Mission Impossible Episode 16


I stood watching my dad in tears,he watched me in surprise then i heard him beg for his life,then d sound of gun shot followed,the three of them shot at him at the same time,i did not know what lifted me of d groud as i dive at my dad preventing d bullets from touching or even piercing him,i found our selves on the ground, i quickly stood up,drawing my dad along with me,i don’t know what happened next but i was so sure viper and co stood watching me flabbergastedly

I ran to d backyard,trust me am a bado,even if u dont hail me,i go hail myself,i lifted my dad over the fence,i turned back & saw viper & d rest closing up on us,as they saw my dad on the fence they opened fire,i quickly jumped over pushing my dad along with me.

I quickly took him to safty in an uncompleted building,that was when i noticed that i had been hit by a bullet,immediately i felt d terrible pain,i had never been hit by a bullet before,o dear readers,d pains were so terrible

Dad:who are u & why did u risk ur life for me?

Me: (i just staring at him)

Dad:& who are those guys that seek my life,do u know them?

Me:am sorry i lied to u from d begining,am not David Sky,am Daniel Kybee

Dad:kybee? Who is ur father?

Me: (tears drop from my eyes,i cant imagine my father asking me who is ur father)u are my father dad

Dad:who is ur mother?

Me:veronica,she told me i have this birthmark(showing him d birthmark)at d side of my middle finger just like you do

Dad: (raised his hand & stared at his)daniel is this u?

Me:yes dad it’s me

Dad: (he embraced me tightly)oh daniel my son where is ur mother?

Me:my mother is death(loose myself from the embrace because i was really feeling pains)

Dad:vero is dead! what killed her?

Me:she died of heart attack,after realizing she got married to a ghost

Dad:a ghost?(i narrated d story to him,i swear i missed no single part of d story,tears drop his eyes)i gave u that name daniel,i & ur mum were married for two years before she got you,i was just a common dry cleaner,when she gave birth to u she started keeping bad friends who adviced her to leave me that i was a poor man.

When u were two years i came back home only to realized ur mother had left my house with u,since then i never set my eyes on her again,six months later,a big time big man brought his clothes to be dry cleaned not knowing he forgot about 1000 dollars & a open check of 25 million naira,i was quick to find it before soaking d cloths into water,i had to return everything to him & that was how he became my helper,he made me succeed & established a super market wort 12 million for me,he also got me into politics,that was how God blessed me

I got married again but she died 2years back without giving me any issue(child) & ever since then had been like this.

Me:that was bad of her

Dad:how did u locate me and why didnt u tell me all this while

Me:i left my adopted family to search for u but never did,i managed to get into university of lagos but cult people wouldnt let me rest,they kept threatening my life till d day they came to kill me so i joined them to save my life.

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About 10 days ago my cultist capon told me that i was to go on a mission to get one chief Edeh killed to be paid 5million naira,i accepted not knowing it was u

Dad:God is good,look at d way he united me with my son again

Me:but why are u answering Edeh?

Dad: people gave me that name because of my wealth and influence. son u are loosing lots of blood,lets go to d hospital to get u treated.

Me:no dont worry,i would treat my self because if we step out of here we might be killed.

Dad:how would u get out of the cult now?

Me:dad,i have been turned to a hard man and i must handle the situation

Dad:don’t worry i would call the police

Me:dad u dont get it,the person that sent us to kill u,chief Soso really wants u dead

Dad:Soso did this! is it because of the up coming election? He should had asked me to step down for him rather than seek my life

Me:dad worry no more…

I took my key holder,that type that always serve as nail cutter,i brought out the small knief in it,and with a criminal mind,i dipped the knief in my bullet wound & forced out the bullet,the pains ran in my head like i would run mad while my father opened his mouth in surprise,he must had said to him self “what kind of son is this” i cut a side of my shirt & tied my arm to stop the blood,then my phone rang,i picked it up & it was capon

Capon:sky what did i hear that u just did?

Me:am sorry capon but this mission has to be terminated

Capon:and why that?


Capon:are u sick

Me:yes capon am sick because d man involved is my father

Capon:ur father?

Me:yes my father

Capon:hey sky am sorry but this mission can’t be terminated

Me:then capon lets enjoy d game as it last & lets who ever dies in d game die well!!!…..

Ends the call . .

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To be continued


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