Mission Impossible Episode 32


The judge raised his head to see who has interrupted him.he looked at the young man and woman,picked his googles from the desk and wore it back

Judge:don’t just stand there and mop,u have rendered yourselves a witness so come over to the witness box.he tried to be bold,he sluggishly walked into the witness box while the girl satdown,she was really an angel(u my readers aint observant at all because none of u ever asked “dont u have a girlfriend and why?” or u guys think i was dogging the girlfriend part and all that? No i wasn’t,i am the type that has no time for girls not because i dont want but one of the rules of the fraternity is that the capon would be the first to samba and sample ur babe and before u and me i cant stand that so that’s why i never admired any)

I turned to him,i knew that would be his girlfriend but was i right! Our eyes met,he was really fighting hard within his self whether to say the truth or not.i just absently listened to the clerk swear an oath of truth with him and i was thinking what he wanna say but i knew he was for me and guess who it is! Who else if not Observer.

Bar. Jude:mr isaac u said u have something to tell this honorable court

Observer:yes(he looked at me and tears dropped his eyes manly)am a member of a cult group called BLACK MEN FRATERNITY(everyone shouted,the judge adjusted his googles and sat up right.omo dis judge go like gossip o)the most dangerous cult group in unilag.i was forced to enter or loose my life to them,that was about 4years back.

To save my life i joined because the school and government had given us no security and once u join u can never leave till u die(everyone shouted again)the man that got killed by these young man called sky was the capon of my fraternity(noise again) he was killed by sky in self defence because he has been threating to kill him if he does not join the fraternity(he brought out a brown envelop and dipped his hand in it bring out some notes,i recognized them immediately)

This were the threats letters that has always been delievered to him…my lawyer collected them and passed it to the judge.i was shock because immediately i joined THE BLACKMEN FRATERNITY those warning letters disappeared from where i had kept them but how did observer get it and from where did he get them

Judge:this was about 2years ago so how come he is still alive and he said his name nor nickname wasnt sky but u just called him sky,why?….my heartbeat increased,my blood was boiling,now i was totally confused,was he helping me the last minute and now he has gotten the whole issue complicated,gosh,how do i deny again that am not sky,what would he tell them that made me killed capon,o s–t he might even tell them i joined and about those i have killed.not now that i need help most,not now that i don’t want to rot in jail.any saviour to come or can the judge temper justice with mercy

I have never heard that judges temper justice with mercy and this man is a no nonsense man.i looked at my dad he was unsettled,i turned to my lawyer he was sweating,i looked at the other lawyer he was wearing a smile all over and to the judge he was curious to know everything and probably sentence me to death.now i regret not killing observer. .

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To be continued


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