Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 22


you cheat! Pick up the card u threw on the floor immediately’ Ciara laughed.
‘which card?’ he frowned trying to be genuine as he looked around ‘i didnt throw any game on the floor oo’
‘my friend, dont play with me. You threw three 14 on the floor and u’re telling me…..infact wait! I’ll pick it for you’ She catwalked to where he sat and picked them up ‘whats this? Is this your grandmother’s left ear? Eh?’ She said playfully pinching his ears.
‘oh stop that, its hurts really’ Lex winced.
‘ojoro master, plus your ojoro minus your ojoro, i still win you’ She pinched him even more.
Lex turned around, grabbed her hands and pulled her to him till she was sitting comfortably on his laps, their faces inches apart that she could feel his breath, his hands on her exposed laps.
What was he doing? Her breathe was coming in short gasps now, she shifted uncomfortably on his laps and looked away, his piercing gaze doing things to her.
He placed his hand under her jaw and raised her face to his with a small smile on his face ‘do we play again? I assure you, i’ll emerge the winner this time around…..’ he licked his lips seductively as if knowing very well that her body was screaming for some vulgar things right now.
She looked down again and toyed with her finger.
He raised her face again and this time his face was etched with worry ‘whats wrong Ciara?’
‘huh? I….i….nothing….nothing’ She forced a smile.
‘are you sure?’
‘yes’ she faked a smile, then tried to stand up, but Lex’s firm grip on her waist didnt let her. She looked at him confusedly.
She saw something in his eyes but she couldnt place it. It wasnt lust…..but it was filled with passion, what could it be?
‘what is it about you Ciara? What is it about you that always make my heart skip a beat whenever i’m around you?’
He tilted his head closer to hers ‘what have you done to me? What spell did you cast on me Ciara Anderson? What have you given to me?’ His voice sounded desperate.
Ciara tilted her head backwards ‘i…i….dont understand’
Lex shoved his hand behind her hair and brought her head close again, he wasnt thinking straight any longer ‘you’ve charmed me. You’ve bewitched me Ciara……but i think i like the fact that you’ve bewitched me’ And with that he covered his lips with hers.
Fiona looked around panting heavily. Cant be….where could Emmy have run off to and where were the other kids? She felt guilty. If she hadnt paid full attention to Anabel then she would have known what was going on around Emmy too.
She was a bad mother, she knew but she loved her daughter. She loved her daughter so much though she might not show it.
Tears formed a pool in her eyes as she shot a glance at Anabel. She was shocked. Anabel was crying and running around as if she had lost all her children. She was shouting Emmy’s name while crying at the same time, one would probably think she was the mother of Emmy.
‘isnt this what mothers are supposed to do?’ she thought as she fell to the ground… a tear ran down her cheek. Her first tears since five years
The IG looked from the angry Eli Abiodun, to the nervous and shaken Tommy Anderson. This was surprising. How could two powerful men in the society be involved in this mess?
He always knew Tommy Anderson to be ruthless and in the past he had been paid handsomely to cover up some of dirty deals including murder cases. And he knew setting Eliboards’ warehouse was something Tommy Anderson could do and even more. That wasnt a surprise. What was a surprise was that Eli….his twin brother had also stooped so low to fight him….in public for that matter…..injuring five people and killing two.
The president had heard of the matter and had told him to singlehandedly investigate the case and make sure one of them is taken to court. The guilty one must be imprisoned while the not so guilty one would be made to pay a fine.
Now from his experience as a police officer, he knew very well that his brother stood the chance of going to jail for he had killed two and injured five….and he was also responsible…..or so he heard….for Tommy Anderson’s warehouse being bombed…..but he was going to do anything for his brother. Eli wasnt stepping into prison…..Tommy Anderson was the one who deserved to be there coupled with all the crimes he had committed so many years ago…..and luckily, he still had some of their documented shady deals….he didnt get rid of them as Tommy Anderson had warned….or rather adviced earlier on and he was so happy about that.
‘Tommy Anderson….the time has come where you reap what you sow’
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‘what is wrong with you Ruth, havent you done enough already? Its enough that you caused Ciara to be banned from acting so stop all this act of yours……’
‘what? What did you just say Liz?’ Ruth cut in ‘did you just say that i caused Ciara to be banned from acting? Do you even know what you are saying? Who was the one who got stabbed? Who was the one who was admitted in a hospital for a week plus? What the heck are you saying? Ciara got banned simply because she did something wrong and she deserved that punishment and even more. She tried to kill me! What if i had died? I’m the victim here but i dont know why you’re making me look like the villian! God! You and your stupid friend makes me sick!’ She turned to leave.
‘fine…..’ Lizzy said releasing a breathe she didnt know she’s been holding ‘i know….you’re the victim…..i know Ciara’s the one who’s wrong here and she deserves to be banned but…..but….i’m pretty sure you were happy at the outcome….that is… were happy she was banned….because you’ve always envied her popularity and acting skills and beauty…..i……’
‘wait, wait wait. I didnt hear you right, did i? Because i’m not the lease envious of her. Who the hell is she anyway? Is she Cynthia Morgan or what? Is she Genevieve Nnaji? Is she Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade…….’
