Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 38


‘ahh’ Lex said bringing the spoon to her lips…she quickly opened her mouth and he fed her with the rice.
‘seriously boo, this is so delicious, who thought you how to cook?’ she asked smiling.
‘i learnt it from u remember…besides i always watched my mother years ago. By the way, how’s your mother?’
Ann immediately frowned ‘why do u ask?’
‘she’s my mother-inlaw to be and why the frown? Last time i checked, i know i should worry about her welfare’
‘i just dont get why you always ask about her everytime…its getting suspicious. I wouldnt have worried if its just u asking abt her but but her stiffness as the mention of your name is equally very suspicious and i dont like it…i’m very serious’
‘Ann, what are u talking about?’
‘i dont like it, simple! I’ve warned my mother and i’m equally warning you too, if i find something…if i found out something is cooking between you and my mother, it’d better stop before i find out because i wont let it slide if i find out myself’
Lex drew back ‘this is serious…are u possibly thinking that your mother and i…are…’
‘i didnt say such…its just a warning because i’m not going to share you with anyone else, u know that yourself, you know how much i’ve sacrificed for this relationship and i wont let it pass just like that without a fight’
‘i just dont understand…who’s fighting with each other here?’
‘Lex please!’ she snapped ‘dont prolong this issue…i am just saying that whatever is cooking between you and my mum should stop, i didnt say anything exceeding that’
‘whats cooking? S-x?’
‘i dont know…’
‘Ann, how could you be so ridiculous!’ Lex said unbelievably…he couldnt believe his ears…how could Ann say think about her mother?
‘how can u think i’m having s-x with your mother…ur own mother! First of all, she’s a married woman and would not commit adultery and secondly, she’s a pastor’s wife, a pastor herself and thirdly she wouldnt sleep with someone old enof to be her son and most of all, her daughter’s fiance!’ he was very angry with Ann, he thought she had changed.
‘listen and listen to me very good Lex, i dont care about your outburst or whatever, u’ve betrayed me before and i equally know about my mother’s promiscous lifestyle before she met and married my dad, with her everything is possible…forget about the fact that she’s a married woman or a pastor’s wife or even a pastor herself! I do not trust my mother and most especially, i do not trust you!’
‘Get out Ann!’
‘Get out this instant before i do something i’m going to regret again’
‘Lex, are you asking me to leave?’
‘exactly! Get out before i throw you out!’
‘i will show you…you think you are smart…i will prove to you that there’s something between  u and my mother!’ she picked up her purse and stormed out.
‘i’m so sorry, i dont know how to redeem myself of the sins i committed in the past…i thought giving my life to christ and working for him could make things right but apparently i was wrong, i didnt think of the people who could be suffering for my mistakes…a big mistake on my part!’ Jovita wept.
Lex closed his eyes. It wasnt easy…he thought of his mother’s screams that night and how he had managed to jump throught the window before the fire got to where he was. He thought of his father’s pleas.
Could he forgive her? Could he get married to the wife of his family’s murderer? He thought of Geraldine, Fiona and Martins, his siblings. They were all gone and it was because of this woman’s callousness.
He tightened his eyes until he felt Jovita’s palms on his legs…he opened his eyes and found her on her knees weeping in front of him crying her eyes out.
‘i’ll never be able to redeem myself never! And i wont be able to bring back the lives that were lost due to my mistakes and foolishness…pls forgive me…do not break up with my daughter because of it…do not let my daughter suffer for my mistakes, pls…i beg u!’
Lex couldnt say a word, instead he reached for her and embraced her.
Jovita sobbed and relaxed her head on his shoulder…they were like that for minutes before someone clapped behind them.
They both turned to see Ann standing there with a smirk of victory on her face.
‘Ann, i can explain’ Lex said getting on his feet and moving towards her.
She sent a slap across his face almost immediately ‘dont u dare explain…because what i saw doesnt need any explanation…’ She moved towards her mother.
‘and u! I would have slapped you, had u not been my mother. How can u be having an affair with your daughter’s fiance? What kind of a mother are u? Y cant u remain with ur husband? Why!’
‘Ann…i can explain…its not what you think…’ Jovita tried explaining as tears poured down her cheeks.
‘dont!’ Ann raised her hands in disgust ‘i warned you…i told you that i would never forgive you if i find out something…i warned you to stop whatever was going on btw the two of u before i found out! I suspected it…i suspected that there was something brewing between the both of u, but u never admitted to it…you both stabbed me in the back!’
‘its really not what you think…’ Jovita tried saying.
‘save it…i dont need it…’ she faced Lex ‘and u! U…Lex, i thought you’ve changed? Even if u needed release, why do it with my mum? My own mother, someone else’s wife, how could u be so callous and stupid?! How? How wicked can you be? What have i ever done to you Lex? I’ve sacrificed so much for u and i dont deserve this much betrayal….yes, i know i slept with ur best friend so i betrayed you too, but did you have to do it with my mother?’
‘Ann, stop saying nonsense! You have no idea whats going on so you have no right to conclude’ Lex fumed.
‘oh yes! I have no right to conclude because i have no idea whats going on….maybe i dont have an idea but my eyes arent blind one bit….i can see…and what i just saw is in no way related to mother-inlaw-son-inlaw…relationship, God dammit!’
‘something happened…why do i even need to explain to you when you wouldnt even listen?’
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‘yes…instead of an apology which i dont even need, this is what you should say to me, i appreciate, thank u….’ She directed her gaze to her weeping mother ‘and u mother, thank u…thank u so much! For bringing me into this world and sleeping with my fiance, i’m very grateful…u did a very awesome job! But listen to me, daddy must hear this…even Blessing and Jeffery…mark my words!’ She spared Lex one more glance and hurried out of the room in tears.
She got into her car and rested her head on the steering…the tears were in her eyes but they didnt drop. She was so heartbroken and the only thing on her mind was suicide. What was the point living when even ur own mother could betray u?
She was right never to have trusted her mother and Lex. Her hunches were always right.
She had woken up from bed this morning and had gone round the house looking for her mother but she was nowhere to be found….she had tried Lex’s number but he wasnt picking and she suddenly felt suspicious…she had hurriedly dressed up and had dropped Emmy off at school before rushing down to Lex’s house. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw her mother’s car parked in his compound.
‘mother why?’
‘calm down Ciara, i’ll go with them’ Tommy said to his angry daughter who was charging at the angry looking cops.
‘no dad….u’re not going to go with them because u havent committed any crime!’ she fumed…
‘no my dear…i will go with them to the station, just help me call Barr Dike…come with him to the station’
‘but daddy…what wrong have u committed?’
‘i will know when i get to the station’ he said stretching out his hands to be handcuffed…
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