Love And Revenge Episode 9


‘then should we go after work?’ Sandra asked.
Lex shrugged as he wondered if it was a good idea ‘no problem’
Ciara’s shoot finished at about 4:30 pm. Luckily for them, Ciara dismissed them early that day.
SANDRA: It’s weird for Ciara to dismiss us so early, don’t you think?
They were in Lex’s car heading to his house. Earlier, Lex had called Ann and told her to prepare dinner for three because he was coming with a visitor.
LEX: Maybe she’s tired.
SANDRA: Maybe Peter is back in the country. She doesn’t like me to be around Peter. That Ciara sef, she’s over possessive.
LEX: She loves him, that’s why.
SANDRA: Is love possessive?
LEX: I think so.
SANDRA: You think so? I thought you have a girlfriend whom you love so much, do you feel possessive towards her?
That was a difficult question for Lex. He loved Ann, he was sure he did but he wasn’t sure that he was possessive when it comes to her. If he did, he wouldn’t have asked her to sleep with several men just so he could…! He loves her, he was sure he did. Nothing can make him believe otherwise.
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SANDRA: I hope to find love one day Lex, i’m lonely.
Lex chuckled ‘why not have a boyfriend?’
She shook her head ‘then i won’t be able to concentrate on my revenge Lex’
‘how long have you worked for Ciara?’
‘six months’
‘you haven’t planned anything concerning revenge?’
Sandra smiled wickedly ‘i killed Ciara’s mother’
Ciara jumped on Peter and kissed him passionately ‘my love. You are back’
Peter smiled weakly as he kissed her hair ‘i missed you babe’
‘you think you missed me the way i missed you?’
‘of course!’
Peter fell on the couch and yawned tiredly ‘i’m so tired’
‘uh, it’s expected, after the long flight, guess what i prepared for you?’ Ciara said happily.
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Peter scoffed. Ciara wasn’t a good cook. Anita was far better than her.
‘indomie noodles’ he guessed.
Ciara hit him playfully ‘that’s not fair! Anita thought me how to prepare egusi soup and semovita’
‘really? That’s good. What of Sandra?’
Ciara eyed him suspiciously ‘why do you ask?’
‘pardon? Ain’t i free to ask about your PA again?’
‘whatever. I don’t want you to have anything to do with that girl. If possible, don’t answer her greetings’ Ciara said.
‘why will you say that Ciara, it won’t be fair…..’
‘i don’t care if it’s fair or not. That girl had a huge crush on you in the past Pete, what if she resurrects that feeling again?’
‘it’s all in the past now Ciara. She feels nothing for me any more’
‘yea right. It seems she’s falling for Lex now. What’s wrong with her anyway?’
‘who’s Lex?’
‘oh!’ Ciara sighed ‘he’s my new manager. Sam is no longer my manager’
‘i think you should ask Sandra that. She just showed up one morning and told me that she had changed Sam, whatever’
‘hmm’ Peter sighed.
‘so do i serve you the special delicacy i prepared for you?’
‘oh please do’
Ciara was about leaving when something caught her attention, a yellow card on the floor. She bent down and picked it up.
It had Sandra’s hand writing on it. And it was written with red paint or rather, it looked like blood and it had just one word on it.

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