Mission Impossible Episode 33


Observer:actually i wouldnt be surprised if he deny’s that name because he never knew about it due to the fact that he didnt join

Bar. Willians: objection my lord


Bar. Willians:thank u my lord.mr isaac u said he wasnt aware of the name but (brought out a poster)this poster of obituary has the name sky aka one man squad galadima and the owner of this poster had so far killed up to 50 something students identified to be members of ur fraternity and the said sky is on a revenge,how do u explain this?

Observer:any other person can bear the name sky,how do u expect me to know,am here to say the truth and not to drag issues i no nothing of.the man he killed was my capon,i left town before the incident(now i felt relieved)

Bar. Willians:what made u leave town like u said?

Observer: (faced down)my capon wanted me to carry out the assignment of killing him because he refused to join and went into hiding for a year and few months.i couldnt go for the operation because i had never killed so i went into hiding by leaving town so he went alone.thats his girlfriend(pointed to the girl he came with,i was shocked,this fine girl was dating capon? So why does she want to help me now?)she can testify to that.

Bar. Willians:can u pls tell this honorable court why your capon wanted him?

Observer:i said all i know….he was asked out of the witness box while the girl stepped in and bar.jude continued after the oath taking(her name is Nancy Ikeh)

Bar. Jude:can u please tell this honorable court ur identity

Nancy:like i said before my name is Nancy ikeh,the girlfriend of the deceased

Bar. Jude:what do u know about him(capon)

Nancy:he is the capon of the blackmen

Bar. Jude:u knew of this and u still went ahead to open an affair with some a criminal?

Nancy:i had no choice,i was forced to date him or i die

Bar. Jude:what do u know about this young man(pointing at me)

Nancy:am just seeing him for the first time but i knew everything about him because my late boyfriend,the capon always discuse him with me

Bar. Jude: on what occasion?

Nancy:from the very first time he wanted him,he talked about the physical body built of him and how he would make a good member in the botherhood

Bar. Jude:what brotherhood?

Nancy:em the blackmen fraternity

Bar. Jude:did he join?


Bar. Jude:how did u know

Nancy:because he started flaming up,telling me of how he would kill him for turning him down.later he told me that the guy ran away.he normally refer to him as sky so he later told me he caugh sky and would kill him soon,he told me that he sent someone to kill him but the person is on the run

Bar. Jude:what happened the day he died

Nancy:he called me over the phone that he was going to end sky’s life(mehn see lie,girls can lie sha)

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Bar. Jude:my lord,my cliant wasnt part of the activity of cultism in school and must have killed in self defence.i plead that my client be given back his freedom.i rest my case(nancy left the witness box)

Judge:any cross examination from the presecuting coucil

Bar. Willians:no my lord Judge: THIS IS MY JUDGEMENT….my heart suddenly began to beat faster as tension reads in the air.

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To be continued


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