Mission Impossible Episode 34


Judge:after a crossed examination with clearity and facts well presented,with no further cross examination from both council,this is my judgement.Daniel Kybee(he paused and looked up to see the curiousity of the court,the tension was so high but i dont know what happened,i suddenly found myself fearless but my dear the law is friendly to no man at all,it is worth being scared of.i turned and looked at my dad,he was so scared of loosing his son,beads of sweats ran down his cheek,i pitied the old man,i was wishing i never got into this mess at first.

I looked at the police man standing close to me,waiting to either lead me to prison or to open the handcuff,get it off my fist and let go of me,he wasnt smiling,he just kept a straight face,with all his attention focused on the judge.i looked at my cuffed hands,it really aches,it aches so bad,ever since that day i was hanged it has kept paining me like some kind of a day old wound.

I looked at observer,our eyes met,i was really grateful for the part he has played,thank God i didnt kill him,he let out a smile followed by a wink,i replied him with same act.i looked at nancy,she wasnt looking at me,she was so beautiful indeed,even if i would be jailed,all i wanna do now is kiss those sexy lips of hers,they are really tempting,hmmm too bad.if am jailed,what would become of my father,sir winners,mama clinton his wife and my dear loving siblings,then someone touched me,i came back to life,i was earlier lost in thought.

Do u know what happened? The judge had pronounced his judgement but i wasn’t listening, everyone was watching me,even my dad stood infront of me watching me in surprise but i never noticed it not until now that the police guy standing beside me touched me that was when i noticed my dad and others staring at me

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I looked straight to the judge’s seat,it was empty,he has left,o my God,what was his judgement,i had been so carried away that i didnt notice when he pronounced judgement on me and look everybody starring at me,what must have been the judge’s judgement,if it was good everyone should have been celebrating including my dad but they aren’t,they just stared at me,no one leaving and no one staying either,what must had happened,how come i was lost in thought during the judgement or wait a minute,had i been sentenced to death,o s–t)

Me: dad what’s wrong,why is everyone staring at me and where is the judge….he looked me in the eyes more surprised

Dad:what,dont tell me u didnt hear the judge,where had ur spirit gone

Me:em..em..eh..oh s–t i dont get,was i..was i sentenced,i mean..i mean was i sentenced to death(he looked me somehow,i dnt know if it was a look of shock,a look of pity or a look of my sorry,i just dont know,i cant just tell)dad please talk to me please,tell me,i can stand what it is please

Policeman:come out from the jury box,u are wasting my time……

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To be continued