate and my ex bae.

When we arrived I stayed still. Levi looked at me and rolled his eyes. “Yvonne, come on out and show me the b—h. I just wanna see what we’re up against. I’m not gonna pimp smack her unless she asks for it.” I just sighed and got out of the car. There was really no use in trying to fight Levi.

We walked to the elevator and we were silent the entire time. The elevator gave a soft ding and Levi and I stepped out. Gretchen looked up, her smile friendly when she saw Liam. Then she looked at me and her smile faltered.

“We’re here to see Liam,” I said to her coolly. Levi just stared at her with his lips pursed. She frowned and nodded stiffly.

“Of course you are,” she muttered dryly, glaring at me. “Unfortunately, Mr. Hawke is in a meeting with Mr. Grover right now.” He was meeting Danny? That shocked me, especially since Liam seemed less than fond of him.

“Well tell him we stopped by.” She rolled her eyes and nodded, it was clear she was not gonna tell Liam that we were here. And I know it was stupid as hell. And I know I shouldn’t try to be a smart ass with the person who was trying to kill me. But my inner-b—h got the best of me. I smiled sweetly at her and said,

“Oh, never mind. I’ll just tell him when he comes to bed tonight.” And then I turned on my heel and left with a gaping Levi following close behind me.

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“You are badass! ” Levi shouted at me as he parked outside of the huge mansion. “I mean I was waiting for her to say something so I could smack that b—h, but you handled that.” I grimaced and shook my head.

“I probably should’ve kept my mouth shut though.” I sighed and leaned back in my seat.

“Hey, you’ve got a backbone girl. The way Frank and Marcine raised you.” Levi was on a first name basis with my parents who I hadn’t spoken to since about a week before I met Liam. I missed them. “Anyway, you should get some rest,” Levi told me quietly, interrupting my inner monologue. I nodded. He was right. I was exhausted.

“Be careful on your way back,” I said to him, opening my door slightly and looking at him. It was cold and I held in my shiver. He grinned wickedly.

“B—h, I’m 6’2, made of muscle and I keep myself strapped. I’ll be fine. You just be careful, even with Liam around, don’t let your guard down.” I nodded and finally stepped out of the car, closing it behind me. Levi waited until I had opened the front door with the key Carole had given me, before he drove off.


“I want her dead and I want her dead now! ” Gretchen yelled in his face.

“And how would you propose I kill her?” Ryan asked, annoyed. He’d had enough of this woman. “She’s being protected at all angles. By Luke and Daniel and worst Liam Hawke.” He spat out the name, hatred in his core.

“We have to take advantage of the Masquerade Ball they’re throwing.” Although Gretchen spoke quietly Ryan’s ears–which were trained to hear basically everything –heard her clearly. He grinned.

“I have an idea.”


When Liam came home, he came straight to my room. I was lying down, reading a book when he busted through the door and fell onto my bed. I looked at him. His eyes were closed and his lips were parted, his blonde hair askew. He looked like Heaven. I wanted to kiss him. His blue eyes snapped open all of a sudden and he looked at me. It was as if he could sense my feelings.

“I’m not too tired to have sex with you, if that’s what you want.” He grinned.

I frowned at him. Did he always have to ruin my moments with his big ass mouth? I rolled my eyes and saved my page. Liam rolled over and nestled his head against the pillow. I reached over and turned out the lights. I relaxed against the pillows and soon I heard Liam snoring softly. I looked over and realized he was still wearing his suit. I smiled softly and removed his jacket and his tie and his shirt, throwing them to the floor. I have to admit, taking off his clothes made my heart pound. It was silly and I knew it. I fought it and I would continue to fight it. There was no way I could ever let myself fall in love with Liam Hawke.