Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 40


Fiona tried as much as she could to put her tears under control but they kept flowing nonstop even as she applied make up on her face. She looked back at the monster who laid sprawled on the bed, even in his sleep, he still looked adorable…she tried to stop herself from admiring his shirtless body but she couldnt…Ogba was the most handsome man she had ever had the opportunity of setting her eyes on…but as handsome as he was, he was the most wicked man she had ever come in contact with.
The memories of the previous night came to her head and she cringed…Ogba had raped her…not that it was the first time he had done that but it was different this time around…very different. He had gave her several punches and called her insulting names ranging from dirty slu.t,, bi.tch, fuc.kpot and the likes of them.
She stood up and walked towards the bed….after everything this man did to her, after all the wickedness meted to her by him, she still found it surprising that she loved him. Despite everything, he was the only man that made her heart thump, that gave her butterflies whenever he smiled…Emmy was a complete replica of her father…though she still resembled her a little and she took her brother’s eyes.
She smiled as she remembered Lex, her elder brother…she might have been three years old when he died but she would never forget him. She and Lex had been so close to the extent that whenever one of them becomes sick, the other becomes sick almost immediately.
Though some of the memories she had shared with him were fading little by little due to her being young by the time he passed away, she could still remember some of the wonderful times they spent together. She missed Geraldine, her elder sister too…harsh and loving at the same time.

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She tiptoed to where she kept her handbag and was about leaving when her eyes caught his briefcase. She instantly had the urge to check its content.
She gently placed it on the floor, gentle enough not to wake him up, thank goodness he was a deep sleeper.
She saw bundles of dollar notes..she pushed them aside knowing he always hid important documents beneath them having being his trusted employee for years…she saw many drug business related files, she pushed them aside…she didnt know why she kept ransacking the briefcase but she felt she was going to find a lead if she kept finding.
She quietly arranged the files the same way he had arranged them, then her eyes caught another file, and it was written in bold letters.
She became curious…what was her brother’s name doing there?
She opened it and saw the picture of herself and her brother when they were younger…she wondered how Ogba got it.
She flipped the next page, she saw his present picture and that of a familiar face…this was Annabel’s cousin…what was his face doing here? She wondered.
She saw underneath the picture…Lex Olajide Johnson…she gasped…no!
She quickly turned the picture of the younger Lex and looked at the older Lex…they looked so alike…Lex wasnt Annabel’s cousin…because she had overheard Ann talking over the phone telling him she loved him with all her heart.
She also remembered Ann’s stiffness when the helper had come to announce that someone going by the name Lex Johnson had come to see her.
She also remembered Ann’s slip on their first day of their encounter…she also remembered overhearing Ann tell Emmy one day that she had her uncle’s eyes.
And Pokili Popili…that name was given to her by Lex…how did Annabel know about it?
Her wish to be a doctor…how did Ann know abt it?
She couldnt believe it…her brother was alive all this while and she didnt know about it…to think that Ann was even aware of it hurts even more and she never knew about…
She heard Ogba stir and turn and she quickly put the file inside her handbag and headed out of the room quietly….she was going to find her brother…and she was going to give Ann a piece of her mind.
‘where is that bi.tch! Come out! Come out now!’
Ann looked up from the efizxxy magazine in her hand. She wondered who Fiona was referring to…she looked very angry and capable of killing anyone. Fiona walked up to her and gave her a resounding slap ‘how dare u! How dare u!’
Ann was momentarily dumb by the slap.
Fiona dragged her to her feet and held her hair tightly ‘how dare u! How dare u hide such and important detail from me! How dare u? What kind of a friend are you??’
‘ouch! That hurts….Fiona, let go of my hair!’
‘so u knew my brother was still alive and healthy and you hid it for me right? Why? Why? What do u stand to gain?’
‘i dont understand!’ Ann replied gaining her strength back and pushing Fiona so hard she staggered backwards.
Fiona advanced towards her menancingly, her fists curled as she threw a punch towards Annabel but she dodged…she threw yet another and she dodged again.
‘stay away from me!’ Annabel screamed kicking Fiona’s left leg…she fell to the ground and stood up almost immediately….and sent a blow to Ann’s body which touched her left cheek so hard she fell to the ground…Fiona seized that opportunity…sat on top of her and raining blows on her cheeks…her screams attracted Jovita who ran out immediately.
She dragged Fiona from her daughter ‘Fiona! Whats wrong with you?’ she faced Ann who struggled to get on her knees, her face bruised, she held Fiona’s dress and tore it into two.
Jovita rushed and held her daughter.
‘leave me alone! Let me kill this idiot! How dare she come to my house to beat me up? Who the hell does she think she is? This cheap s–t who has slept with many men to survive…who are u? Prostitute!’
Fiona’s face dropped…telling Annabel her secret was the biggest mistake she ever made…she should have known better.
‘i’ll beat u and even worse! How dare u hide my brother from me, you wench! Idiot! You knew my brother was alive and you didnt even tell me…you tried to hide it from me…and i bet he doesnt know about me too…why are you this evil!!’
‘i dont understand…whats going on here?’ Jovita said standing in the middle looking at both Fiona and Ann.
‘ask her! I was just here reading my magazine and the next thing, this foolish idiot! This prostitute whose legs are very wide…look, stay away from me! Your brother is dead! You told me yourself….’
‘liar! Mama,’ she faced Jovita ‘please, is there anyone named Lex Johnson in your family?’
‘uh…that will be my daughter’s fiance’ Jovita said.
‘thank u! Wait, i have something to show u!’ she picked up her handbag from the floor and brought out the file.
She flipped to where her brother’s details were kept.
‘it says here that Lex Olujide Johnson is engaged to Annabel Kosisochukwu Mary Rowlands…who’s that? Now dont tell me there is another Kosisochukwu Mary in….’
‘so? Yes i’m engaged to Lex Johnson! So bloody what?’
‘you are a demon…you are a very heartless woman and i pity the man that ends up with u…..because he will live to regret it for the rest of his life…where’s Emmy? Where’s my child? Bring her to me because she’s equally not safe with u…u can kill Annabel! You knew abt his existence all this while and you didnt deem it fit all this while…and dont u dare tell me you didnt know about the connection between the both of us because you said it yourself one day…the first day we met but u made it look like it was a slip! I found out! I found out Annabel because nothing is hidden under the sun forever…how could you be so heartless and wicked…’
‘Fiona…’ Ann tried talking.
‘dont! Dont! You know what? Thank you for everything…for everything…’ tears were streaming down her eyes ‘and thanks for reminding me that i am a prostitute who’s slept with so many men in order to survive…God bless you! Where is my daughter? Give me my daughter! You will never see or my daughter ever again! I will find my brother and i’ll see him, idiot!’
‘Lex Johnson will not accept you!’ Ann snapped.
‘he’s my brother!’
‘what is happening here?’ They all turned to see who that was.
Ann’s mouth flew open ‘Lex!’


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