Mission Impossible Episode 27


The black maria moved,i realized it was being led by two other police van,all i could just pray for was to get out of this black maria of a van.

In less than an hour its stopped,i could tell we were at the court premiss because i heard the door of the black maria being unlocked noisely,then it flew open,i covered my eyes with my left hand because it was as if i was seeing dewn for the first time, chai, had been in darkness o.

I came down and looked around,i saw military men around,i looked up and saw a signboard with the inscription


I was led inside and put on the jury box,the court were seated,i saw my dad,he signaled me to calm down.suddenly the clerk a young looking man of about 27 years of age,annouced the presence of the judge,everyone stoodup as he entered,he satdown behind a raised desk(bench).

He was an old looking man of about 70 years of age,he had no bears but had grey hairs, behind the judge were the great seal of the jurisdiction and the flags of the apporpriate federal and state governments, he wore a plain black robe with a board like google covering his wicked looking eyes.to cut the explaination short,everyone seatdown,the court clerk and court reporters sat in front of the judge facing us.

Judge: (introduced himself,then ordered)read the charge

Clerk:this is a case between the state and Master Daniel Kybee a 2nd year student of Economics in the university of lagos.here are the charges


2.stealing and murder, this counts are the charges(he said somethings before the lawyers introduced themselves)

1st lawyer: (stands)i am bar. Willians Ayinde, representing the state(seats)

2nd lawyer: and i am bar. Jude Ekeh representing the accused

Bar.Willians:my lord, permission ask the accused some questions

Judge: permission granted(he picked up his pen ready to jot down useful questions and answers)

Bar.Willians: (walked out to the side of the jury box)mr Daniel how are u

Me: (stared at him,chai i wished i could slap the idiot for asking such question but i just stayed calm and quiet)

Bar. Willians:can u kindly tell this honourable court the name of ur cult?

Me:what cult?

Bar. Willians:answer me straight

Bar. Jude: (stands) objection my lord,i think my colleague here is trying to force my client into accepting what he is not

Judge: objection over ruled. answer him youn gman

Me:i dont know what u are talking about

Bar. Willians:aint u sky

Me:no,am not

Bar. Willians:can u then tell this honorable court,ur nickname and why u are called such

Me:my nickname is little prince,i call myself that,i dnt ve friends.

Bar. Willians: (brought out fliers,and handed one over to me,then to the judge and shared some to the court)what do u know about this fliers?

Me: (examined the flier,ha,it was Viper’s obituary,how do i defend this)i have seen the guy on this flier twice and i saw this flier last month 25th August

Bar. Willians:where did u see it

Me:i see am wehy others see am nah,for school wehy dem post am

Bar. Willians:who posted it

Me:how i go no

Bar. Willians: (turned to the court)my lord,i put it to this honorable court that on the said date,daniel was missing from school,investigation shows he had been out of school for the past 5 months,he even missed his first semester examination

Bar. Jude: (stands)objection my lord

Judge: objection substained.

Bar. Jude:i put it to this honorable court that my colleague is confused and has no proper evidence against my client.if my client was out of school for 5months as my colleague claimed then why accuse him of a crime he knows nothing about.

Me: (chai,dis lawyer head dey dia)

Bar. Willians: objection my lord

Judge: over ruled.

Bar. Jude:thank u my lord.my cliant here is being forcely accused

Bar. Willians: objection my lord,permitte to get my first witness

Judge:substained,bring in ur witness…

Then i raised my head and saw mr. Mike,my ex economics lecturer that was disgrace for always making mockary of me.my heartbeat began to pain.i don die today. .

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To be continued