"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 13


“Oh no, that’s JayJay” Franca said.
“JayJay, but you said He is a friend of your mother’s? Yaw asked.
“Look, Yaw, you don’t expect me to be telling you everything about Yvonne, that’s her ex guy. He went abroad and i heard he is back in the country. It seems he still has eyes for  Yvonne and from the look of this picture, i think they have met recently” Franca lied completely.
What a set up, how could she come out with such plan.
It’s amazing that Yaw was falling for Franca’s lie.
While Franca was still holding the pictures and envelope, her Dad came in.
She quickly hid the pictures so that her Dad wouldn’t see it. That act she made convinced Yaw that Franca really cherished her sister. It looked as if she was protecting her sister.
Her Dad came and was feeling very sad concerning the death of his ex wife.
“Dad, welcome” Franca welcomed him.
“Thank you, i couldn’t believe it when i saw your mother being placed at the mortuary.
Who ever did this will surely pay for it”, her dad said.
“Sir, how far with the police, any news yet?” Yaw asked.
” That’s the good news about this whole situation, the police discovered some finger prints which seems to be that of a lady, they are yet to find a match and once they do, i will make sure that killer pays dearly for this” Father said.
As soon he made mention of this Franca panicked a little. Yaw asked to leave. Before he step out of the living room, a weird looking man entered the compound.
He was dressed in suit and appeared very serious. When he entered the compound, he saw Yaw and Franca coming towards the gate.
As soon as he saw Yaw,he halted and starred at him looking very furious.
“Sir welcome” Franca welcomed him.
“Where is your Father” He said.
“Inside, sir” Franca answered and without saying a word he went towards the living room.
“Who is that weird man, Franca” Yaw asked.
“Mr. Aziz, Yvonne’s biological father and my mother’s uncle” Franca answered.
“So that means, that’s Ray’s father? ” Yaw asked.
Franca nodded.
“Oh no, that’s why he gave me that look, i think he knows something, am not safe Franca” Yaw panicked and said.
“Oh come on Yaw, he doesn’t know you anywhere. I can assure you that. Look, i can give you a room for you to stay for awhile. Its just across the street, it belongs to my Dad.” Franca offered.
Yaw felt he will be secured there. He started growing this likeness for her, for being caring and protective.
That was what he knew Franca for.
“I will go and pack some few stuffs, will call you when am through, and please kindly let your sister know. Am really finding it difficult to trust her now. And thank you so much Franca, you have really been helpful ” Yaw said that.
Franca hugged him so tight that it was difficult for her to let him go. Everything seems to be going in her favor. Yaw is liking her and growing doubts about Yvonne.
“Ermm Franca, i think you should let go now” Yaw jokingly said, just to stop Franca from prolonging the hug.
That moment he knew that Franca still felt something for him. But he ignored until Franca made a touching statement.
“Yaw, am sorry to say this, but i still love you, but hey sometimes the only way to prove your love is by letting that person be where he wants to be. Am sorry for all that i may have caused you and Yvonne, i guess i didn’t know how to express it.  ” Franca said.
Yaw got touched by her words and took her by the hand looked straight into her eyes.
“Franca i think its about time you forgot about the past and move on. I know its hard but you have to. I appreciate your effort but i can’t take advantage of it. I think we need to talk more about this when i return”, Yaw said and gave her another hug and left.
Yvonne had been sobbing for long, all of a sudden she had that courage again. She remembered one advise her late mother kept telling her as she was growing up.
“Humans can never achieve anything without a push, nothing can be given on a silver platter, don’t let anyone overshadow your happiness, fight for what will make you happy without stepping on other people’s toes.”
This advice has been her inspiration in life while growing up. Once she remembered this, she had this inner strength that motivated her to keep fighting.
She wiped off her tears, picked up the phone and began calling Yaw.
At the living room, Mr. Aziz and Franca’s father engaged in a hot argument.
“My daughter has every right to know who her Daddy is and now that her mother is gone, am suppose to take care of her now and not you”  Mr. Aziz said.
“Where were you all this while, and you come back here telling me all these nonsense. You are talking about rights and you can’t even take up your responsibilities as a father” Franca’s step father said in anger.
Their voices were up that Yvonne heard them from the room.
She quickly went downstairs and saw Mr. Aziz who she had never seen before and her step Dad.
From their conversation, it looked as if whatever Franca had told Yaw was the truth.
Yvonne got downstairs and interrupted.
“Whats going on here, whose biological father is who? Yvonne asked.
To be continued