Married Single Episode 8



I kicked around some small stones outside her gate angrily. “How dare she walks out on me like that?” I scoffed

Stella had always been mine and call me possessive or whatever but for me she was mine. I didn’t even care she was married. The inferior kind of a person her husband was didn’t even scare me. It was bad enough that she betrayed our love and married the next guy that went her way forgetting our promises.

I heard the news and the time I was getting back home I was told she was married.

” please mom, just give me her address I need to go and see her and at least, congratulate her” I had deceived her mother.

She gave me the address and it took me some months before I finally decided to start seeing her. I first stalked her and later on her husband. Spying his moves. When I discovered he was a wasted guy who placed beer before his wife and had some weakness with women, I knew I could capitalise on it and create a way to my woman.

I was so hurt when I got back home to be with her such that I ended up sleeping with the next girl I had proposed. To add to my burden, she had gotten pregnant barely 4 months of being with her. My family as usual with their Christian values talked me into marrying her. Saying it was the best thing for my unborn baby.

I had thought maybe trying to get with my now wife would get me to forget Stella but i just couldn’t.

My wife was the I dont care kind of person and over time I realised she was too much of a ‘yes boss,’ and ‘whatever’ kind of wife and for me that didn’t work out well.

I liked my woman to have some intelligence. Being able to give me ideas and challenge me whenever necessary. Not someone I would push around like a sack and she would simply obey.

I recall how my friends would say that was a good wife cause She doesnt give pressure, but I found her boring. Even in terms of bed matters. she was seemingly not so much active and always did the same thing over and over. I tried to make her do something new and exciting but her rigidity just wasn’t helping matters.

When I first spotted Stella at her house I couldn’t help admire her.

Memories of the two of us together clicking in my mind and making me so much drawn to her .

Now here I was upset she kicked me out. I didn’t care if she was at her husbands house when I needed her I had to find her and make her mine.

I paced around trying to talk myself into jumping over the wall fence again but the thought of her being pissed about me made me change my mind. I had to give her some time to cool it off.

But I still wanted her to stop her moving up and down. I was beginning to feel she was fond of seeing other men and I vowed to find out. I wasn’t going to accept having other men take her away from me again. I already had an issue of getting rid of her husband.

Driving back home, I planned of how I should follow her around and see what she was hiding from me. I quickly text her to tell her how much I was sorry for yelling at her and how I wished I was with her.

I placed my phone back in the front pocket of my shirt as I allowed the cool air from the window touch my face.

” hey guys!” I called out to my wife and two kids when I got home. They sat watching some cartoon and I walked passed them straight to my bedroom. Just to see my wife come in the moment I sat down the bed.

She came over and sat near me leaning her head on my shoulder.

” I have something to ask you my husband” she started in a low tone.

” what about?” I asked rather not interested in talking to her. I had to sleep over the disappointment of not seeing my Stella.

” who is Stella?” She asked me unexpectedly and for a second I thought of shouting out

” the woman I love!” But I withheld the thought and instead looked at her.

” which Stella?” I asked calmly.

” a woman just called me to say her name is Stella and she told me to learn to control and satisfy you so that you don’t run after her ” my wife went on explaining and all this while, my heart raced like I was jogging.

” how dare She!” I thought to myself.

” so someone you don’t even know calls you to tell you that nonsense and here you are telling me about it? Can’t you use your head for a moment?” I turned at her angrily.

” it could be anyone trying to get us to fight. Or do you think if i had some other woman I would be as stupid as to give them your line?” I asked seriously

” am sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that she sounded serious and I thought maybe she was the person you had told me you went to see the other day” she responded

I looked at her and almost burst out laughing.

How naive, I had told her I went to see my friend and when she asked who, I told her a good friend from Luanshya. She had insisted on the sex of this friend and I honestly told her a woman of which she just nodded and went on her business.

” listen here, that person who called you just wanted to play games with you. Now please get me my food am tired I got to sleep” I told her.

I shook my head as I watched her go to fetch my food.


” Stella you are crazy, what the hell where you thinking calling my wife ?” I called her later on.

” Well, I want to just help her keep her man in one place. It seems she doesn’t know how to keep her husband’s pants down” she ranted out without hesitation.

” don’t you dare do that again Stella” I warned her and I heard her laughing.

” what’s funny?” I questioned

” so you think my marriage is a play ground, while you want to save yours huh?” She scoffed

” well I got news for you Mike. Stay away from me or I will come over to your place and tell your wife and kids how you jump over some wall fence to have sex with me” she let a laugh.

I was quiet for some minutes trying to get her on a good side. ” whatever you do Stella i still love you and none of that will change that ” i responded trying to sound sweet.

I heard her frown on the other end and I smiled.

” just make sure you prepare yourself for me cause am coming to see you tomorrow ” I added and I couldn’t finish my sentence before she cut the line.

I sat down and thought about it. Stella was acting weird. She usually was soft with me and I knew just a bit of some sweet words I got her attention. I couldnt help feel something was up with her, besides her husband issues. And I made a promise to myself that I would find out what it was.

I had not seen her for almost two weeks as she practically ignored my calls. I went to her place but it was either she wasn’t home yet or she was in the company of her friend.

I parked my car waiting to see her drive out, then I saw her. She surprisingly didn’t drive out like I expected instead, she walked out some two blocks away from her house dressed in a long stripped dress which shaped her so well.

She held her phone in her hands as she looked up the road like she was expecting someone.

As I watched I saw a posh looking vehicle stop where she was and a man came round to open the door for her.

She smiled, as she went in and I watched as the car passed were I was hiding. ” okey, so this is the reason she has been acting up on me” i whispered to myself as I got the car engine starting.

I wasn’t going to let another man get in my way. I looked ahead and saw the car head towards pick and pay them passed to the road going down Mtendere market.

” today you will see that am one crazy man and can really get mad when tempered with” I murmured as I drove in their direction.

Story continues…