Married Single Episode 12


I woke up hours later just to find myself in the hospital bed. My friend Linda and her mother were standing besides me.

” she’s awake now!” Linda exclaimed excited.

” oh God I thank you” she sighed touching my hand.

“Boi how are you feeling now,” she asked me smiling her honest smile.

” my head is pounding heavily I feel like something knocked me out” I whispered feeling my mouth dry.

“Because something did knock your head out. Do You remember that you were in an accident?” She asked me handing me a cup of water.

I tried to sit up but felt dizzy..

” here, I will help you up” linda’s mother held my back and helped me lift my back as Linda held the water to my mouth.

I remembered the last thing before I woke up. I was running outside and started driving. I recalled the bang I had to my car.

” oh my God! What happened to my car? And the vehicle I ran into? Did I kill someone?” I asked all the questions in one sequence.

” relax yourself Stella” the male doctor who just walked in spoke up wearing a smile. ” you need not to panic as that won’t be good for you. You had a hard knock on your head so you will experience a lot of headache. You also have a few minor injuries but you should be okey in no time ” she held my hand assuredly.

After checking on me she gave me some strong pain killers and walked out.

” are you not asking about your husband?” Linda started sitting next to me.

” Linda I don’t want that man anywhere near me right now. If any thing am moving out of his house from here. I won’t take this anymore.” I cried

Linda’ s mother talked to me telling me how men sometimes did things like children and that they needed a woman to stand for them.

” he’s your husband my child and I may not know the details of what transpired between the two of you but you have to start settling your issues and try make your marriage work. A woman is a pillar of a home mama.

Ask God to help you through and am sure there’s nothing impossible with him. You have to learn to stand in the gap for him and pray that God himself may change him. It’s no one’s job to change another, so take it to God who created him and let God himself change him. The problem with you women of nowadays, you lucky the spirit of perseverance. You easily give up and throw away your marriage at the first sight of problems.

Learn to be strong and fight for what God has given you.” She went on telling me as she sat in the chair.

I let the tears fall freely to my side as she talked. There was a lot of truth in her words but I didn’t know if I was ready to face another moment with Chris.

I made her a promise to try some more after she insisted. And she and Linda walked out after seeing Chris walk to the ward.

He moved close to me and I kept staring at him without saying a word.

” how are you feeling?” He asked finally.

” I will survive Chris and I promise you that, God has given me a second chance at life and this time am going to try live it right” I told him with a weak smile.

” well, that’s good. ” he sighed and sat back silently.

” where is my car now?” I asked trying to make some conversation. It was evident Chris wasn’t going to say anything unless I started.

” it’s at the police station and the guy is claiming money for repairing his vehicle since you were at fault.” Chris mentioned straight up.

” oh Yeah, of course he does” I sighed now trying to think of the trouble I was in.

After some few minutes Chris said his good bye and walked away without asking any thing more about my health. I felt the urge to tell him never to come over again as his presence wasn’t helping with my head, but the advice of Linda’s mother clicked and I decided to follow through her advice.

I was just finishing the conversation with my mother who was asking about my health on phone and I stopping her from coming over telling her I was fine. I couldnt have my mother come over to see how broken my marriage was. I had actually not told her her much about my issues with Chris. I knew she trusted him so much and somehow would blame me for the mess.

Keeping her from coming was my greatest wish and I was glad when she even said she didn’t have enough money.

” don’t bother to ask for debts mom, am going back home today. The Doctor said am okey it was just a minor injury” I had told her until I finally managed to convince her.

I just placed the phone down when I saw Mike walk towards me, Looking calm.

I let him sit silently and he came over kissing my forehead.

” I was so scared I was going to lose you out there. Don’t you ever scare me like that again babe. I cant stand seeing you hurt” he whispered holding my hand.

I almost lashed out my anger at him recalling what he had done. But the pain in my head was so much I had to keep it down.

” you know what, I appreciate your coming here and Chris told me you drove me here after the accident last night. But I don’t want to see you near me or my house again. I want you gone for ever Mike and this time around I mean it.” I told Mike as he looked at me without blinking.

” did you hear a thing of what I said,” I asked him when he kept quite.

