Mansa" Season 1 Episode 16 Final


His anger has ma him to spit out his secret.  His mother was struck with shock.
That was the moment Kuu realized that he had said too much.
“Kuu, what are you saying? I don’t understand you” Mrs Amposah asked.
“Mum, i can explain but one thing I am sure about is that the guy Mansa is with, is an intruder. I’m the father of that child. ” Kuu confirmed.
“Kuu,  how could you? Do you realize the abomination you have committed? This can’t be right, this must be a dream” Mrs Amposah was acting strange.
As much as Kuu impregnating Mansa came as a surprise to her, her actions seemed that there was something more to it.
“Kuu,  get out of my room,  you make me sick! Get out! get out!” Mrs Amposah shouted at Kuu.
He had no option than to leave the room.
Mrs Amposah was out of control,  this was too much for her to bare.
“No,  i can’t deal with this. It  can’t happen.  I need  to act fast,  that baby can’t be born.  It won’t happen” Mrs Amposah said to herself.
Right after, she picked the phone and called Riri to come to her place immediately.
Aside Riri being an usher,  she happened to be a part time nurse at the exact hospital Elvis passed away.
Her involvement with  Mrs Amposah was very suspicious.
On the day Riri met Kuu and Mansa at the hospital, she had already  finished her shift and had changed into a casual dress.
Chris on the other hand was aware that Kuu had arrived and was looking for Mansa.
He was determined to find Mansa before Kuu does.
Now there was a programme at church that evening that everyone knew Obed will be present .
He was the main organist so he had no option.  As to whether he will come with Mansa or not, no body knew.
Mrs Amposah and Riri had met to figure out what to do if only Obed and Mansa came to Church that evening.
Kuu usually was not a fun of going to church in the evenings but on that day, he was also determined to be there just to see Mansa.
Chris was also getting ready two hours before the programme when he was told by the house boy that Asabea, his pregnant girlfriend was looking for him.
He had forgotten about Asabea all this while.  He only had his mind on Mansa.
He went to the living room to meet her.  You can imagine the look on her face when she saw Chris.
“Mansa, i told  you not come here. Chris said, mistakenly calling Asabea Mansa.
This got Asabea very irritated.
“What? You call me Mansa now? Oh i see,  i see you have something going on with her.  I came here the other time to meet her comfortable on your laps and now you calling me by her name” Asabea uttered.
“Look,  how many times do i have to tell you that she is my sister” Chris tried explaining
“Sister indeed, we all know she was adopted so don’t  tell me that” She said.
“whatever” Chris said.
“You think you can get me pregnant and get me sick and go away scot free, you must be joking. and for your information, i aborted the pregnancy just as you wanted. You have succeeded in getting rid of the baby but for you getting me sick, get ready for me” Asabea said.
Chris knew what she was  capable of doing. That was not her first time. He has known Asabea to be very possessive and capable of doing anything.
” And that Mansa of yours tell her to beware of me. You have no idea of what a  woman who is scorned can do. ” Asabea said and walked out of Chris.
Chris was frightened by her words but however, he ignored it.
He quickly dressed up right after Asabea had left. Without waiting for his Mum or Kuu, he went straight to church.
Mrs Amposah and Kuu followed shortly afterwards.
You could feel the tension in the car when Kuu was driving his mother to the church.
The car was filled with silence as they were not talking to each other as they went. It was obvious that each of them had their own intention for going to Church.
In no time they got to church and saw that Chris had already gotten there.
Obed and Mansa were no where to be found.  They had not arrived yet.
They got seated and soon the programme started.
Chris was seated three rows behind Kuu and Mrs Amposah.
The programme line up was shared for the members including the Amposah family.
To Kuu’s surprise,  Mansa was the one to lead the prayers as indicated on the programme line up.
As soon as the praises and worship was over, the church  was completely silent as Obed and Mansa arrived.
Kuu and Mansa’s eye met. She was looking different that evening.
Mansa was looking extremely beautiful. Everyone couldn’t believe the changes Mansa had under gone.
The long dress she wore fit her perfectly. Her dark skin was bright as her ponytail showed how beautiful her neck was.
Everyone was amazed with  her beauty  and elegance, especially Kuu.
Obed had to leave her and go to where the organ was and other instrument were.  Riri the usher directed Mansa to a seat.
She had to sit on a plastic chair cause all the pews were occupied.
It was time for an input, and the minister began delivering.
All of a sudden, the programme got interrupted with a noise from the back.
It came from Mansa,  the plastic chair in which she sat on had gotten broken, making her fall heavily on her back.
Few of the church members rushed to help her.  Obed quickly left the organ and went to her aid, only to find that Mansa was seriously bleeding with blood flowing from the thighs to the legs.
The story has just began.  End of season one.
Watch out of Season 2