‘but she’s Ciara Anderson! Ruth, i’m doing this for her….and for you too. On behalf of Ciara, i apologise for everything you’ve gone through, all the pains you went through i apologise…..Ciara has been through alot…..she’s never been herself…..and it took the help of a counsellor for her to recover herself….even though she does not say it…..she’s sorry. She’s very sorry for everything……’
Ruth was silent for a while….then she chuckled and went closer to Lizzy ‘are you her spokesman? You know Liz, you’re crazy….you’re very crazy…..but do you know what you just did now? You’ve just pacified my anger….fine! I’ll stay away from Ciara but that doesnt mean i’ve forgiven her. As far as i live Liz…..i’ll never forgive Ciara Anderson for what she has done!’ She turned and left.
She hadnt forgiven Ciara, she would never but she was ready to let bygones be bygones. Afterall, she got what she wanted…..Ciara Anderson had stepped down….now it was her time to shine…..She laughed heartily as she opened the door to her Toyota Spider……she needed to change this car really…..she wanted a range rover for herself just like Ciara…..She wanted everything Ciara Anderson had and even more…..
She picked up her phone and dialled a number, it was picked at the third ring ‘Alhaji Alhaji… love i’m fine….yes i’m on my way already….have you spoken to that movie director i told you about… really should….i need to get the lead role in that movie….oh thanks Alhaji….thats why i love you….what about my car….the range you promised to get me…alright honey…..i’ll see you later….i love you too….bye’
She hung up feeling happy. She was going to show Ciara that she could excel in her acting career and even do better than her.
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Ann couldnt stop the tears from pouring. Where could Emmy have gone to? She wished nothing would happen to that beautiful and bright kid. She really loved that child. If it was because she was Lex’s nephew, she didnt know.
She turned back and saw Fiona, sitting on the floor, with a faraway look in her eyes and she wondered the kind of mother she was. She opened her handbag and brought out her phone. Only one person could help at a time like this.
She felt anxious at calling him but she had no other choice. Heck! She wasnt in control of her mind and her body.
It rang and her heart skipped a beat. She didnt know what to expect.
‘hell….helllo?’ he sounded out of breathe but it was definitely his voice.
She opened her mouth to say something but no words came out.
‘hello? Who’s on the line?’ his voice sounded desperate this time, almost as if he was doing something and was desperate about going back to what she interrupted.
‘i…..its me’
It started slowly at first….but they were soon tearing at each other’s clothes, their tongues fighting a battle of supremacy as they practically ate each other out.
For Ciara, it was blissful. She had kissed so many guys….up to hundred if she wasnt exaggerating, the old, the young, the ugly, the good looking, the short, the tall, the dark, the chocolate, the fair and it was nothing compared to how she was feeling with Lex right now.
What was it about him that makes her go crazy? What was it about him that made her heart stand still whenever he was in sight?
She had never shown it and thought about it, but she always felt shiver run down her spine whenever she was around Lex or chatting with him….and right now, it felt as if her heart was going to pull out of her body….her heart was going thump thump thump.
She wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her on the bed, his lips never leaving hers.
His hands travelled under her singlet to her braless boobs which he cupped and squeezed with passion.
She moaned in ecstacy as she felt her panties getting wet.
He broke off the kiss for what felt like an hour when in actual truth, it wasnt up to two seconds, he stared at her with passion then lowered his lips on hers again.
She knew this was crazy. Liz could walk in any moment and the door wasnt locked. Besides, this wasnt right, he was her manager…..that’s if she could still call him that.
He was her employee and even though she wasnt interested in the engagement with Peter anymore, and had made her stance known to him, she knew Peter would never give up easily and she was yet to inform his parents about their break up so somehow they were still together….so she couldnt do this.
She didnt know when her bra and her singlet went out of her body, the only time she realised she was partially unclad was when she felt the warmth of his mouth on her ni.pples.
‘Lex….Lex….uh….ah! Oh baby, stop…..arggh! Oh….thats so sweet…..yeah baby….oh….ah….sweetie….oh! Lexxx!’ She curled her toes together as a mini org.asm hit her.
She didnt believe this. She hardly had an org.asm during s-x itself so it was hard to believe that she actually had an org.asm just with her ni..pples being s—-d…..what if he entered her?
She didnt realise that her eyes was tightly shut until she opened it and found Lex staring at her….his shirt gone.
She stared at his beautiful packs and abs and she felt the urge to run her hands all over his body.
‘you’re so cute!’ She didnt even know when she said it.
‘and you’re so….beautiful….sexy….ravishing’ He kissed her lips.
She moaned and pointed to the door ‘Liz……’
‘Liz can wait’ He took time to explore her mouth with his tongue ‘i….i love you Ciara. I cant hold it back anymore….i love you. I’ve always felt something for you right from the very first time i saw you’
Ciara stared at him tongue-tied…..what she was to say?
He bent down and kissed her again….but this time they were interrupted by the ringing of his phone.
He dipped his hands into his pocket and fished out the phone. It was a strange number. He thought of ignoring it but then….it could be very important.
‘hell…hello…..’ he was out of breathe….he sat down on the edge of the bed as Ciara reached for her top and covered her bare brea.sts with it.
‘hello…who’s on the line?’ he was getting impatient… was enough that this jobless person interrupted his passion but not speaking up was something he would not accept.
He heard a short gasp from the other end of the line.
‘i….its me’ The caller said.
That voice. He would recognise it even in his dreams…it was her but he couldnt believe it. Perhaps, he was being decieved. But when she repeated the same statement again, he was convinced. It was her.
Lizzy opened the door and came in immediately….
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