Diary of a Pastor’s Wife Episode 5


He sneaked into the children’s bedroom while I was about to pray. The imagery of how he sneaked into Ifeoma’s room was now clear, but it didn’t hurt me anymore.

“Baby…..Please can I see you?” He said as his voice trailed off.

I stood up gently and followed him to the sitting room. I found myself holding my breath, I folded my hands in my lap and waited.

“i have missed you, despite all of these. I am sorry for the way mom talked to you, she is only acting of concern for me. I am her only child.”

“So you are going to marry Ifeoma after she puts to birth?” I asked in a low tone. There were sadness in my eyes.

He pulled me close and began to kiss me softly.

“I feel like we are doing this for the very first time.” I admitted softly. My voice a broken whisper as I gave him my whole body.

Now my limbs entwined with his, it was a joy unparalleled to have the freedom to slide my hands down that strong, lean back with its taut, well developed muscles and silky skin, to feel the amazing well defined mouth of his lip taste. It looked as if I was the husband snatcher, sneaking to make love to my madam’s husband in her comfort zone.

Kissing my tears away, David drove hard into my body and finally fell against me, his breathing harsh and his forehead lightly sheened with sweat. As the erotic scents from our skin mingled, it was time to go back to reality.

I was reminded again that my home was in a mess.

“Goodnight.” David whispered and left me in the warmness of the sitting room.

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The next morning which was Sunday, the morning winds were swift. It began to drizzle. David and Ifeoma had left quite early. I drove the kids quietly to church that Morning.

“Mummy, is Aunty Ifeoma going to be our new mummy?” my youngest daughter Mfon asked girlishly.

“No darling. Jesus won’t let it happen. Whatever you don’t want in your life, ask Jesus to take it away .”

“mummy, will Jesus take Aunty Ifeoma away from our house?” Teye asked.

“Yes Baby, Jesus will.” We were all basked in the feeling of calmness that over took us.

After I dropped the kids at the children’s church, I stepped into the church auditorium. Everything changed, including my seat which was right beside my husband’s seat on the podium. My heart trembled, as I saw Ifeoma rightly seated on my space.

My legs began to shake in between with the choir’s ministration.

I shook my head like a crazy woman, my bottom lip quivering, I was trying not to cry anymore.

It was obvious that I was about to push off Ifeoma from my seat, and give her the beatings of her life. But the ushers held me.

“maama calm down.” they whispered in chorus.

My distress was genuine and heartfelt.

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To be continued