Mission Impossible Episode 19


I pulled over because i wasnt sure it was my dad that just spoke

Me:daddy u say what

Dad:dan this people would get us killed if we don’t do anything.i believe u my son so just do me a favour and kill them all

Me: (i kicked the car to a start.with a straight face i replied)then its done…

I drove through the curve roads,now i was a little settled but soon i saw them through myside mirror and the race resumed. I drove passed benin,straight to agbor in delta state,they were still following us,i drove into a narrow street,this gave me another opportunity of drawing them out of sight,i pulled over and asked my dad and sir winners to come down and take a public transport back to Edo(we had earlier passed Edo but couldn’t drive home else we would be followed) while i would draw back their attention to the race,they obeyed without complain.

I drove out and bursted into doctor white street.after sometime i didnt see any trace of their car again. jesus, abi dem don catch my p man dem! i picked up my phone and dail my father’s number,it went through and he picked it up

Me:hello daddy where are u people

Dad: daniel hope u are ok,we had gotten a bus going to Edo

Me: ok dad, am ok just checking on u guys

Dad: just take care of ur self and get home safe,don’t worry about us,ur father is rogged o so don’t under rate me

Me: (u go fear roggedity na)hahaha i hear…end call


i stayed around in agbor till night fall before driving back to Edo.i went to our backyard where i had earlier burried my battle axe all in the hope that i was travelling out,i dug the ground open and dragged out the axe,i held it firmly and smiled

Me:boy! its time to work,daniel kybee needs u and sky wanna put u to use…

I entered inside,picked my school bag,some clothes,my ATM and walked out(come see as my p man dem just dey look me like say i dey go olympic)

Dad:how did they know we were travelling

Me:i have no idea

Dad:thank God u noticed them on time

Me:na me fit them

Sir Winners:i almost died today o before my time,daniel so u can be this rough in driving

Me: papa if something do person eh the person go discover inner talent by force

Mama Clinton:God u are too much o,u say my family will not mourn untimely death again,o baba am greatful,so greatful

Dad: God has been mercyful to us always o

Sir Winners:this coming sunday we all must go for thanksgiving

Mama Clinton:yes oh,i agree

Dad:we will because if u thank God for the once he has done he would do more.that night i did a lagos movement(leaving the house without the notice of anyone.lagosians una go understand)

By morning i was in lag again,i got a new apartment in one local area like that,i got a new laptop,got every needed material for printing and guess what! i began downloading the pictures of BLACKERS that i knew exist in unilag from facebook,using them to print out their obituary in advance,i started for Viper.

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After preparing the obituary i smiled as i read it out “VIPERTUARY!!!! I,The One Man Squad Galadima, Sorrowfully Announce The Death Of Andy Okon,Who Was Sent To School To Learn And Be Useful To Himself But Ended Up Joining Black Men, After Killing My Best Friend, Now Wants To Learn With My Dad.


Hell Fire. To Be Mourned By Parents… Contessy By SKY”

i smiled to myself feeling satisfied.i made thousand copies of it,by the time i had finished,it was already night,around 8 pm i went to a boutique and bought extra black clothes.i looked around for any hausa quarters around,i finally found one,i bought mat and wrapper and went back to my small flat.

12am at night i sneaked into the school and started pasting the posters all over the school and throwing the fliers(hand bill) all over the school.When i was done,i felt within myself that matchety’s ghost just smiled at me.i took a deep breath and walked back home.i spread out my mat,spread out my wrapper and sleept off ready for the morning alart. .

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To be continued


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