"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 15


That was the same venue where Yvonne was raped by Tiger.
Yvonne and Yaw sat in the car and watched Tiger enter into the building.
“Yvonne, what are we doing here stalking at your so called boyfriend? Yaw jealously said.
“Seriously, Yaw, you are so annoying. Those pictures you saw was when i was being raped by that bastard, all these happened when Daisy kidnapped me. She took those pictures as a leverage in order for me to secure 70% of the wealth in cash that Daddy will give to me on the eve of Christmas.” Yvonne disclosed to Yaw.
“What? You were raped? Yvonne why didn’t you tell me?” Yaw asked.
“Did you even give me the chance to talk?. You just went into the arms of Franca” Yvonne said.
“I’m sorry, but who is JayJay then?” Yaw asked.
“I don’t know anyone by that name. Yaw are you still doubting me? ” Yvonne asked him.
“I’m sorry Yvonne, i’m just confused, i don’t know what to think of now” Yaw said.
“Geez!! Yaw am so disappointed in you. Look, i know in and out of that building. Lets sneak in, i feel there is something fishy going on in there” Yvonne suggested.
“No, no, i don’t think this is such a good idea.” Said Yaw.
“Fine, you can decide to stay in here for all i care” Yvonne voiced.
She got upset, and slammed the door as soon as she got down. Yaw had no option than to follow her as they both sneaked into the compound of the building. No one was on the compound when they got there.
They silently sneaked into a near by window that led to the living room.
That was the exact place where the meeting was being held. They then peeped through the window and saw Mr. Aziz, Susan, Daisy and Tiger.
Yvonne and Yaw were surprised but kept their comments to themselves to avoid being spotted.
Yvonne then took out her phone to record whatever they were discussing.
Mr Aziz: “We are almost through with what we started, everyone is getting what he or she wants, Tiger and Daisy, anything about the money?
Daisy: ” Sir not yet, but i assure you, it will be ready in 3 days. We have already sent the pictures to Yaw. Tiger today also went to warn him to stay away from Yvonne. Slowly he is being manipulated into Franca’s nest.”
Mr. Aziz: “good, good, and once we have him in the arms of Franca, i can take my revenge for taking the life of my son”
Susan: ” Sir, can you give me that honor to stab him just the way he stabbed the love of my life”
Susan and Ray apparently have been dating secretly even before they entered university where Ray met Franca.
It was all their plan just to get Franca in bed, record it and send it viral so that they could use that to demand money from Franca’s father the minister.
It was only by chance that Yvonne came along the way.
Susan was all along hiding and striking from the dark.
Mr. Aziz: “I would have given you the chance, if only you did not blow up the first assignment, your order was to interrogate the mother of my children, not to shoot her to death.”
Susan: “Sir, i’m sorry, but she saw my face, i had no option. Ray introduced me to her before we got admission, there was no way i could let her live”
Mr. Aziz: ” i forgive you anyway, she was a nuisance, by the way who has heard from that girl, why is she not here?
At that instant Yvonne slipped slightly which got the attention of Mr. Aziz.
“Tiger, go and check where that noise is coming from” Mr Aziz ordered.
Yaw and Yvonne quickly hurried out of the compound before Tiger got out.
Tiger didn’t see them, he checked around but there was no one was there.
Yvonne and Yaw quickly went into the car which was parked in a distance and quickly drove off.
Now, they were very surprised about what they heard from the meeting.
Susan was behind Yvonne’s mothers death,
Daisy and Tiger were after Yvonne and Yaw’s relationship. And Mr. Aziz seems to be the main brain behind this act.
Yaw and Yvonne begun putting the pieces together. They decided on involving Yvonne’s step father.
Immediately, a meeting was arranged at a restaurant where Yaw, Yvonne and Her step Father met.
Yvonne then told him the ordeal she went through, thus being kidnapped and raped. She told him everything and played the voice recording to him.
They came up with a plan. Yvonne at that moment, picked her phone and called Daisy.
Yvonne: “Your money is ready, 700,000Ghc.”
Daisy: “Wow unexpected. I see, your Daddy decided to disclose his will too early, That’s my girl, will call you tomorrow morning and give you the venue”
She hanged up on Yvonne quickly.
To be continued