Mission Impossible Episode 15


But i really don’t think travelling to see them now would be a nice idea,i had promised to come back only when i find my father and i haven’t,sir winners would ask me questions like

“ARE YOU IN SCHOOL NOW,HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR BOILOGICAL FATHER,WHY DID YOU LEAVE US,HOW DID YOU SURVIVE,WHO GAVE YOU MONEY?” etc.gosh how would i answer such questions,abeg let me just stay back here and chilax(relax).


Like we would always ask “what have you done for the sheeps to sell roggedly(simply means what can u brag of that u have done for ur cult that is worth them fighting for u” i was fully prepared,i followed the address given to me to chief Edeh’s house,i knocked on the gate and the gateman opened up

Gateman:kai fah,nah wu i dey fine(find)?

Me: (smiles)i no fit no who you dehy fine nah

Gateman:walai fah,if me i no no wu i dey fine make i ckose(close)am por(for) gate

Me:eheeey,see me see wahala o,aboki nah your own i go dehy sick now? How i go no who u dehy fine

Gateman: (closing the gate angrily) i no ceurious

Me: (pushing the gate open)kai kai if u no serious go hosiptal nah make dem attend to u,me i dey find chief Edeh

Gateman:kai chef i dey na him i dey fine bah?

Me:shey u no dey hear me abi nah me u wan use display this morning,i say i dey fine chief Edeh so na u sabi whether u dey find chef idey abi chef i no dey

Gateman:chai walai i no get respect at all

Me:it obvious

Gateman:make i come inside…

I went into the compound and saw chief coming out,its obvious he was about going out

Me:chief good morning Chief

Edeh:young man how may i help u

Me: (e no dey even answer greeting)sir i saw the vacancy space for a driver

Chief Edeh:hmm what’s your experience?

Me:sir 8 years Chief

Edeh:nice one what is your name and how old are you?

Me: David Sky sir,am 25 years old(all lies)

Chief Edeh:where is your drivering license

Me: (presented the fake license capon gave me)here sir Chief

Edeh: (take a look at it)okay am going out now,so your work starts now,hope you are ready

Me:yes sir thank you sir….

That was how i began to drive my sprey.chief Edeh is just too rich,come and take a look at the mansion he is staying,he is so fresh and young,chai too bad he would be dying soon but how come he has no single guard,it just too bad.but the man is just too nice,he promised to always pay me 50k per month and each day he gives me pocket money,he even gave me a good room to stay,i would have said he was just treating me like that due to am new but he does same for the gateman too.

On the 4th day he gave me his cloths to give to a dry cleaner,i collected them and left to the direction he gave me.i could remember that my mum told me that my dad is a dry cleaner so i was really careful in investigating the dry cleaners around but the only old ones around never heard the name Vincent Kybee so i gave up on that for the main time.

On the 7th day things went on so cool and good but i was already feeling sorry for the innocent chief,then on the 8th day being the D-day,i was driving chief home when viper sent me a text

*where are u guys now* i replied him

*we would be driving in in the next 2minutes* he had replied ok, that immediately we drive in they would enter and finish chief up.

We drove in and chief came down forgetting the file he has kept in the front seat,i had gotten to like this man,God forgive me he is dying,i quickly came down

Me:sir ur file…he stretch his hand to collect it,just then i saw the name boldly written VINCENT KYBEE oh my God,i quickly froze,my father,just then viper,sugarB and Sweet Mouth entered with their guns and from the gate the pointed the gun at chief.too late,so am gonna watch my dad die!

Tears ran down my eyes as chief Edehs eyes and my own met,i heard the gun shot next sounding gbai!!! As three of them shot at him. . .

What would i do now,it too late to save my dad,a man i had being looking for the past 22 years.follow me up to know if he was killed,how he was killed and if ama avenge him or play alone!

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To be continued