Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 39


Lex threw the phone on the bed and cursed raking a hand through his hair.
Chuks dropped his phone and looked at his friend ‘dude, whats wrong?’
‘its Ann! The fu.cking girl isnt picking up…she thinks i’m sleeping with her mother, can u imagine?’
‘what?! What abt such a conclusion?’
‘i dont know…i dont even know how she was able to deduce such a crazy idea…simply because she saw her mother and i in an embrace’
‘it cant just be that alone. Maybe something else happened for her to think that way. By the way, you hugged the mother when you are angry at her?’
‘i am not angry at her…at least, not anymore’
‘really? How amazing…i dont even believe you’re still going to marry her daughter after she killed your parents’
‘everyone makes mistakes Chuks, everyone has a dirty past…look at me, i was once a drug baron, i made my money from the sale of cocaine and other hard drugs…that was my past and i’m a new person now. Everyone deserves a second chance and she’s no exemption’
‘really now? If everyone deserves a second chance then i bet Tommy Anderson and his likes also deserve a second chance’
‘those pple are different…they are unrepentant…they still go around messing pple’s lives and they deserve to be mercilessly dealt with’
‘but Ann’s mother is repentant?’

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‘yes…she’s atoned for her sins..she’s working for God now’
‘oh plss Lex, spare me that crab…every fuckup deserves to be treated…even the bible states that the wages of sin is death…f–k repentance and “working for God” as you put it’
Lex sat down and poured himself a cup of scotch ‘i’m nt ready to hurt that woman really…she’s such a sweet woman who did everything she did out of frustration and loneliness. She’s apologised and she’s ready to do anything to pay for her sins…to err is to human and to forgive is divine’
‘i guess this is what u get when u are engaged to a pastor’s daughter right…you now quote the bible…anyway Lex, you have ur problems and i have mine. Have u been able to reach Lillian lately?’
‘Lillian? No…what happened?’
‘i’ve been trying her number and it isnt reachable…you dont think anything bad has happened to her right?’
‘wow, wow, wow. Now my friend is concerned abt her…tell me Chuks, are u still in love with her?’
‘oh please Lex, spare me that…i’m not in love with her. I just like her and i feel that she’s the best woman for me, nothing more, nothing less’
‘its so unfair…that woman loves u to nothing…’
‘the way Ann loves u and u dont love her…Lex, i think we are both alike, we are not cut out for love, we are just forced to remain with the women who loves us because they happen to be the best women for us’
Lex’s phone rang that instant and it was Ciara. He hesitated before picking up…lately, he had decided that avoiding her was the best way to kill his growing feelings for her.
He didnt pick at first…but when she called a second time and Chuks shot him a questioning look, he immediately picked.
She was crying ‘Lex…Lex…my father is….my father is dead!’
Lex sat beside Ciara as she wept…she was yet to tell him how her father had actually died but he had seen his covered corpse at the garage of the compound.
Seeing Ciara weep broke his heart, he could never wish to see her in pains…quitting the revenge was because of Ann but it was also because of Ciara, because she loved her father so much and his death was going to hit her real bad.
Liz rushed into the room, her heels clicking on the tiles…she ran to her friend sparing Lex an acknowledging glance ‘Ciara, how did it happen?’
‘they shot him…cops came over to this place to have him arrested and he went with them…i was following suit in my car when suddenly, they parked by the corner of a road, i stopped too and came down from my car, as i was heading towards the car, there was a…there was a loud gunshot and i stopped in fear wondering what was happening…then they opened the back door and pushed my dad out of it and drove off…by the time i got to him, he was already stiff and covered with blood….’ her sobbing prevented her from speaking further.
Lex covered his face with his palms…he was very sure the IG and Chief Eli were responsible for this….or could it be someone else? No, if he was murdered by the cops, then it was either the IG sent them or someone else had them disguise as cops to have him arrested and killed.
But the IG and Chief Eli were major suspects.
He was going to speak to Chuks about this, they needed to find who was responsible, not that he was going to do anything about it, he just wanted to know who else wanted Tommy Anderson dead, well he deserved death, wicked soul! He thought and rolled his eyes.
‘my father was such a good man, he would never do anything to hurt anybody, why will anyone want to kill him, what has he done to deserve it?’ Ciara sobbed.
Lex and Liz’s eyes met and he quickly looked away, he understood the look in her eyes and he found it very funny, the look on Liz’s eyes had clearly spelt “good man indeed”

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‘Ciara, u have to calm down’ he said wrapping his hands around ‘we wont stop until we get to the root of his death’
Liz’s eyes met his again and this time she was the one to look away giving him the “i pray oo” look.
He had to bit his lip to stop him from laughing…Ciara’s sobs subsided as she relaxed her head on his shoulders.
‘open your legs you stupid woman!’
Fiona screamed and screamed as Ogba forcefully tore her clothes, yanking her legs apart.
‘Ogba, pls…i’m ovulating, i’m not safe…pls…at least use a condom!’ She begged.
‘shut up!’ he sent a punch to her face and she cried in pain. He brought out a gun ‘one more word from u and i’ll kill you right here now, how dare u deny me of your beautiful body when i own it’ his palms caressed her bare b—–s roughly as he forcefully plunged into her. He laughed as she screamed in pain.
Ann took her seat at her favourite spot in the bar, a bottle of Heineken and a packet of cigarette in front of her. She had vowed never to taste cigarette again but she needed something to take off her mind from the pains she was currently going through.
She wiped the tears in her eyes, she wasnt going to cry again, they didnt deserve her tears.
She looked up to see Chidera heading towards her, she broadened her smile and instantly felt guilty, she never visited him at the hospital again and was equally surprised to see he was working again…and he hadnt even bothered to call her.
‘so…i’ve noticed u only come here whenevr u are going through a tough time…care to share…’ he drew a chair and sat directly on the chair, his smile not leaving his face.
She smiled ‘Chidera, long time, i’m very sorry…for not visiting you at the hospital again or even calling you, i just got back into the country, i went to Beijing for something’ She lied stylishly raking a hand through his hair.
‘i understand…u tried for me and i wasnt really expecting more…i’ve been searching for u…i wanted to thank u for everything Ann…you thought me alot of things…you thought me how to love and love with all my heart without expecting anything in return…i’m not asking u for anything…just invite me for ur wedding okay?’ His eyes went to her finger.
Ann looked at it and subconciously removed it remembering the betrayal again, she loves Lex, yes…but was she ready to marry a man who was having an affair with her own mother and how was sure was she that they wont continue having the affair even after they got married. Could she be in that type of marriage? Never!
She placed her fingers on the table and carefully removed the ring and flung it away, picked up her purse and ran out of the bar.