Married Single Episode 5


A single look at a medium sized man standing before me made me want to change my mind. The man was not so good looking and his statue did not even motivate me at all.

I faked a smile trying so hard not to display my unpleasant thoughts, less he noticed I didn’t like him.

The first time I saw him when he asked for my line, he was seated in a very nice car and his face looked so handsome. I would agree that seeing him standing there a shoulder shorter than me made me want to change my mind and pretend I didn’t invite him over.

” you are the one? Blue blouse?” He grinned looking at me.

” oh God so I already gave away my description, you are so dumb Stella you could have gone to him so that you could change your mind after seeing him” I heard my inside shout at me.

” Yeah, it’s me! ” I smiled widely.

” wow, I must agree the picture I had of you from two weeks ago is far much underrated. You are a beautiful woman miss” he added.

I almost burst out laughing when he referred to me as Miss, but I wasn’t going to spoil his joy by telling him I was a married woman.

Well, his looks were not as big as his heart. At the end of our chatting and having some dinner together I came to learn that Lucas was a very generous man. He spoiled me with a lot of nice foods and to add to my surprise on the first date I got myself a new IPhone from MTN shop. ” how nice” I thought to myself as he walked me to my small car.

” so Lucas, tell me about your family” I asked trying to get my game going.

” what would you love to know my dear?” He asked casually.

” Well, your wife for example, your kids if any. Basically I want to know your life as a husband” I shrugged as we walked around.

” mnmmm, I see” he sighed.

” what makes you think am married anyway?” He asked with a soft laugh.

I turned to look at him and he looked up at me twisting his eyes to make me go ahead with my question.

I could agree he made me so uncomfortable. I liked it when men went on telling me about their wives and how nice they were, staff like that made me have a strong standing to defend them and bring the man back to their senses.

Well, What I had not so much considered was the fact that, there were some men who had crazy wives who probably pushed them away to look for other women.

In all my games I had hoped not to bump in such cause I knew they would be hard to get off my back.

As though to add injury to my expected disappointment, Lucas sighed calmly and held my hand.

” am not married anymore” he started making my heart skip a little bit.

” what? How, but I thought the ring…..” I couldn’t get to the end of the sentence and he went on..

” yeah I know right? I have not removed the ring from my finger since my wife died in a tragic accident 3 years ago. Its just me with no kids”

At that I almost took off running. The thought of being a mate to a widower made me so scared. He was probably looking for someone to reunite with and I felt sad i had a rather different mission at hand.

” are you okey, Stella?” He asked me bringing me back to my senses.

” Yeah, am just. Am so sorry for your loss Lucas. I didn’t think that maybe,”

” I was a widower, I know am sorry I should have said something before” he smiled genuinely.

” Yeah, it could have made things easier for me” I told him as a matter of fact.

” what? , you don’t like the idea of seeing a widowed man?” He asked, again his questions getting to me.

” let’s just say, am fond of bumping into married men, am surprised no one single has approached me” I lied smiling like an idiot I was feeling.

” Well, I really like you and I hope to see you soon, again. Can I drive you to your place so that I get to see where you live?” He looked at me.

” what the hell!” I screamed in my mind. The guy had some pushy atitude and I wasn’t liking the idea.

” I would love to but am sorry, I came driving my small jeep there” I said pointing at my small car.

” oh sad for me this talk and company will end here” he smiled as he walked me to the car.

” but am sure I will get to know were you stay soon right?” He sighed as he held the door for me to get in my car.

” yeah, sure. I mean why not?” I swallowed hard.

” by the way, you need a better car swity this one doesn’t suit a queen like you” he blushed leaning by the window.

I just let a laugh and waved him good bye.

” oh my God, this is trouble ” i whispered as i joined the main road.

I felt it at that moment that Lucas was the possessive and showing off kind of a guy. He was the sort of man that would want the whole world know he was with you and you were his woman.

“Guess what they say about short guys being so possessive was true after all” I shook my head looking at the car mirror and taking a look at my worried eyes.

Thankfully when I got home, Chris and his new catch were gone.

I walked into the house and almost screamed in anger. ” who the hell do these two children of the devil think I Am?” I shouted at no one in particular when I saw how messed up the house was. .

