Marital Humour#5 12 Rules Of A Happy Relationship



No relationship is ever perfect. We try our best to make it perfect but still there are somethings you should never say or do to your partner if you don’t want WAHALA.

  12 Tips:

1. Never keep secrets from each other

2. Always give a hug and a kiss before leaving the house.

3. When your partner speaks, use not only your ears to listen but also the heart.

4. Never walk away from each other even during arguments.

5.  Avoid speaking the past moments focus on present and the future instead.

6. Always eat together if you can and more importantly sleep together during every night.

7. Reserve time on weekend for family. just a romantic stroll in the park does wonders.

8. If you want to argue do it lovingly, talk calmly, learn to shut up and listen.

9. Never say fine, you are always right when you don’t mean it.

10. Appreciate and remember the good times, forgive and forget the past.

11. Always remind yourself that true love is rare, you might never find another who loves you this much.

12. Always stand by your words.

Credit: Relationship and Dating
Image credit: Ghanaba