Married Single Episode 7


A week later, I sat in the house watching some movies, I didn’t feel like going out that Friday even when Lucas was insisting I go out with him. Part of me wanted to tell him the truth that I was married, but the actions of Chris over the week really got me so pissed I couldn’t see him face to face.

I avoided him by all means. It seemed it was his mission to punish me and my efforts trying to ignore him were beginning to fail.

Lucas kept on calling and texting over the week. He even invited me over to his house during the week but I gave him an excuse I was busy.

They say tolerating a man’s calls and messages sends a message that you are interested in him. Well, I could bet that’s the picture Lucas had of me.

I had however, the issue of crazy Mike on my hands and he was making things so difficult for me. I knew the behaviour of Mike coming onto me was really going to be my down fall. But how was I to escape him now that I had opened myself to him?

I tried to ignore him and for some reason he seemed to be aware of what Chris was doing and that didnt really help.

I recall the conversation I had with him on the phone and he clearly told me,

” I know that your husband is a failure who hides his inferiority in sleeping around and drinking, you should really consider leaving this man babe before he gets you sick. What even makes you stick to him after all he’s done to you?” Mike asked me.

I sighed wiping the tear forming in my eyes. That was a good question that I had not sat to think over and answer . It was evident our marriage ended some time back, why on earth were we even together? ” I questioned myself.

I recall how our marriage councillors had told us to endure each other’s mistakes and learn to find a way of solving issues together. I had tried to dialogue with Chris before all this started but like always he was closed up. He would never open a discussion unless I did of which he still showed little interest in contributing.

At first I thought that was his character but then I realised a lot of things needed to be talked about and it didn’t matter if someone was a quite person. I was his wife and seriously I thought him opening up to me was a good sign.

Now that I was completely shut off, I had no way of trying to resolve our problems.

I remember asking Chris that the two of us saw some marriage councillor at church to help us and his answer was,

” we are grown ups and we don’t need anyone to tell us how to run our lives, besides why wash our dirty laundry in public?” He scolded and that’s how the issue was closed.

I was deep in thoughts when my phone rung, ” Lucas!” I responded after seeing his call.

” hey I have been trying to get hold of your line for some time now. Did you turn it off?” He asked his soft voice evident.

I couldn’t tell him I switched off to avoid my trouble ex boyfriend who kept calling. So I lied again. Which had become a trend. The issue with sin is that with each passing one is born another. The moment you let in one way to sin it opens wide other doors and by the time you realise it you would be deep in the pit of sins.

” yeah I was charging it” I responded shifting uncomfortably in the sofa as I felt the inner voice warning me against my way.

” i have set a special dinner for you at my house Stella and I would really love you to come over. ” Lucas told me. ” please don’t say No, honour me with this visit and I will forever be grateful” he pleaded I could almost see his sad face.

” okey Lucas I will come over but I really don’t have money for fuel so I will have to ask my friend for something before I come over” i explained making a face. wash

” well, if you insist on seeing me you will have to spend ” I thought to myself as I looked out the window just in case my husband was somewhere near the house.

” oh Stella please I told you you are a queen and you don’t deserve such kind of pressure, It’s unnecessary. Do you have an account with FNB I can do a wire transfer right now then you withdraw to get yourself some fuel” I heard him say and I made an inaudible shout lifting my hands up. ” yes!”

” of course but I don’t like the issue of you spending on me. I mean you have got me this expensive phone already.. ” I made a weak complaint playing with my hair extensions as I talked.

” stop talking lady and text me the account number. And start preparing yourself I will text you the address ” he responded .

” okey then am on it and thanks for the fuel I added before cutting the line.

I had just place my phone down then it beeped. Opening the text from FNB I almost shouted my surprise. ” this guy is crazy and loaded too, how can he just send me K5000 just for fuel?” I held my mouth.

” okey Mr Lucas, let’s see how long you can play this game ” I whispered as I went to get myself washed up for the dinner.

An hour later I was in front of a wide wall fence in Foxdale. I looked around just to make sure I got the right address. ” if this is where this guy lives, then am not surprised he sent me a 5000. I could see the big house from inside and the neatness of the outside was evidence enough I was dealing with a loaded guy.

To answer my question, the gate in front of me opened on its on and I heard Lucas’ voice from the gate phone system besides the gate ” you can drive in swity” and it cut.

” okey,” i whispered to myself as I drove my inferior car inside. Just the pavers design made me want to lift my car less I spoil it with the dust from the tires.

Lucas walked outside and extended his hands to welcome me as I locked the car.

” you are welcome to my humble home!” He said cheerfully and I almost burst out laughing at how he was teasing me.

” thank you” is all I managed to say as I got to his arms and he kissed my cheek. I deliberately put on some pumps not wanting to look taller than him like last time. And I was glad to notice he actually wasn’t shorter than me. Now we were of equal height.

