"Mansa" season 2 Episode 2


“Is not what you think, Kuu, Mansa is not your foster sister as you think. She is actually your step sister” Obed revealed.
Kuu was shocked by the news from Obed.
“You can’t be serious Obed, what are you saying? Kuu asked.
“You heard me, a lady was betrothed to your father before she actually met your mother. Your father impregnated that lady but she disappeared when she heard your father was going to get married to your mother”, Obed said.
“….but how sure are you that child is the same girl I’m in love with. It can’t be Mansa ” Kuu asked.
” Your father was secretly seeing her until she gave birth to Mansa. She died during deivery but because your father couldn’t bring the baby to the his home, he personally took the baby to the orphanage home and entrusted her into their care with the hope of later adopting her.”
“Oh no! This is unbelievable! What have I done to myself? So Mansa is actually my sister” Kuu said.
“Yeah she is. As a matter of fact, she is your elderly sister” Obed confirmed.
“Does she know about this? Kuu asked.
“No Kuu, and that’s going to be our little secret until probably you make amends of your mistakes and ask God forgiveness” Obed said.
Kuu couldn’t believe his ears. Mansa was actually his sister. The girl she had raped and impregnated.
” What an abomination! Will God even forgive me of my sins?” Kuu asked.
“Kuu, only if you openly admit it and ask for forgiveness, He is a merciful God so He will forgive you” Obed said.
“But how do you know all these things? You are a stranger, how do you know?” Kuu asked.
” You ask so many questions. Lets get back to the OPD. At the right time, you will know” Obed said and headed straight to the OPD.
Kuu followed him closely as they went.
Mrs Amposah and Riri were watching Mansa as she slept at her ward, when Kuu and Obed got there.
Mansa while asleep, had a weird dream.
In her dream, she was walking down the isle with Obed to the alter to get married. Unfortunately, no one was at the church, not even a pastor to preside over the wedding.
Before Obed could say his vows, an elderly woman whom Mansa could not recognize came with a broom and swept around where Mansa and Obed stood.
Mansa tried stopping her but she was pushed down by the lady.
Mansa fell heavily on one side and she couldn’t move her left arm and feet.
This woke Mansa up from the sleep. There she saw Obed, Kuu, Mrs Amposah and Riri.
Obed rushed to her side, held her by the hand and asked how she was feeling.
She tried to sit but she couldn’t.
Obed realized that something was wrong.
“What is it Mansa? Obed asked.
“My legs, i can’t feel them, i can’t feel my legs, Obed” Mansa cried out.
Riri quickly rushed and called the doctor to Mansa’s aid. They were all asked to wait outside the ward while the Doctor went about his work.
Mrs Amposah acted awkwardly. she was putting the blame on Obed for Mansa’s misfortune.
“You are the cause of this, Obed or whatever you call yourself. What have you done to my child? You should have listened to me. If you had married her, all this wouldn’t have happened. God is punishing both of you for that”, Mrs Amposah said.
“Mum, you can’t be saying such things in times of this” Kuu said.
Before Kuu could finish talking, three men came towards them.
They were unknown people.
“Are you Mrs Amposah? One of them asked.
“Yes, how may I help you? Mrs asked.
“We are after your son, Kuu”, he said.
“I’m the one, who are you? Kuu asked.
“I’m Inspector Nii from the regional police headquarters. You are under arrest for allegedly assaulting and raping Mansa” said Inspector Nii.
Kuu was immediately handcuffed and led away by the policemen.
Mrs Amposah pleaded but they ignored her completely.
To be continued