” yeah I did Babe..”

” stop calling me that Mike. Go back to your wife and leave me alone already!” I let a small weak shout.

” I cant” he answered blantly.

” I cant because I love you and I can’t stand seeing you with another man.” He said looking straight into my eyes. ” you are mine Stella. Remember you promised me forever”

” Please Mike. That was years back and both of us were still so young and naive. There’s more to life than those childhood fantasies. You are also married for crying out loud and don’t even lie you don’t love your wife. You shouldn’t have married her just because of your child. Lots of people have kids together but not married. On top of that you have another baby with her. You have started a family Mike and i think I am trying to work on mine, you should work on yours too”

He was quite for a while and when he opened his mouth to speak, he was almost crying.

” I like my wife so much cause she takes care of us, but I can’t seem to fall in love with her. You dont have to push me away Babe because I know your husband doesnt even love you. I felt the way you made love to me and I know you still feel the same. Please Stella dont leave me again, I won’t be able to survive it”

I looked at him for a couple of minutes., Lucas was right, Mike was so possessive, he had his wife and kids but he was not willing to let go of me. I knew my mind was made up and I wasn’t going to please his ego and tell him I loved him. In fact I realised it wasn’t even love I felt ok for him in the first place when I cheated on my husband, I was just desperate and now I had to put my senses in order.

” am telling you for the last time Mike, stay away from my marriage and my life. I know what you did with Chris and even though he acted cowardly, it’s your fault that am being subjected to the torture I have been going through.

So if you claim you love me you have to let me go, cause that’s what love does. If you won’t stop bothering me I will sue you for marriage interference and i will personally call your parents to tell them what you have been doing” I warned him and leaned back.

“Stella” he called out almost speaking but I cut him..

” you have overstayed your visit Mike, please leave me alone now. I need to rest. My head is killing me and your presence is not helping” I calmly told him.

With a bit of struggle he stood up and bent down to kiss my lips but I swayed my head away. And raised my hand to push him away.

” I will always love you” he whispered and walked out without looking back.

I sighed and closed my eyes hoping the night mare with him would be over.

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The following day I was discharged and was given some bed rest. I had talked with the owner of the car I bashed into and we made arrangements for me to see my insurance company to compensate us both for the damage.

I had not heard from Lucas after a week and I didn’t want to bother him. I kept quite even when I felt the urge to go and see how he was doing.

I was seated eating my meal one day, when Chris walked in. He sat across me. Since I came back from the hospital he had at least started greeting me but things remained the same between us. No touching, no staying in one room together and his late night outings went on.

With the encouragement of my friend I decided to start going to church again and after several sessions of personal confessions I felt the guilty lessen.

” what is it Chris?” I asked him when he sat down opposite me looking like he was lost in thoughts.

He cleared his throat and spoke up.

” Mwenya just called me she gave birth to a son” he announced his eyes on the floor.

I had lots of questions for him like, who the hell was Mwenya? What if she had a baby? What was that to do with us? But I didn’t dare ask them.

” okey” I said instead trying to push down the anger and tears threatening to spill.

” the baby is mine and now her parents wants me to take responsibility.” He went on.

I sat up feeling my knees go weak. Here I was trying to make my marriage work and praying my nights off for things to become better just to be given news my husband had fathered a child with another woman.

” tell me what you are going to do Chris, I heard you. Whoever that Mwenya is” I tried to say and he answered..

” she’s the lady I came with the other day” he said in a horse voice I felt like striking him with the spoon in my hands.

I swallowed hard, ” Okey, So what now?” I asked him

He looked at me then back down. “I will Bring them over so that i try to settle things with her parents before she can go back.”

I couldn’t sit back anymore, I lifted myself up and raised the plate I was holding full of rice and soup throwing it all in his face and walked away without a word.

I locked myself in the bedroom and looked up the heavens.

” I have tried my best God, you know I have. I can not take this anymore. Am sorry I am not strong enough. But no, I won’t sit and wait for another woman to take over my life in the name of perseverance. He’s your creation God and so he’s all yours to deal with. Am leaving this house right this minute” I cried out and went on packing my bags.

Story continues…