Mission Impossible Episode 30


Me: (thinking within me)taaah,nigeria police! if i escape now they would now have enough warrantee to lie but me daniel kybee,i pass them bad bad,na me be the one man squad galadima,the only king that needs no man’s crewn to be made king…that night i couldnt sleep,i just stood at the cell’s gate till morning,each time sharping the surface of the knife on the iron bar of the gate and being that today is another trial day for me in court.my body,including my face was covered with dry blood,this made me looked scarier and bloody with my pumped out eyes like that of rambow when he is angry

Facing and looking forward expecting a police officer to show up soon,then suddenly a female officer surfaced,our eyes met,quickly i winked her

Officer: (shocked) blood of jesus…she turned and zoomed off,the next seconds armed policemen were in view pointing their guns at me

“drop the knife”they ordered,i just pretended i wasn’t hearing and kept sharping the knife,all my mind set was that any officer that would try and play hero by coming close to me would die by that knife

“drop that knife now” the order came again and again,i stopped,looked at them,smiled and shaked my head,it was obvious i was exhausted in my power and i was willing to die even now but not untill after getting atleast 5 policemen down,then i saw the cover broken,the ipo,my father and my lawyer surfaced through it

Bar. Jude: oh my God,what’s going on here

Me:today nah police christmas day,i dey do death christmas for them,i guess no one has ever done that so mr ipo jot that down in the police diary(smiled)

Dad:dan what happened?

Me:the police sent two men to kill me last night but they didnt succeed,so i opened up christmas for them

Dad: (stretched both hands forward as he advanced toward me slowly)please put the knife down now,am here now son

Me:why dem dehy fear,dem hold gun dey fear knife because dem no say dem don s–t for church use bible clean yarsh(dropped the knife)daddy na coz of u o(i formed that stubborn move and face)nah coz of u o…

He came forward and picked the knife then one policeman ran to me with the intention of handcuffing me,i let down a heavy blow on his nose and he fell flat and passed out,this action sent shiver through the blood of the rest

Dad:dan! Why that?

Me:he wan use me form hero(i bent down,picked the handcuff from the floor,stared at the unconcious policeman on the floor)next time u no go try dis ur ITK(I Too Know) service for my side,idiot…

I put the handcuff on my fist and cuffed myself,that was when i realized other policemen including the ipo were staring at me with fear,even with the cuff on my fist,none of them dare came close again.

My lawyer came forward,looked into the open cell and saw the corpse lying

Bar. Jude:holy moses…my dad and co ran forward,looked into the cell and saw same thing,immediately i noticed some officers stepping backward in fear

Me: oh that? (point to the corpses) that was just an ice club of what i intended doing today

Ipo: (summoned courage)i would make sure u rote in jail for this

Bar. Jude:u say what? U sent people to kill my cliant and u still have the guts to talk,i would charge u and ur DPO for attempted murder(brought out his phone and took pictures)i would use this to nail u in court,mr ipo,see u in court(he turned and started walking out then all of a sudden he stopped,turned to me and said)dan i need u to appear in court just like this,dont clean up(he turned and began leaving again,i advanced toward the ipo)

Me:rain water wehy u use harmattan season fetch go fall for ur head during dry season

Ipo:meaning what?

Me:meaning say i no need ur crewn to become king because i be king already.

Dad: (with red eyes)mr ipo if anything happens to my son u wont like me again.i would so very much skin u alive like a christmas fowl(he turned and left angrily,the ipo just stood staring at me,other policemen had gone cold)

Me:come guy take me to other cell wehy action dey and beg pour this one wehy dey ground water for ram to stand up(smiled)…everyone started looking at each other,the problem now is WHO WOULD LEAD ME TO ANOTHER CELL!!!! . .


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To be continued


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