Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 6


‘what are you doing here?’ Ciara asked sternly as she blocked the door with her body to deny him entry.
‘wont you let me in first?’ Peter asked smiling.
‘i see no reason why i should’
‘there’s every reason for you to my dear. I’m your fiance’
Ciara let out a humorless laugh ‘fiance indeed! A fiance that slaps his fiancee. You know what Peter, i’m tired of you, i’m tired of our relationship. And i want out’
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‘guess you didn’t hear me right. I said i want out. I’m no longer interested in this d–n relationship anymore’
Peter took a step back, and blinked twice ‘you didn’t just say that right Ciara? I’m hallucinating, aren’t i?’
‘you really are hallucinating. Because if you are not, you would have realised from the time i opened this door that you are not welcome here and you would have left already’
‘i mean, the break up part. Did you say you are gonna break up with me?’
‘with immediate effect’ Ciara spoke as a matter of factly ‘infact, i didnt say i’m going to break up with you because i’ve already broken up with you. The both of us are no longer an item. So will you leave or do you love the quietness out here?’
‘Ciara you cant break up with me’
‘says who? Peter Martins? The son of the president of America? The son of Bill gates or the son of Dangote, which one?’
‘the two of us can never break up Ciara’ Peter said clenching his fists. Ciara will never break up with him. She was his. And his alone. He wasn’t going to let their relationship end this way. Its going to bring shame to him and his family. The morale that was attached to him as the one dating the celebrity daughter of a rich man was going to go down and his friends will no longer respect him. Never! Its never going to happen.
Ciara loved him, he knew. So there’s no ending this relationship, and if there’s another man somewhere else, heaven knows he’s going to crush this man.
‘now you are getting me angry Peter and i don’t really want to get angry because i might be forced to take a very drastic decision, one i might regret’ Ciara warned sternly.
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He quickly grabbed her and crushed his lips against hers. Slowly taking her breath away.
She protested, squirming underneath him at first. But then she surrendered to him, wrapped her hands around his neck returning the kiss with full vigor.
Soon he was pushing her inside and kicked the door with his left leg. They headed to the sofa tearing each others clothes away.
This is wrong! This is wrong! Just one more kiss. Just one more kiss. Ciara kept telling herself as she practically tore his singlet from his body.
Soon his lips were on her n—–s, sucking and pinching them. Ciara moaned softly.
He came back for a kiss and she returned it
Then he gently laid her down on the sofa and mounted her, and soon he was pounding away with full vigor.
‘i cant believe we did this’ Ciara said in anger as she wore her clothes ‘how dare you treat me like a w—e Peter, how dare you?’
‘baby you enjoyed it. You were moaning and groaning in ecstacy, even encouraging me to go deeper and faster, remember?’
‘oh shut up you animal, disgusting fellow!’
Peter grinned from ear to ear ‘you enjoyed it. And i enjoyed it too. Thats why Ciara, we cant ever break up, never! Because we cant live without each other’ He blew her a kiss.
Ciara was disgusted and disappointed. Disgusted of the fact that Peter was actually insinuating that she couldnt live without him. And disappointed at the fact that she actually surrendered herself to him so shamelessly and cheaply.
If her dad should find out about this, he would be disappointed. He had sternly warned her to abstain from premarital s-x for it was against God’s commandments. She had promised to abstain from it but now….Peter had made her break her promise. How was she to face her dad after this?
‘i hate you Peter and we are never ever going to work, bet me!’ with that she ran inside her room, banging the door hard.
Abraham sipped from his beer ‘this is really wierd Tommy. Its obivous Sampson and his family has been abducted’
‘i’ve been praying and fasting for seven days now. I’m sure Sampson and his family will return safely, by God’s grace no harm shall come to them’
Abraham rolled his eyes angrily ‘seriously Tommy, this your christian attitude is really pissing me off. Everytime, i’m praying and fasting. You’ve been praying and fasting yet Sampson and his children are yet to be found’
‘calm down my friend and trust in God. For he the doer of all things. God allowed this to happen for a reason and he who allowed it to happen for a reason will surely rescue them’ he sipped from his glass of non alcoholic wine.
Abraham sighed, not wanting to push the matter. Then his eyes went around the bar, it was a quiet bar for matured people, no music, no prostitutes, just decent.
Then his eyes met someone’s.
He froze.
No, cant be! The dead could not come back to life.
He tapped Tommy and pointed towards the direction.
Tommy gasped ‘Ade’
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To be continued…….