Married Single Episode 13



” welcome back home ” my wife greeted me cheerfully. I had been going home early some weeks after Stella warned me to stay away.

However i was not to give up easily so I planned on letting the dust cool off a bit. She’s not going to resist me once I show up again, she’s just hurting probably with learning the truth,” I thought to myself.

” Bashi Junior, I was just greeting you” I heard my wife speak up bringing me back to the present.

” am fine dear thanx” I tried to smile.

She came and sat besides me and I knew she was seeking attention as always.

” I just sent that money to your mother she said.

” thank you, Thats good. I almost forgot she wanted money. Have you gotten your salary already?” I asked her my eyes on the TV.

” yes I told you yesterday and even explained how the money was to be used. You telling me you have forgotten?” She asked sounding disappointed

I shook my head recalling the conversation we had. ” oh yeah I know it just slipped my mind” I smiled

” you know your mother was just saying how happy she was and told me that she is still waiting for a third baby. Imagine she was telling me that our son has grown and that she can’t wait for our next child probably a girl this time” she said excited.

I didn’t want to ruin her excitement so I let her talk on and laugh as I just nodded and giggled upset mindedly. If only she knew how I wasn’t interested in whatever she was saying, she could have spared me the trouble and noise.

I was saved by the ringing of my phone.

” excuse me” i said standing up as I saw my friend from Luanshya’ s number.

” Hello what a surprise to be called by you my friend it’s been long I answered standing outside the house.

After chatting for a little bit he asked me a question that made my heart skip.

” by the way what happened to Stella? I saw her at her parent’s house the past week and you know how people gossip here. They are saying she left her husband. Is it true?” He asked.

” what? You say a week ago?” I asked to make sure my calculations were correct. That was about a week after she was discharged from the hospital.

” yeah man, she’s been here ”

I hang up the call after a few minutes and stood there. I felt my mouth curve into a smile.

” now this sounds more like it” I thought smiling.

” I warned you Chris, a day would come when she was going to be mine for good and now that you are out of my way. Am going to make things right by making sure she falls for me again.” I nodded my head happily.

I took the phone and tried her line, all I needed to hear was she was okey and then I would take the next steps, but I couldn’t get through to her.

Without thinking through it I walked back inside and announced. ” pack a few clothes for me am going to Luanshya tomorrow! ”

” Oh, how? I thought you said you have a busy schedule at work this week and today is just Tuesday, why the rush to go there?” My wife asked following me to bedroom.

” well, it’s because something important happened and I need to go there tomorrow. Do You you have any problem with that?” I asked sarcastically to get her off my back.

” no I don’t am sorry if I bothered you I just thought..”

” stop making assumptions woman and start packing my bag already. Am leaving early in the morning and I will be back” I sighed putting the small bag on the bed for her to put in the clothes.

I watched her silently pack a few of my clothes and a pair of shoes. My mind was already imagining being with Stella and I couldn’t hold my joy.

Early the following morning I made a call and made up a lie of my late uncle being very sick in Luanshya and the boss gave me a go ahead.

” am coming for you babe, just give me a few hours ” I smiled to myself as I drove to the filing station to refuel before starting off.

Within 5 hours I drove through Luanshya and headed direct home.

I just greeted my parents a bit and excused myself. I had to see her.

She was outside her mother’s hanging some clothes on the line putting on a chitenge and looking so good in it I wondered how a sensible man could leave such a woman. ” Chris you are a damn fool” I whispered to myself as I walked to her yard.

” Mike!, what are you doing here?” She asked upon seeing me. .

” how are you Stella?” I smiled instead.

” am okey thank you and I asked you a question” she asked as she went on her business of rinsing and hanging some clothes.

” well you are forgetting my home is here too. I came to see my parents just like you I guess. So mom just told me you are here so you know, I thought I might say hi to you” I smiled pulling a stool and sitting on it.

” what a coincidence right, you happen to be visiting your parents now that am here. Your mother told me you have not been here for years.” She said accusingly.

I pushed her comment off and started talking about our child hood. Trying to make her realise we had come from afar. She only nodded and seemed less interested in the conversation.

” so is it true what I heard?” I finally went to the point.

” what did you hear?” She asked without looking at me.

” that you left your husband and took all your things?” I went on and saw her sigh sadly.

” I see, that is it, that’s why you came here to confirm that your plan worked right? You are so pathetic Mike and honestly I can’t stand your possessiveness. It’s way too crazy and right now I don’t want any drama in my life, I came here to have a fresh mind before i finally go back for work and believe me the last thing on my list is not making some reconnection with my past. It’s over now and I want to be alone. ” she voiced out seriously making me feel so bad I wasn’t having the same impact on her.

It was like I was talking to a different person and I felt a bit bad with the possibility of me contributing to her being that way.

” Stella listen, that man was going to fail you at one point or another because that’s who he is. He’s a failure of a man and he didn’t even deserve you. Just forget about him and move on” i spoke up trying to make an eye contact with her but she kept her eyes on the clothes she was washing.

She went on telling me how she didn’t need me or any other man right at the moment. She threw it in my face I was married and I needed to go back to my family. At that moment the thoughts of my wife even irritated me cause she was the one I was now blaming. If only she didn’t get pregnant I would have been free to be with my Stella.

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” Mike you have come too?” Her mother asked me walking back from the market I could see the basket she was carrying in her hands.

” yes mom, I just came in and thought of coming to see you people. Surprised to see Stella here too” i pretended.

” that’s nice of you my son, so tell me how your wife and kids are? ” she smiled and I saw Stella look at me and quickly looked back at her clothes like telling me ” that’s a good reminder “.

As we engaged in greetings with her mother, Stella lifted the dishes and headed back inside without saying another word to me.

I waited trying to tell stories with her mother to buy myself time that I may see her but she didn’t come out.

I couldn’t ask to see her freely like before now that everyone knew I was a married man.

With a frustrated heart, I walked away and told her mother to say my good byes on my behalf. Planning on going back the following day and probably finding a better way of convincing her to get back with me.

I wasn’t even sure of the details of what happened to her marriage but I was determined to take her back. If it meant leaving my wife for her, I was ready to do so. She was free now and she was going to be mine again the way it should have always been, I thought to myself.

The following day I was occupied by the people that had come to greet me. My friends and some of the family members.

I kept looking at time wanting to ran to the next yard to go and try talking to Stella..

By the time everyone left it was past 14 hours and I went there playing a good neighbour.

I was greeted by her father who too made me sit and chat with him for some minutes.

” so dad, where is Stella? I saw he yesterday. When I came to greet mom” I asked her father.

” oh my son, your sister is going through a rough time and I don’t know how to help her. She left her husband and told us all the hell that man made her go through. She sued him for a divorce. She told me yesterday she will have to go and prepare herself cause the court hearing is next week Monday.” He explained

” oh so you saying she left already?” I asked him panicking.

” yes my son, she left this morning with the 09 Hours Wada Chovu bus” he smiled.

I couldn’t contain my anger as I walked back to my parent’s house. If not for the fact that I already told them I was to stay another day, I could have started off right that minute but I knew I had to wait till the following day.

Story continues…