Missing Diamond Episode 2


  Exactly two weeks after their encounter with the Chief Priest, something strange happened. At the usual general meeting of the council, the head of the royal family was momentarily possessed. 

  He suddenly began ranting and raving about the tabled motion to the astonishment of everyone. Eventually, he fell on the ground and rolled himself from one end to the other. Everybody was then petrified, all they could do was stare at one another’s face.

  When he finally settle down, he began to confess outrageously; “I killed him; yes, I did. I killed the late king. I contracted the guards to strangle him. The decision of letting Valentina to succeed him was totally insane to me. Why should an adopted commoner, with no royal blood in her veins rule us? To me it was nonsense decision”.

  He died shortly after the confession and was buried at once in the evil forest. The other assassins were immediately arrested and beheaded. After the interment of king Boadi, Valentina should have immediately become the new Queen but the shocking discovery that the Stefani diamond, which was set in the Crown, was missing, so the plans for her coronation has been disarray. 

  Per the royal tradition, She could not be crowned Queen, if she did not have the jewel. And until it was found she could only assume the title of princess Regent.

  Valentina disappeared from the kingdom exactly one week after the diamond was declared missing. Everyone was surprised again at the happening but most of them read it as a calculated attempt by Princess Beatrice to get rid of her before she could find the missing diamond and eventually be crown Queen. 

  Two weeks after the disappearance of Princess Valentina, the Chief Priest paid the elders a surprise visit and delivered a divine message. “Cowards never become great achievers. Success is never without risk-taking. The throne shall remain empty until the missing Princess and diamond are found. Under no condition should you crown Princess Beatrice as Queen of this kingdom as you are all thinking of doing so. Leadership has no meaningful recognition unless it is successful.” He added and left immediately. “The disappearance of the princess is not a coincidence.”
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  In the far east of the Aristo kingdom, lay the kingdom of Calista. Abushef’s mother had died while giving birth to her seventh child. His father, after a period of grieving, had fallen in love with Queen Vida Boateng, the ruler of Calista. 

  Unable to have children herself, she had raised and loved her husband’s children as her own, and had groomed Abushef to one day be King of Calista. Abushef one day declared himself king over the people without any opposition after killing his stepmother, Queen Vida and his father.

   The new, self-made king was an authoritarian. He formulated his own laws and forced the people to obey them. He also took all decisions and actions unilaterally. On his first day in office, he changed the name of the female-dominated kingdom.

  King Abushef had a wife and two daughters. Soon, he realized that he urgently needed male children if he indeed wanted to perpetuate his kingship and make it hereditary. While he kept wondering, his wife discovered that she was pregnant. Hurray! There was an air of expectancy in the whole family. “Give me an heir to the throne and I will buy you the whole world.” The king promised. 

  His wife gave birth to all-male twins and brought enormous pleasure to the king. “Just name what you want and you will get it at once.” The king said with great joy. “Kill all the male royals, your Grace.” Requested the Queen. “That will provide a cast-iron guarantee that my children will inherit their father.”
Quickly, the king called the messenger and ordered, “Summon all the males in the royal family, every one of them, including the day-old and the bedridden, to the palace immediately. 

  When they were all assembled at the palace hall hours later, the king himself locked them up, pulled a gun and shot each one of them dead. The whole kingdom was thrown into confusion, mourning and lamentation when the sad news reached the people.

To be continued @ 3Pm