Mission Impossible Episode 35


Dad:calm down son,the judge said u have been found not guilty so therefore u have been acquitted

Me: (surprised)acquitted?

Dad:yes,everyone was rejoicing on ur victory but when they noticed ur absent attitude they stopped

Me: (i looked at my lawyer and he smiled,i did not know when i shouted)am frreeeee (and my supporters shouted) “yeeeee”.i turned and thanked observer but nancy was nowhere to be found.

Me:where is she


Me:the girl that came with u

Observer: (alerted,looks around,left and right)where has she gone,i dont know o(he asked and answered his own question)

Policeman:e be like say u too like this handcuff,well no be ur own na government get am so bring ur hand let me open it

Me:hahaha(walks out of the jury box)iffah blow u eh

Policeman: hahaha abeg o no blow me o the other man wehy u blow this morning never still stand up(started opening the cuff) and me i nor wan resum where im stop(opens it and took it off)congrats on ur victory

Me:thanks jawe beta person

Observer:u know her?



Me:if to say i know her before she for don drop like two by now nah kom stil dey on belle again abi u nor know me

Observer:hahaha,easy man,i never saw u with any baby(both walking outside as dad was busy talking with someone at one corner)

Me:but why did she leave?

Observer:dont know but u know its really heart breaking,u killed her guy

Me:not my fault

Observer: (now outside the court)but mehn am so scared of u o


Observer: only you killed about 53 men,mehn the government should award u,get u into the military too because u just earsed off blackmen fraternity from unilag,i can now concentrate on my studies

Me:that is Daniel for u but i didnt kill them

Observer: (stopped walking and now at the side of the court compound)then what did u do? Oh i guess u just fall them

Me:u are wrong,the only thing i did was i used dry season to remind them of the rain water they fetched during harmattan season

Observer:hahaha, always funny, the street is rough(slangs)bro u only sailed well as a sailor and thanks to u for not sending me to see chiamaka with the rest

Me:you know what? Let those that deserve to be crowned king be crowned and let those that dont deserve to be crowned be thrown over board

Observer:na ur crown sure pass o but i think is time we change it

Me:to what?

Observer:to let those that deserve to be crowned king be crowned and let those that dnt deserve it make rain use dry season mama dem wella hahahaha

Me: oboi na only u dey talk and laugh,bros na sign of madness o

Observer:i hear but no forget say i senior u o,i fit break ur head join

Me:make i just pity u sake of say u get chest and build like me if not eh i for use u dey learn work

Observer:thank u for the money wehy u give my mama the time wehy u visit am.

Me:how is she now?

Observer:hahaha,how she go be now with 1m,she is in heaven mehn

Me:mad man on uniform

Observer:u can say that again.what are we waiting for,lets go home and celebrate ur victory

Me:na my papa i use style dey wait for.shey u dey date nancy?

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Observer:u dey craze,instead wehy u go ask me how we take cook up stories to help u u dey ask me of…gbai gbai(we heard a gun shot,i turned quickly and saw him falling,he was just stepping out of the court with happiness written all over his face but now he is down in pains,fighting for his life,oh who did this to my father,i looked outside and saw a car quickly drive off.myself and observer ran to my dad as crowd covered him. .

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To be continued


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