Mission Impossible Episode 28


The judge’s eyes met with mine,i guess he must have seen how uneasy i felt,he adjusted his googles to have a clear view of me

Me: (gossip,if u no dey see well with the googles,why u kom wear ram.chai where did they dig out this man called mike from)

Bar. Willians: please stand in the witness box…he went into the witness box,then the court clerk came forward.

Clerk:what religion are u

Mr Mike:christian

Clerk: (handed a bible to him)repeat after me.i____say ur name

Mr Mike:i martains Mike

Clerk:swear by this bible that all i would tell this court is nothing but the truth

Mr Mike:swear by this bible that all i would tell this court is nothing but the truth

Clerk:so help me God

Mr Mike:so help me God(the clerk walked back to his seat with the bible)

Bar. Willians: please tell the court ur relationship with the accused

Mr Mike: (our eyes met)i was once his lecturer

Bar. Willians: once his lecturer

Mr Mike:yes

Bar. Willians:what made u stop lecturing him

Mr Mike: one day i was lecturing his department when he called in his cult gangs,they striped me naked

Courtroom:heeeey(they began murmuring)

Clerk: order in the courtroom please

Bar. Willians:go on mr mike

Mr Mike:the embracement was too much so i resigned

Bar. Jude: objection my lord,how can my client do such thing for no reason

Judge: objection substained.defence coucil u may continue with ur cross examination

Bar. Jude:thank u my lord.mr mike,can u pls tell this honorable court what made my client do such

Mr Mike: ehm,i used to mock him jokely about his outfit to class so that very day some guys came with guns,about 10 of them,they called him out and asked me to pull off my dress and give to him since i use to mock him to borrow if he does not have(there was murmuring again)

Clerk: ordeeer

Bar. Jude:u see,it wasn’t my cliant that called them,they came on their own.how would u keep harrasing a student u are to teach.my lord,it obvious it wasnt my cliant that called them,my lord i rest my case

Judge:any other cross examination? (there was silent) in the absence of no other cross examination,this cult meeting is hereby adjoined till 25th of september(2days time) the accused is to remain in the police custody till next meeting

Clerk:coourrt(everyone stood up as the judge left)…

I was led out of the court back to the blackmaria and droven back to the cell.

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That evening my lawyer came with my dad to interrogate me,after everything my dad asured me that he would do everything within his powers to get me out.the next day my dad came back to visit with Sir Winners and his wife Mama Clinton,they gave me hope and encouraged me to keep praying. They stayed with me for sometime,then we prayed together.they dropped the food they brought for me,an officer asked them to taste it.

After that they left.then that night,around 10 pm,my cell gate flung open,i quickly stood up to see who my new inmates was,two hefty guys came in,then the officer locked the cell and left.they both stared at me with evil eyes

Me:why are u people staring at me like that?

1st Guy:start saying ur last prayers because we have come to kill u

Me: (shocked)what have i done,who sent u

2nd guy:sssssh,dont say anything

Me:who sent u to do this

1st guy:lets kill him and leave now,the officer would come anytime from now to free us

Me:jesus,so the police sent u

1st Guy: (brought out a small pocket knief)

2nd Guy:no,lets straggle him…they began walking close,one held my neck,while the other held my neck,i began struggling for breath,i couldnt shout because my mouth was covered,i was dying slowly and painfully,i was seeing the great beyound. .

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To be continued