Patient ID: MALE
Diagnosis: Mind Tumor [Episode 9]
Presciption: MindSurgery


dALE: Charlie, Sara called me ooo, she was crying, why, what you do am?

Man Stevo: Oh lef am, she bi someway, I no no why women dey so?

dALE: Ah why, what she do again?

Man Stevo: She dey complain say I no dey tell am frequently say I dey love am. Make I be frank, ridest I go tell am but I know say I dey feel Samantha pass am.

dALE: You no be correct boy, #YouSeeYourFace?

If you are a lady reading this, you should be wondering how Man Stevo quickly resolves to say the phrase ”I love you” just to make Sara feel ok. There is a danger here.

Sara demands the phrase as a confirmation to how Man Stevo feels about her while Stevo resolves to say it to slough off the pressure of demand placed on him so he can concentrate on Samantha.

The expression of emotions on the part of males is entirely different as compared to females but works by the same principle of stimuli-response pathways. It’s easy for a male to tell an expression to create a desired ambience and may not mean it including exchanging vows at the altar. #YouSeeYourFace?

A man’s emotions are extremely attached to his TOYS. Sounds funny huh? Have you not wondered why most men will sit up 2 a.m at dawn to watch a boxing bout between two people they hardly know and won’t benefit financially from? This is the reason. Once someone wins or loses, scores or drops points, his emotions are activated.

This same mechanism of pathways is translated into all facets of their lives but may differ in orientation. In other words, he will express emotions because he sees the points he is dropping or the scores he is gaining and at the end, he grades his performance. That is why he may show extreme care to his wife not ONLY for the sake of love but to prove a point.

On the flip side, do you know why most men may not be good at showing outwardly how they feel about something? I haven’t done much research into that but how about when we were young as males and we cried and Mama or Daddy said to us Men don’t cry.

Everything we see today has it’s roots in the formative moments. Don’t miss the last episode concerning the Woman and emotions. Keep broadcasting and love you.

The MindSurgeon