Mission Impossible Episode 18


Its time i begin to kill,if not for anything for the soul of my beloved friend to rest in peace.i picked up my school bag containing just my ATM and battle axe and walked up to my dad where he was observing the people building the house


Dad: Daniel,this one that you are carrying bag with tearful eyes where to?

Me:dad,its time

Dad:time for what?

Me:dad my friend is dead,he was killed because of us

Dad: oh jesus

Me:dad i would have to end this now or never

Dad:no no dan,its too risky,i think we are safe here

Me:dad u dont know this people more than i do,sooner or later they would find out we are here and come after us and who knows dad,more people than expected might die here.

Dad: Daniel (put his right hand on my shoulder) u are my only son and child,i dont want to loose u for anything

Me:that’s why u must let me fight this fight once and for all

Dad: ok then we can leave the country

Me:am sorry to disobey u dad not this time,i would travel but not now,i have lots of works unfinished and i must attend to them dad

Dad:how long did this start(take his hand off my shoulder)

Me:what dad?

Dad: how long have u been killing?

Me:have never killed before but i have stand watch people die

Dad:then why do u want to start killing now?

Me:because the killing game just got interesting

Dad:interesting how?

Me:that’s the only way to survive for now

Dad:no,i stand as ur father and instruct u not to fight for anything,lets live the country,just do me this first favour am asking of u

Me: (hmmm,took a deep breath,i cant disobey my dad now,i just have to do him this favour but i really want to avenge for matchety’s death.i pray he rest in peace and understand why i dropped this fight) ok dad,u win

Dad:that’s my son


these was how i stopped seeking revenge but with me i know matchety’s blood crys for revenge.my dad continued to process our travelling visa but on two occasions the american embassy rejected it.my dad never gave up and with the little connections sir winners has the third trial was accepted,that was around july 11th 2011.

August 24th 2011 we were ready to travel out,by then my dad had turned sir winners once poor looking house to a heavenly mansion,the previous day being August 23rd my dad had made sure he deposited 50 million to sir winners account and still promised to alway send him money at every month end.

As for my step siblings they no longer have any cause to miss their dead parents because my dad was more than a parent to them,he even withdrew them from that their poor school and put them in one of the best schools in Edo and me i gave them that desired brotherly love.

So today being 24th i was so sad leaving the country without them, leaving the country without fighting back my enemies,allowing my best friend’s blood waste for nothing and turning deaf ears to his blood crying for revenge.

We got into the car that morning to be driven to murtala mohammed’s airport in lagos(dont start asking mumu questions o of which time him buy car)sir winners followed us so he would drive the car back

our flight was to leave by 3pm nigeria time,i took the car steering,come see as my step siblings burst cry,even my dad cried,eyaah na condition make crayfish bend o,even me begin cry,we just have no choice but my dad promised them that they would always come on holidays to visit us in england,this calmed them a little,i drove all the way to lagos down to murtala mohammed airport,the journey was a safe one

I had pulled over and my dad was about coming down when i spotted viper and sugarB,i quickly called my dad’s attention and he sat still,at first i thought they were just passing,then i looked at the other side and saw smart and young terry,i was alart by force,i looked at the side mirror and saw Ghana boi and Aboki(o boi i shock)who told them we were travelling today of all day after 3 months!

Sir winners was quick to notice that something is wrong

Sir Winners:what is the problem?

Me:something wants to happen,just fasten your seat belt…pim,my eyes jam capon’s eyes,i quickly faced my front and jajajaly kicked the car to a start,mehn they are everywhere,

Capon called the attention of the rest and they started closing up on us, quickly i turned the car and zoomed off,they couldnt start shooting at us because army barracks no too far from the airport,they just got into their car and the race began,o boi i swear i never knew i could drive roughly(my guy when something do u eh,u go discover by force say u get inner ability).

They chased me with three cars,come and see the way my father and sir winners were panicing,i swear sir winners go don piss for im body like 8 times,im go don die there like 15 times and still come back to life,when we had entered the narrow roads of ogun they opened fire on us.i managed to give them a good distance and was out of their sight,i heard my dad say “dan,kill them all” i pulled over. .

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To be continued.