Mission Impossible Episode 37


In silence we ride to chief Soso house but before we got to his house it was already 7:30 pm.the house was a white one guided with fence of about 10 ft tall,there was light shining everywhere in and out of the house,the fence was supported with electric security wire with a powerful gate standing as an obstacle to the entrance of the compound.i looked at observer

Me:is this the house

Observer:yes,this is where he lives

Me: (opening the car) ok then lets go.

Observer: (holding back my left hand)no wait

Me:what again?

Observer:how do we get in?

Me:from the gate of course

Observer:no we cant go in like that,he is being guarded by 8 policemen

Me: eight policemen?

Observer:yea eight of them

Me: (demostrate with both hands)onllly?

Observer:what do u mean by only? Look those policemen are all armed and we came with no weapon

Me:is that all?

Observer: (gave that frustration look) are u insane,u want to waste ur life

Me:chilax,what doesnt kill me makes me stronger,those policemen are all my friends

Observer:you know them(i just smiled)it still doesnt matter if u know them or not

Me:i dont know them and am sure they dont know me either

Observer:then how are they ur friends?

Me:they are my friends because they are my customers.see just chilax and hope u have annouced their obituary

Observer:hahaha,i should have known what u are driving at,u eh u never change

Me:are u in?

Observer:surest nau,am in but

Me:but what?

Observer:his wife and children what do we do with them?

Me:i have no business with them,its Soso i have a fixed business with and am here to carry out the busines deal

Observer:that’s good.so we go in through the fence

Me:yea but what of the security wires on them

Observer:forget that thing,nah naija we dey,that thing na toy,pure toy

Me:then lets go but i still have plier and glove…

I took the plier and glove,giving him one hand of the glove as we came off the car.observer used his hand to signal me for us to enter from the back,we took those criminal steps to the back fence,i lifted observer whom had sat on my shoulder,then with the plier he cut off the security wire,then i dropped him down,we both jumped over the fence into the compound then our tip toe continued

We saw 5 policemen on guard but only 3 were active but were backing us holding their guns firmly as the other two fools were sleeping with their guns on their laps instead of keeping guard

Observer: (whispered)hmmm that makes it easier

Me: (whispered back)i told u they are my friends(smiles)…we tip toed to their backs and cra cra cra they were down lifeless(u know wadsup nah,we broke their neck)

Then we walked up to the sleeping two as each of us stood infront of them

Me: (not whispering)u know what?

Observer:what bebe

Me:if i employed any security man who sleeps on duty na sack be next

Observer:yea yea,especially like dis two….they jumped up from their slumber and pohn i pounch the idiot as he hit his back head against the wall and blood splashed on the wall from his back head while observer just used the head of the other guy’s gun to hit him back to forever sleep

Me: (smiling)shebi i told u they are my customers

Observer:hiah u too much

Me: (face changed)now its time to rade inside and tonight marks the end of soso on earth

Observer:abeg give am final respect by calling him chief soso

Me:if im reach hell fire make him negociate that one with devil…

Then we moved on,we opened the door of the house,we saw just one security inside

Security: (pointing his gun at us)who are u looking for

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Me:madman,even for security work english dey hard u

Observer:abi o,my guy its not “who are u looking for” its “who are u guys looking for?”lolz because we dehy two

Security:how on earth did u two fools get in here

Me: (started paravolating up and down with wicked smiles on my face)chief wont be happy if he hears that u called his boys fools so u better act fast if not u loose ur job because the information we have is regarding to chiefs life

Security: (brought down his gun)wait here let me call him then…he turned and started heading to another door,i rushed at him and cra,he went down dead,then we opened the other the security was earlier heading toward and we came faced with another compound or should i say backyard!

It was well beautified,then we saw two guys standing at a distance facing a pool,i guess chief soso is inside the pool swimming his last with two women,i looked at observer and he looked back at me,as we were about to take steps to the pool we heard “DON’T MOVE OR YOU DIE” we have been caught but by who who? Observer said they were 8 policemen on guard nau,we killed six already and am sure they died and look the other two standing at distance watching over Soso so who just caught us or is it the IPO??? We put up our hands as we turned on slow motion and u wouldnt believe who abi na what it was.

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To be continued