Married Single Episode 6



Watching Alice dancing and shouting at the centre of the stage was so stress relieving, she was helping me keep sane with whatever was going on in my life at that moment.

My own wife had turned out to be this strange woman I couldn’t understand. I loved her that I could not debate about. But a year after we got married something that turned me into an animal just happened…

Flash back….

I had gone to do some business in Luanshya 5 years back. My friend told me there a few shops with vehicle spare parts and I could make some good money out there.

I reluctantly decided to give it a shot and left my Lusaka shop to my cousin who run things for me whilst I had gone.

After some a couple of months, I realised I was actually getting a good number of customers and so I decided to expand the business. My intention was to let it get established and then send my cousin in Luanshya while I went back to Lusaka cause I had lots of customers I wanted to continue dealing with personally, plus it was easy to make connections for my transportation.

It was within the period that I met my wife, Stella. The first time I saw her pass by the auto shop, my heart had told me she was the one. I watched her for some days and asked some worker at my shop about her. He told me she was a good girl from a good home but warned me she was in love with another guy.

” what do you mean another guy?” I had asked him.

” well they have been together for some years now and they are inseparable. A lot of guys have tried but that girl is so much into this her guy she won’t burge” he added firmly.

” forget her and just find another girl. Everyone in this town knows her boyfriend Mike and he’s one hell of a crazy fella you wouldn’t want him on your back boss” the guy warned me straight up.

I however played dumb and went on to Pursue her. She hesitated a little while but i played my cards perfectly especially when she told me the Mike guy had left for some course and he hadn’t contacted her for over 2 years.

” Well, am a man Stella and am so sure if I loved you and went away, I wouldn’t forget communicating with you. Just move on already and accept my proposal” I tried to convince her and with time I saw her giving in.

To add to my lucky, her parents liked me so much. Every time I went to see her I would drop some groceries for them and give them some money.

I saw how they practically worshiped me and I knew the Jack pot was mine. I quickly asked Stella to marry and Well, we got married in a powerful wedding 6 months later.

I asked my friends around to help her get a job she so much wanted though I would have preferred her being home. I had enough of money to take care of us and I had no issues with her being just a house wife. She however insisted so I let her start working. .I didn’t however pay attention to her money. Infact I had no idea how much her salary was.

Everything was going on well until one day as I was driving back from my shop, someone flashed some lights to stop me.

I tried to make a face out of the person who had stopped me from the side mirror but I couldn’t. I shrugged and stopped at the lay by.

” hello” he, tall and dark guy opened his Audie and walked towards me.

” hello” I responded getting out too.

” am Mike” he smiled but I didn’t like his attitude. He seemed bossy and he was seemingly enjoying the fact that he looked all muscles and built up. Unlike me with a small pot berry, I could see from his small muscle t-shirt he had on that the guy was doing some work outs and had his perfect 6 pack.

” Chris here” I extended my hand.

” am sorry I made you pull over he said glancing over my Mark 2 behind me.

” okey so can you tell me what this is all about?” I asked him getting irritated with his attitude.

” Well, yeah I almost forgot. My bad man” he smiled widely exposing his nicely piled front teeth.

” so I wanted to find out are you the one who married Stella?” He asked and I looked at him my eyes wide open.

” now what does he want with my wife?” I asked myself staring at him.

” I’m am yeah. Why do you ask?” I stammered seriously hating the way the guy was intimidating me with his looks.

” oh I see. I thought I had a wrong guy” he chuckled looking up and down my jeans and loose T-shirt..

” what do you want? ” i tried to sound all manly.

” yeah, that’s a good question. Well, I wanted you and me to meet eye to eye. You see, we have something in common and that’s we both love the same woman” he let a small smile that showed trouble.

” what do you mean?, I seriously don’t have time for your games. So if you will excuse me I have a wife to run to.” I told him off and turned back to my car.

” too bad man, the story doesn’t end there. I just want to warn you that you should look out because that woman you stole and married had an owner and that’s me!” He shouted raising his muscle hands up.

” I don’t care who you think you are you jerk! I am the one married to Stella and I won’t let you intimidate me. Don’t even dare come near her or else you won’t like me” I snapped angrily.

