Mission Impossible Episode 17


After the call i began wondering if i was really the one that just spoke to capon in that manner,chai,i don buy BLACKERS market,how many people for BLACK MEN i wan follow fight,i don die today.

Dad:hope you are not thinking of killing anyone

Me:no o,i have never killed before o

Dad:better,i would call in the police later

Me: po what? daddy no o,as the case is now eh,any amount u pay the police Chief Soso would pay double to get you down,if not now,then later

Dad: (bringing out his phone from his pocket)don’t worry,i would make sure the police make him sign an undertaking

Me:daddy i dont mean to disobey u but eh forget dat tin,na before e dey work no be now,he would still kill u and deny it and many people would believe him when he says”how would i have killed him after signing an undertaking,beside he is a politican and bond to have many enemies” then he would use money to end everything

Dad:that’s true(put back his phone to his pocket)my son is intelligent

Me:even self my cult mates wont give up hunting us

Dad:so what do we do now?

Me: (my arm aches again,i felt the sharp pain)dad don’t worry about what to do,they pushed me all along to this so i would play the game with them,that same game they taught me,i would play it better than them,i would even become their teacher.

Dad:son,promise me not to ki…he had barely finished his statement when we heard gun shots in the air,i knew quickly that they were searching for us,i took my dad’s hand making him to stand and made sure he ran ahead of me while i back him up,we entered a bush and bursted out to the main road,but they were already there as if tracing us with charms

Quickly i reached out to my dad,pulling him back to the bush,they followed us immediately,mehn,i saw myself turn into a bush animal because i was running even faster than a bush animal not leaving my dad at all,oh i pitied the old man,i was just dragging him like a bush dog just to save his life,i had even forgotten that i was injuried.

We burst out another road and was lucky to get a taxi,we entered and the driver zoomed off,straight to my lodge,i rushed inside,picked my atm and battle axe,put them in my school bag and left with my dad.


we entered a night bus down to Edo state,Sir Winners was so glad to see me again but lot of things had changed,some part of the house had even fallen and i learnt my step siblings were chased out of school due to failure to pay school fees,well we came right on time.after we had settled down,myself,my dad,sir winners and his wife sat down to talk

Sir Winners: Dan u offended me and my wife here

Me:am sorry sir

Sir Winners:who is the man u came with?

Me:remember i promised to return once i find my dad,he is my father…

They stood up and formally welcomed my dad.to cut the long story short,i told sir winners everything that had happened and he said myself and my dad can stay as long as we want that the house also belong to us.my dad was greatful to him.after everything we all retired to bed.

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The next morning my dad took my step siblings to school and paid everything they owe the school.he came back and gave sir Winners a cheque of 10 million to start rebuilding the house and also start up a business for his wife,the family was so happy once again.

I had all this while been communicating with my best friend matchety who had served as my informat, he even told me that cloud’s body had been discovered but the school authorities are yet to know the people behind it & sure enough they would never know,he had also adviced me to protect my dad with my life too promising to help me any time i call on him,but a month later things changed when i had the news of matchety’s death,his own brotherhood and protectors(the black men) had killed him due to he not able to find me and he matchety had never told me anything about it,i cried like i had lost my world, matchety meant alot to me,he had really helped me in the past

I remember how he had always protected me and even fought for me,all the risk he had taken for my sake,oh no,i wont take this,bloods must pay for his death,i picked up my phone and called our capon

Capon:hello sky,u are playing smart abi?

Me:u still get mind dey talk?

Capon:see sky o,u don grow finish o

Me:gat away u,wu u help,wu u serve,u don baff

Capon: ok keep hiding,i would find u

Me:keep shut my friend,aint u ashamed of urself,u claim to be my shadow & yet u can’t find me & my father,u claim to watch the back of the people u lead yet u kill them,get ready for me mr,thank God u gave me sky on ur own free will & now i would show u that sky is unpredictable,i would show u that sky is the one to eliminate the black men from unilag

Capon:that native doctor that is giving u mind,i would kill the both of u

Me:its obvious u never noticed that sky is a one man squad…

ends call .

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