"Mansa" season 1 episode 7


“Hey Chris, what are you doing? Kuu asked from Mansa’s entrance. He had returned.
He came to check on her as he usually did only to meet Chris in that state.
Chris came back to himself and lied just to justify himself.
“she has been drinking Kuu” Chris said trying to change the subject.
“what!! you can’t be serious, Mansa doesn’t take in alcohol” Kuu said.
“See for yourself” Chris told Kuu and quickly went out from the room before Kuu could suspect anything.
Kuu went closer to her and realize that there was something different about her that morning.
He looked at her while she was still unconscious. He tried waking her up severally but was no avail. He began getting worried, it was until he splashed water on her before she responded.
Mansa eventually woke up and saw Kuu staring at her. She had a severe headache and Kuu on the other hand gave her aspirin to help calm down her pain.
“But Mansa, what has come over you? Why should you take in alcohol? Kuu asked.
Mansa told him she has not taken in any alcohol but to her surprise Kuu found it difficult to believe her words. This gave her much worry to the extend that she didn’t know how to break the rape incident to him or any other person in the family.
She wondered what to do since she never saw the rapist neither did she see how he entered or exited from the house. There was no sign of force entry, in fact there was no evidence to prove that she had been raped.
Even if Kuu didn’t believe that she had not taken in alcohol, how better will any other person believe in a rape case which had no trace.
Meanwhile, Chris couldn’t get what he felt when he was taking Mansa to her room. Within this short period, he has gain a strong lustful desire for Mansa.
As a man who never gives up, he vowed to himself that he will satisfy his desire at all cost even if it means he has to be nice to Mansa.
That was not really his first time, back in the States he was known to be running after every lady he came across.
His current girlfriend who loved him so much was based in Ghana. Chris have been dating her for the past 5 years even though he did not love her.
He only used her as his “sex toy” because he showered money on her, Asabea his girlfriend thought that indeed Chris loved her.
As a matter of fact, “LOVE” was never in his dictionary. The only thing that kept their relationship that long was that Asabea was very possessive and was not ready to let go off Chris.
Chris’s next project was Mansa. His attitude towards her began changing. Mansa was always surprised of the sudden change of attitude from Chris. He has been caring to her as a brother should.
His attitude towards Mansa gave Mrs. Amposah room to also be nice to her.
Everything was becoming normal, Mansa however was still battling inwardly of her rape case.
She was waiting for the right moment to tell them what really happened to her the night when she was left all alone at home.
On one occasion, Mrs.Amposah and Kuu went out for a church meeting leaving Chris and Mansa alone at home.
Chris got some popcorns for them to enjoy while they sat and watched television.
They were laughing and for a moment, Chris will stare at her lustfully. He needed more time with her alone.
Mansa was a bit tired and fell into a deep sleep on the sofa. Chris on other went closer to her. He was successful in opening her first button, which exposed parts of her bra.
But suddenly, the houseboy opened the door leading to the living room accompanied by Asabea.
Chris was not fast enough, Asabea noticed what he was trying to do instantly.
To be continued tomorrow