"Mansa" season 2 Episode 1


Few of the church members rushed to help her. Obed quickly left the organ and went to her aid, only to find that Mansa was seriously bleeding with blood flowing from her thighs to the legs.
She was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital which happened to be Riri’s working place.
She was lead into the emergency room leaving Chris, Kuu, Mrs Amposah and Obed at the OPD.
Riri at that moment was no where to be found, as to whether she came with them to the hospital, no body knew.
The last time the church members actually set their eyes on her was before the incident at Church.
Now, Kuu had gotten the opportunity he always wanted to meet Obed. There he is, face to face with Obed. He went straight to him and said.
” I want us to talk, now ” Kuu said.
“I see, and you think this is the appropriate time for it? Obed asked.
“Well, we can make it appropriate.” Kuu said.
“Alright, fair enough” said Obed.
“Good, at the car park, in the next 5 minutes.” Kuu said and left him.
He went Straight to the car park and patiently waited for Obed to come.
In no time Obed showed up at the car park where Kuu was waiting.
“I see you are really good at your time” Kuu said.
“What is it? just go on with what you called me here for ” said Obed.
“Anyway, what do you want from Mansa? Tell me? When did she even meet you that you claim you are the father of her unborn child? ” Kuu furiously asked him.
” I can tell you are really worried about that. Obed said.
“Yes, because you are a liar and a crook. That unborn baby belongs to me and no other person” Kuu said.
“So meaning you raped her, i should call the police on you now ” Obed threatened.
Kuu didn’t realize that he will go to that extent. He didn’t even think of the fact that he admitting the responsibility of her pregnancy is enough evidence to put him behind bars for rape charges.
He got a bit scared, he knew as soon Mansa reports the issue, that will be his end. His actions became obvious to the notice of Obed.
“I see you are scared Kuu, how could you do such a thing? Obed asked.
“I am not proud of what i did, i was misled” Kuu said.
“Misled? How? By who? Obed asked.
“Its a long story, Obed.” Kuu said.
“We have time, don’t we? Said Obed.
” I’m in love with Mansa. I thought its not morally right to be in love with someone who is supposed to be your adopted sister. My brother Chris knew about it. He told me that, He had spoken to Mansa about my feelings even to the extent of he claiming Mansa loved me as well. I was made to know that Mansa wanted to see me that night.
He gave me a handkerchief, which he claimed it was from Mansa to me.
Since it was going to be the first time, i wanted to pull a prank on her by wearing a face mask just to scare her a little before revealing myself.
Indeed, i succeeded in getting her scared, she began shouting so i placed the handkerchief on her lips to keep her quiet.
Then i took the mask off, only to noticed that she was motionless but was breathing.
At that moment, i also thought she was pulling a prank on me because my mask was off. I tried kissing her, she didn’t respond, but my lust couldn’t control me. I had intercourse with her without noticing that there was something wrong with her.
It was until i saw her bleeding that i realized she was actually unconscious. I got scared and out of my guilty conscience i had to escape.
I told my brother about it only for him to completely ignore me, i was actually raping her without even noticing.” Kuu revealed all that had actually happened.
Obed was in complete silence for a while and said
“Kuu you acted Childishly” Obed said.
Back at the OPD, the doctors was done attending to Mansa. Chris by then was taking a stroll leaving Mrs Amposah alone at the OPD.
The doctor met her, and since she was the foster mother of Mansa she deemed it necessary to let her know of her condition.
“Doctor, how is my daughter?” She asked.
“She is fine, but unfortunately she had a miscarriage” The Doctor said.
“Oh no, Doc, can i see her? Mrs Amposah asked.
“Yeah, you can, she is asleep and i will advise that you don’t wake her up” The Doctor said and left.
Mrs. Amposah quickly called Riri and updated her. In no time she showed up and together with Mrs Amposah went to the ward were Mansa was.
Obed and Kuu were still at the car park having their conversation.
Kuu was feeling sorry and guilty for his actions. He really wanted to make amends for it.
“Kuu, there is something you need to know” Obed said.
“what is It Obed? Tell me” Kuu asked.
“You and Mansa can never ever be together. The harm has already been caused, and its unfortunate you can’t be with her” Obed said.
“Yeah, i understand, i know you have feelings for her thats why she is with you now” Kuu said.
“Am in love with Mansa, just as i love everyone. She is a child of God and so is everyone but you can’t be with her” Obed said.
” Why can’t i be with her? there should be some way out” Kuu said.
His feelings was taking control over him, he was really indeed in love with Mansa.
” Is not what you think, Kuu, Mansa is not your foster sister, she is actually your step sister” Obed revealed.
To be continued


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