Man In Black Episode 61


Now that we know all of that, could you pull up footage for May the sixteenth, please? Three a.m. to be precise.”

Ronald looked at the Frenchman with something he would assume was a quizzical look, seeing as he couldn’t really see the man’s face. Then he walked deeper into the room, and they followed him. There were no video feeds here been watched by anybody, but Chuks could just vaguely make out the flat-panels hung on the walls, about three of them. Ronald pulled out the chair in front of one and sat, while all three of them pulled over any others that weren’t in use. At least, that was what he thought until he smelled Mr dé Crozon’s perfume behind him and realized he was standing.

“When you say May sixteenth, we have hundreds of cameras— ”

“In the building and you want to know which one I want, no? And the time as well. Let me ask this. Is there anywhere on the roof where a person can stand in comfort?”

“Where somebody can stand. . . Yes. The place where the tanks are in,” he said without looking round. “On the longer section.”

“Water tanks, yes? Let us begin there. One forty-five a.m.”

The man had loaded up the system and inputed an administrator password. He clicked certain programs, then brought up a directory with folders arranged by date. He clicked one, highlighted some other folders, and clicked “Open Selected”. 

Black and white footage of the roof appeared. The angle of the camera was pointing down, the lights of the buildings in the background lighting up the roof. Chuks could see one tank by the right, just as Ronald had said. The footage switched to another angle, then another, then another. All of them showed part of the tanks or part of the roof from different angles, but none of them showed anybody.

“Is there anything in particular you are looking for? You can find it faster if you let me know.”

“You said you knew when Ms. Felicia was killed, no?” 

Ronald’s turned from the screen to look at him. “Who?”

“Mrs Felicia Durojaiye,” Kunle said from the man’s left. Chuks was on his right. And he didn’t look too happy to see them there. “The woman whose death we are investigating.” Ronald nodded.

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“Then you know she was shot dead, yes? With a sniper shot, from outside her home. We believe the shot came from here, from the roof. You want to know what we are looking for, yes? We are looking for a person armed with a gun, a long sniper rifle, about as long as this.” He held both hands wide apart.

E tell am? Chuks thought. He had expected Mr dé Crozon to keep what they were looking for a secret, not at all just straight up honesty.

Ronald looked at from Mr dé Crozon, to Kunle. Then at Chuks.

“Sniper. Like the ones they normally show in films? You people are joking, right?”

“This is a police investigation,” dé Crozon said sharply. “A murder investigation. It is not a joke, you understand?”

Mr Ronald looked taken aback. “O–Okay, no problem. But as you can see, there is nothing there.”

“Hmm. No, there is not. You can speed it up, yes?” Ronald hit one key on the keyboard, and a timer in the right-hand corner rolled faster, clearing the minutes from 01:47. The moment it passed two o’clock, dé Crozon tapped the back of Chuks’ chair.

“Not from the roof, then. Let us try something else. Bring up the footage for those rooms occupied as on the same day, the sixteenth.”

“The same May sixteenth?” The man punched in some commands. “Ninety-eight results,” he muttered. “And you want to look through everything?”

“Non. Cross-reference that with those on the second and third floors.”
Ronald turned around again. “How do you know I can do that?”

“You have been working here how long?”

“Over ten years.”

“Then surely you can narrow down our search, yes? Or else that will be a whole decade wasted.”

The man set his jaw and made some clicks with his mouse. “Forty-five results.”

“Okay, cross-reference that with those in the longer section.”

“Twenty-seven results.” The man was firing back replies, perhaps to prove that he knew exactly what he was doing. He couldn’t be happy with the way Mr dé Crozon had ticked him off, but Kunle was very pleased, if the look on his face was anything to go by.