After taking me around the mansion, Lucas explained how he had done some major investments in the different companies and run a company of his own. He told me he was into some business of buying and selling companies to different share holders.

I realised from his talks that he was actually a very humble man. He tried to explain things in the simplest way possible and didn’t give me a funny face when I showed ignorance of some things.

He practically fed me as he tried to teach me how to use a folk and knife. Well, I guess I thought I knew until he explained the correct way of holding them.

He told me he had his servant make some special meal for our dinner and I would agree it really stood out.

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“So tell me more about yourself” he started as we sat in a living room that had wide glass walls showing off the view of the pool side at the back of the house.

He had decided to lay down and lean his head on my laps. I felt uncomfortable having him that close but I stopped myself from pushing him away. He looked so much comfortable and at peace I felt bad I was to lie to him.

” what would you like to know” I asked trying to avoid putting my hands on him.

He smiled lifting his eyes at my face. ” everything” he responded shrugging.

” Well,” I started telling him the truth about my family and where I grew up. Telling him what I did for work and other truthful details.

I had to swallow hard to finish up about my marital status but thankfully his phone rung before I got to it.

” excuse me , I have to take this it’s from one of the proprietors of the companies. Make yourself comfortable and I will be back shortly” he added as he walked to the other room.

I stood up and watched the cool pool outside my thoughts wild back to my own husband.

” where did we go wrong Chris?” I asked myself.

I recalled how he used to love me. He would come back from work with a bunch of flowers. ” I got this for my sweet wife!” He would say kissing my lips.

” Thank you honey, you are so sweet” I would smile and hug him close.

Everyday before going for work he would make love to me and whenever we got the chance. He would tell me how much he loved me and was willing to spend his entire life by my side.

” Chris” I called him one day.

” yes honey, what is it?” he asked looking up at me.

” am worried we I have not conceived since we got married and it’s over a year now. Maybe we should go to the hospital and do some tests ” I complained and he sat up holding my hands.

” Why are you trying to rush God honey. It’s only been a year for crying out loud. Let’s enjoy ourselves before we have some company in this house. Or am I complaining?” He asked honestly.

I had felt relieved and I kissed him smiling at how wonderful he was.

Now he was always scolding me telling me how I couldn’t even bare him a child. The thoughts of his anger came to my mind and I felt a strip of hot tears falling my face.

” if only you loved me more and was there for me my husband I wouldn’t be here admiring another man’ s house” I thought as the tears now dropped to my blouse.

” sorry I took long in there” I heard Lucas talk as he walk towards me and i quickly wiped the tears.

” are you okey?” He asked when he saw my face look.

” yeah am fine Lucas thank you. It’s just that I need to get going now. It’s almost passed 20:30 I have something from work I should hand in tomorrow” I explained standing up.

” oh do you really have to go so soon?” He complained holding my hand.

” yeah am sorry. Will make it up to you next time thank you for the dinner and everything. I really enjoyed myself” I told him honestly.

” please feel free to come over here any time. This house is open to you” he told me as he walked me to the car outside.

” sure thanks again” I gave him a quick hug and got into my car.

He stood their watching me drive out his honesty smile not fading.

My heart felt the sharp pain of betraying an honesty man.

” God don’t let the demon in me destroy that innocent soul,” I whispered as I joined the road.

I parked outside My house as my thoughts troubled me. I lay back my head closing my eyes. Not wanting to get inside my lonely house when I heard a hoot outside.

I had thought it was Chris, and so I walked to go and open the gate just to see Mike’s car parked outside.

” where the hell are you coming from this time of the night?” He shouted getting out and walking towards me angrily.

” what the hell, since when do I tell you about my movements Mike. The last time I checked you are a married man and I wonder what the hell you are doing out here” I shouted back getting pissed.

” don’t give me that buls***! I refused to share you with that damn husband of yours and I won’t stand you sleeping around with other men!” He screamed back making me step back a bit.

I couldn’t find some word’s to answer him so I stared at him surprised at his outburst.

” where did you go dammit! I have been waiting for you here and you didn’t even answer my calls.” He went on bursting out at me.

” you know what? I really don’t have time for this your tantrums and I don’t care who the hell gave you the guts to think you can come at my house and talk to me like that. Am not listening to this anymore” I lashed out at him and stepped in to close back the gate.

He pushed it open and held my hand tightly.” Don’t you dare!” I warned sternly looking at his face.

He noticed I was upset and he released my hand slowly. ” am am so sorry babe, I didnt mean to talk to you like that it’s just that…”

” leave my house Mike!” I cut him

” I said leave now ! ” I screamed out and he withdrew stepping back.

” babe listen am sorry!” He called out as I closed the gate and walked to the house.

” you have crossed the line you b******” I murmured to myself as I got to the door.

Story continues…

©Tisa Phiri