Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Marital Humour#5 12 Rules Of A Happy Relationship

No relationship is ever perfect. We try our best to make it perfect but still there are somethings you should never say...

12 Things Men Find Attractive In Women

  Many of us constantly wonder what men find attractive in women. With multiple men telling us different things and us trying to come up...

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Just A Dare Episode 48

~ZOE “I don’t know but I really do think that movie do make sense.” Ethan chuckles as we both stop at the door of my dorm...

Just A Dare Episode 47

JAVIER~ I have come to realize that I would do anything for her. The fact that I would do anything to be with her and...

Just A Dare Episode 46

ARIELLE~ My heart beats faster each second as the words plays over and over again in my head.

Just A Dare Episode 45

ARIELLE✨~ I breathe out as I think about what Ryan told me once again. If you want a relationship to work out, you try to understand...
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