Mission Impossible Episode 29


For like five minutes i kept struggling.when i realized things were getting out of hand,i forcefully bit the guy pressing my neck and covering my mouth,he withdrew his hand out of my mouth and let out a loud cry because his hand was bleeding.before he could stand right,i grab his head,hitting it hard on the other guy’s own,both fell down.as i made to get up quickly my left leg stepped upon something,i felt its was the knife,i picked it up,everywhere was dark due to the absence of light.

Both ran to the gate trying to escape,i rushed at one and stabbed him to death,fear gripe the other guy

2nd guy:abeg spare my life,please

Me:come,come closer

2nd guy: (went on his kneel quickly)please,i swear i no go do am again.

Me:so if i leave u now,u go go without completing ur mission?

2nd Guy:ah oga,i go go o

Me:but not so fast(move closer to him feeling like the boss i am.u know that kind of feeling u get when u are in charge over ur enemies)tell me,who sent u

2nd Guy: (panicing)eh ehm emm,its one chief like that

Me:no name?

2nd Guy: (still panicing)its chief Soso

Me:hmmm,and the police are aware of this?

2nd Guy:ye..ye..yes yes they are

Me:hmmm i see,stand up and come closer,i want to give u a message that u would take to him…he foolishly stood up and came closer,i pretended to wanting to whisper into his ear,and sliced his neck,he held his neck,went on his kneels with is eyes suddenly turning white and blood rushing out from his neck like tap,he fell and started fighting for his life like a christmas goat.

I stood watching him till he became stil,the cell turned bloody,blood filled the floor,i dragged the two of them together and laid down inbetween them,put my right hand hiden on my belly,holding the knife on that same right hand(i was lying on my belly),waiting for an unfortunate policeman to come next(the most surprising thing was that,upon all the loud out burst the police never showed up.

I was sure they thought i was the dying one)like two minutes i heard footsteps apporaching toward the cell gate,i closed my eyes i pretence,then i heard a soft whisper

Policeman:una don finish? (no response)ha ha,wetin happen(still no response,he on his powerful police torch)wic kind tin be dis,una don sleep under 15 minutes! ha,but dis one wehy blood full ground so wetin happen and why una lie down inside blood abi nah three of una die? (still no response)

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Chai wic kind fuckup be dis,why dis people go do dis kind work dirty like dis eh,person wehy them suppose just straggle nah im they use knife kill(he opened the cell gate)chai wetin we go tell court say nah im kill dis boy now (he kicks the both of dem and then off his torch)abeg una wakeup jawe,una done do bad work for here(no response,no movement,kicks me)

Ha abi na una three die,hey make una no tell me say dis boy kill una before im die o(he bent to check)

Me:what if i tell u say na me kill the two of dem

Policeman:hey wo oo(he turned to run,i held his leg and drew him back,then quickly i sliced his neck,he struggled for sometime and died)…then i came face to face with an open cell,should i do that prison break or stay and wait for anything else to come??

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To be continued