Kumkum Bhagya Episode 388(Wednesday 28th December) 


 Today’s #kumkumonadomtv,Dadi sees Tanu walking towards Abhi’s room and she asks Rony to stop her. Rony does as asked and manages to stop Tanu. 

Meanwhile, Pragya is still unbale to get any clue about the person who is helping Alia to kill her. She decides to ask Tannu about this person. Abhi reaches Tanu’s room and sees her packing her belongings. 

She expresses her disappointment towards him for not marrying her and he explains to her that he does not love her. But he adds that after seven days, he will complete all the marriage rituals with her. 

Tanu is extremely happy to hear this and starts dreaming of her life with him. Pragya is surprised when she sees Abhi collecting all the things that remind him of her. When asked what he is doing, Abhi informs that he has made up his mind to get her away from his life and his thoughts.

 Pragya feels bad hearing this and is reminded of her earlier days with him. Meanwhile, Rony sees Tannu speaking on the phone with someone. He passes the information to Pragya and she goes to check Tannu’s phone. 

Later, Abhi shares his feelings towards Pragya with Purabh and Purabh tries to console his friend. Pragya by now, goes after Tannu to find out whom she is about to meet. 

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