Love And Revenge Season 2 Final  Episode 42


Lex looked at Ciara, his heart pounding seriously…he had to do this…he had to let her know before she heard it somewhere else…he prayed she understood and forgives him. He had used her…somehow.

‘Ciara, i….’ he paused and scanned her face…her beautiful lips curved inquisitively ‘i’m sorry, i used you’ He had to let it out…he coughed slightly as she drew back.
‘i dont understand….used me as in?’
‘my parents were murdered at a tender age…i clearly remember that day…it was the eve of my birthday…so i wanted to let my father know the gift he was going to give me…’ he paused and looked at her face and what he saw there was an and-what-has-that-got-to-do-with-this kind of look. He continued nevertheless.
‘i was approaching his room when i heard voices from the sitting room so i tiptoed towards there…Ciara, i’m going to tell u everything so listen carefully….’
‘what?! You mean my dad and his friends murdered your entire family? What nonsense are u sprouting right now?’ Ciara screamed ‘are u out of your mind?’
‘yes Ciara…Sampson even admitted to it…i was behind the abduction of his entire family’
‘your father murdered my family…i saw him with my own eyes the day my parents were killed…i only got closer to you so i could get him through u…but Ciara, when i met u…i decided to be with u not just for revenge but because i knew i needed to be with u….because ….because i love u…’
‘u used me?’
‘i really love u Ciara…believe me i really do…i stayed by your side during your times of trials…’
‘then…u’re d one who murdered my father?’
‘no, Ciara, no….i swear it! It wasnt me…i accept that i always had the intention of murdering your father simply because he murdered mine…but at a time, i dropped the revenge and that thought….all because of u Ciara’
‘if u didnt murder my father…then who did?!’ Ciara asked in a raised voice…
‘Sandra and i were in the this together…she hated your father too because he not only murdered her parents but raped her at a very tender age as well…’
‘what?!’ Ciara covered her mouth with her palms….she wouldnt have believed Lex if she hadnt seen her father’s diary few days ago….stating the names of all the families he destroyed and his reason for doing so…she never thought her father was such a horrible person…but it was written there in his own handwriting and it had his signature beneath it.
‘whats ur father’s name?’ she calmly asked as tears ran down her cheeks….she had clearly memorised the names of the people he wrote there.
‘Ajayi Raymond Johnson’ Lex gently said with fidgety palms hoping silently that Ciara was going to forgive…suddenly Ciara bursted out crying.
‘Lex, i’m so sorry….i’m so sorry for everything…’ she was weeping now ‘i saw it…i saw his diary and i read it…he wrote the names of the people he killed…and your father’s name was amongst them…i never realised…i swore i wasnt going to tell anyone about it…i wasnt going to tell anyone how horrible a person my father was…i’m terrible sorry’
‘oh no! Ciara, u shouldnt…your father committed those attrocities and not u’ he took her in his arms…glad that she easily believed him.
Ciara’s heart pounded as she relaxed on his chest.
They were like that for few minutes until Lex said ‘i meant what i said Ciara, when i said i loved u….i love u Ciara and i’ll love to start a future with u…’
Ciara remained quiet, her heart pounding.
‘i know this is the wrong time, and i know we were never into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship…but trust me when i said i dated u Ciara…i know the things u love and the things u dont…i know u even more that the way u know yourself…and i’m hundred percent sure that you’re the best for me…i love u wholeheartedly Ciara…i’ve never loved anyone the way i love u…i never loved Ann the way i love u..i’m not going to ask u out…i’m going to ask u to marry me…’ he swallowed and produced a ring from his pocket.
Ciara raised up her head and looked at him.
He opened the box ‘will u be my wife…the mother of my kids…Ciara Anderson?’

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‘seriously…what are u men gossiping about?’ Fiona asked as she and Ciara walked into the sitting room ‘dont tell me u were both gossiping your wives’

‘not really…’ Lex said as Ciara gently lowered herself on him and he kissed her protuding stomach.

Fiona sat by her husband’s side as he rubbed her stomach ‘how’s my baby doing?’

‘your baby is kicking just fine honey! Where’s Emmy?’ she asked.

‘over here!’ Emmy stood by the door smiling….she rushed to Ciara’s side ‘hi aunt Ciara…your stomach gets bigger everyday…are you sure the baby wont be as big as i am when its finally born?’

‘hahahahaha’ everyone laughed.

Ciara dragged her to her side ‘wont u be glad if the baby is as big as you are…you’ll have an agemate overnight…’

‘thats good…and i’ll name her Pearl…’

‘and what makes u think its going to be a girl?’

‘because i feel it…’ she said grinning toothily.

‘Emmy…wont u say hi to your mummy? You no longer love ur mum anymore..u care more abt ur aunt than u actually care for me’ Fiona pouted.

‘are u jealous?’ Ciara snapped playfully

‘yes i am because she’s my daughter!’ Fiona replied.

Emmy went to her side and pecked her ‘i love u mummy…i love u too daddy’

‘i love u more my princess…my Emerald…’ Ogba said playfully pinching Emmy’s cheeks.

‘uhm…where’s Anita?’ Ciara rolled her eyes.

Anita wheeled herself into the sitting room smiling broadly…she had come back from India exclusively for her sister’s wedding.

‘Ani..’ Ciara smiled ‘lets go home now Lex, i’m really tired’

‘oh yes, lets go!’ Lex said helping his pregnant wife up…Ogba also helped Fiona up.

‘so soon? Let me prepare something for u guys…’ Fiona grumbled

‘maybe some other time dear…’ Ciara said going for a hug ‘we need to go home’

‘alright …’ Ogba said shaking hands with Lex.

Ciara went behind Anita’s wheelchair.

‘can i come with u guys? I want to spend the weekend there…some of my clothes are there already…’ Emmy pouted.

Ciara smiled and carried her ‘yes..lets go…dont bother taking permission from mummy’

‘hey! Drop my daughter…dont even think of stealing her from me’ Fiona smiled.

‘whatever dhoor!’ Ciara said.

They all laughed as they all went out….


I’m so grateful to all those who read my story…it was because of u that this story became a success and a hit…

I appreciate and love u all…even the ghost reader, i thank u for reading thereby increasing the views…i really appreciate….i might take a yr or two off from storywriting…but by the time i return, i promise to return with a blockbuster…i love u all

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