It was like the stupid fools had some sort of a party with empty bottles of beer, opened packets of some different snacks all over the living room.

The table where I had served them breakfast was all messy. The fools didn’t even remove the plates after eating my well prepared breakfast.

” okey, this is really getting out of hand Chris, I swear to God I will surely make you pay for this humiliation ” I spoke aloud as I started picking up the mess.

” oh no they didn’t!” I shouted lifting the now broken glass jar. It was a present from my grand mother and I knew she had to spend the last of the coin she had saved up to get me a gift for my wedding.

” oh my beautiful jar!” I cried sitting down and holding the pieces in my hands.

My anger now expelling. I need something to cool me down I thought to myself and walked to the fridge.

I grabbed the wine bottle and started gulping the contents without stopping as the scotch from the wine burnt my gullet.

” son of a bi*tch!” I screamed angrily and smashed down the empty bottle adding to the mess which I ended up cleaning after wards.

By the time I finished putting my house in order I felt so tired.

I had to Scrub the tiles, dry clean the couches and remove all the sticky things from the table and lifted the plastic full of things placing It outside the gate for the Garbage collectors to pick it up the following day.

I went to bed at exactly 21 hours wanting to sleep over my anger and recall the meeting I had with Lucas.

Then a call came through. Slowly I stepped out of the bed, hating the fact that I had forgotten my phone in the living room.

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” hello! I answered after seeing Mikes line.

” hey babe, so how was your day? He greeted cheerfully.

” it was tiring Mike and I really have to sleep now” I tried to cut him. But he didn’t give me the pleasure.

” I miss you and I want to go on another episode like yesterday. I can’t keep myself away from you after that reunion” he laughed teasingly..

” stop now Mike, I told you that was a mistake and it can’t happen again.” I whispered back trying to sound like I was asleep.

” I can’t and you know that, so what do you say about meeting me at the same place tonight huh? It’s a Saturday babe and guess what? I just saw your stupid husband sitting in a bar with a short hot chick. They look happy together ” he added so calm I was sure he wanted me to get his point.

” am sorry but am not going to come Mike. Am tired and I need to rest tomorrow is Sunday I want to go and attend the morning service” I told him.

” Well, too late babe. Am already outside your gate and since i it’s not electrified am sure i can get myself in there” Mike giggled and cut the line.

” how stupid” I thought to myself, thinking Mike was just playing with me. ” how can a grown up man , married for that matter think of climbing a wall fence to see a woman? ” I whispered shaking my head as I took myself back to bed. .

I was just finishing turning off my phone, when I heard the door open.

I had started leaving my door open when ever Chris was out , not wanting to wake up and open for him whenever he would decide to come. Since he had the keys to the gate. I cares less about the back door.

” no it can’t be” I whispered thinking of the possibility that Mike had entered the house through the wall fence.

I was almost walking to the back door and I saw him standing by the door way to my bedroom.

” Mike, what the hell, what do you think you are doing getting into the house like that.? This is my matrimonial home and I won’t have you snooping around like a thief” I shouted at him.

” please leave before I call the police on you” I threatened. But my threat had no effect as Mike pulled me in his bulged arms and started kissing me.

” you won’t dare! He moaned as he pulled me out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

” Mike” I shivered with pleasure as he rubbed himself on my pants. I even regretted sleeping without clothes, well did I?

The answer is probably disappointing as I started enjoying his touching and rubbing.

Within minutes we stood by the running shower as we tangled in each others arms.

The coldness of the water making everything so romantic, it was evidently a hot night, so the water made us not to be sweating all over.

Mike with his tricks drove me so wild and by the time he was done I was so powerless. All I needed was a good nite sleep.

Slowly he lifted me to my bedroom and placed me slowly on the bed.

” this is what you deserve my babe, a man that makes you feel like a queen” he whispers kissing me on the forehead.

“Mike go now please” was all I managed to say. He was making me want to pull him back in bed and I knew that wasn’t so much of a good idea. He had already made me fall in sin twice and now things were even worse I acted exactly like my husband.

Now we were 100% the same. Two people in marriage but acting like stupid 16 year olds without Shame and decency.

Story continues…