Morning Dose Of Inspiration#12 Love Matters




  Love is to be reciprocal and not one sided. We sometimes are often in a relationship where one party loves more and the other party loves less. Love with your heart and also love people for who they are and not what they are.

  Don’t go into a relationship because you think the guy or lady has money and money solves everything. Oh! Yes money does certainly solves something but it never tells you what will happen tomorrow.

  Don’t be vain and materialistic because the money,cars e t.c can all go down the drain in a twinkle of an eye.

  What will happen after your partner loses everything??? Will you leave him or her???

  If you are in a relationship where you feel your partner doesn’t show you love and treat you right, then you have to evaluate things and have a talk with him or her and let them know how you are feeling. Don’t beat yourself or cry over it because you just might be tormenting yourself over nothing.

  Oftentimes, our partners get so busy and sometimes don’t even know that they aren’t giving us the needed attention and Love.

  Oftentimes, it might also be that the other party doesn’t know how to tell you he/she wants to call the relationship quit hence the distance.

  Nevertheless, Don’t ever let anybody’s child take advantage of your love and throw it in your face how you made a mistake of loving them and giving them your all. Love yourself first, Stay true to yourself and Never think you were not good enough.

Image credit: Ray Styles