He clapped his hands teasingly. ” just when I was beginning to think am dealing with a woman, so you can try to man up after all” he laughed following me to the car as I sat in the driver’s seat.

” I am the only man for her man, pray and enjoy her while it lasts, cause when I come back I can assure you she won’t resist me one bit. She loves me and I know she will fall for me all over again. So be warned Chris, watch out!” He shouted pointing his two fingers from the face at me.

I wanted to bark out and tell the guy off or better still come out of the car and face him man to man in a serious kick fight, but his looks warned me otherwise so I reluctantly placed the key in the ignition like a coward.

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I reached home and didn’t get to tell Stella how I was intimidated by her ex. I was so embarrassed and I tried to blush it off.

But then the rest of the days I kept on thinking and remembering Mike’s threats.

” what happens if that jerk shows up and for sure my wife fall’s for her?” I asked myself so many times.

When I asked Stella about her ex, the expression on her face as she described their relationship made things worse. I know she didn’t realise how much hurt I felt after she practically finished me off telling me how he broke her virginity, how much they were a couple so famous in Luanshya and many other things she said about him of which my calculations to compare myself to him made me remain in negatives.

I was so disturbed for weeks and started staying away from home. The thought of my wife with Mike killing me inside.

My friend’ s warned me and told me how women never forgot their first love especially that he was the one that broke her virginity.

I started finding solace, in drinking heavily and followed my friends acts of having some side chicks.

With each passing day, Stella and I got further apart and I could see how much she was hurting.

But each time i tried to get close to her the words of Mike struck my conscience and I felt betrayed, even though I doubted Stella had anything to do with her ex.

2 years later I met up with Mike again and this time he had followed me in a bar where I and other mates were drinking.

By that time Stella had told me she was going to live her life and that I should continue with my own drinking and girlfriends.

My conclusion immediately was that she had hooked up with Mike, ” why else would she say that? ” I told myself.

I didn’t want to divorce her cause I somehow wanted to prove to Mike I was capable of keeping my wife. Even when deep down my heart I knew that was just a thought to comfort myself.

Mike walked to my table and pulled himself a chair sitting right next to me. ” I told you to take care and watch out but you gave a deaf ear. Now to show you that I was serious here just listen to this ” he said placing his phone to my ear.

“Why are you here Mike. The last time you called I told you to stop coming to my house. What if my husband comes and sees me sitting in your car” I heard Stella’s voice.

” come on, you know you love me and not him babe come on just give me a kiss I missed you” came Mike’s voice on the recording.

It was quite after a bit of some arguments and I heard small groaning, implying two people kissing passionately.

” stop Mike please we can’t do this” Stella cried trying to catch her breath and I couldn’t hear anymore.

I shoved off his hand. ” you jerk how dare you touch my wife? ” I shouted angrily and standing up pushing him back.

He laughed out embarrassing me. ” you are not even man enough for her. Just let her go and I will have my woman back” he yelled and everyone’s attention shifted to us.

” I swear you going to pay for messing with my life” I cursed him and like always he didn’t seem moved at all.

He told me how i was a failure of a husband who spent his time out drinking and with women leaving a woman like Stella all alone and vulnerable. He clearly told me how he was to make sure she was his again and made it a mission to get what belongs to him.


So here I was wasted with another woman in a bar. Not wanting to even imagine how Stella was probably in the arms of Mike.

I had invited over my Friend with his girl at my house just to make sure we messed up the place.

” lets see if she will play a cool wife after she cleans this mess” I had thought to myself. I had made a deliberate move going with a woman at home to get her all pissed and probably act but like she had decided over the period, she played so cool and even served us breakfast.

” Chris man, what’s up? You have been so quite for some time what’s up man?”

My friend asked

“Am fine I guess am just tired” I chucked not wanting to tell my friend what was really going on. How embarrassing for a man to concede defeat from another man who was threatening to take his wife while he watches like an idiot.

The only thing I vowed not to do was give Stella the pleasure of a divorce. ” Let me see how long she will do her tricks with her jerk boyfriend” I thought to myself and walked to the dance floor to join my new girl who was dancing and moving her body seductively.

Story continues…