Love And Revenge Episode 8


‘what are you guys talking about?’ Ciara said and Sandra froze.
SANDRA: huh?
CIARA: What revenge are you talking about?
Lex looked at Sandra and bit his lower lip, no idea coming into his head.
Sandra smiled nervously ‘we were talking about a movie’
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CIARA: Whatever! Sandra get me a chilled bottle water immediately.
Sandra nodded and left to get the water.
Ciara looked at Lex for a while and he smiled at her, then extended his hands for a handshake. She scoffed and placed her hands on them. Truth be told, she didn’t know why she accepted his handshake, she never shook people that much except they were very close to her.
Immediately she placed her hands on his, a cold sensation ran through her spine. She just couldn’t explain it.
Lex must have felt it too because he immediately dropped her hands.
LEX: Sorry.
CIARA: For what?
LEX: Nothing.
There was silence for a few seconds before she asked ‘Lex, do you have a girlfriend?’ And then she mentally slapped herself. What right had she to ask such a stupid question ‘never mind’ she said.
Lex smiled inwardly, Sandra had told him about her fiance, Peter Oreva who was temporarily abroad handling some business over there. She had said Ciara loved him to pieces, that she could do anything for him.
That she loved flirting with different guys doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love him. Peter was Ciara’s life, she had said. Though they fought a lot.
Ciara’s phone rang breaking his thought. He saw her smile before picking it ‘my love’ she called immediately she picked the call. Excitement was in her voice and her body language showed that she really loved the guy. He would even love to see the guy. Sandra said the guy wasn’t that handsome but he wasn’t bad to look at. And the guy was very nice to everyone in general. And that the said guy was a millionaire. He saw Sandra coming with two bottled water, that looked cold. When she got to them, she handed him one and Ciara the other one.
CIARA:…….Christ! Babe, you don’t mean it?
Sandra looked at Lex and gave him a funny look.
Ciara started to walk away with the phone on her ears.
SANDRA: Ciara loves this her boo very well oo. And the guy is worth it. He’s the most caring and generous guy i’ve ever met!
LEX: Really?
SANDRA: I even had a crush on him when i first started working with Ciara, but Ciara slapped me out of it.
LEX: Seriously?
SANDRA: Yes oo. Ciara doesn’t joke with her boo. When she found out i was crushing on the guy. It took me just two slaps to throw away my feelings.
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Lex laughed and opened the bottled water ‘thanks for the water anyway’
Sandra smiled and pinched his arm ‘stop thanking me. Must you thank me for everything?’
Lex smiled and said nothing.
‘Lex, do you have a girlfriend. Sorry for asking’ Sandra asked.
Lex looked at her and was like Ciara just asked me the same question. What is happening?
He shrugged and nodded ‘i do. I’m in a very serious relationship right now’
For a second, he thought he saw disappointment flash in her eyes before she replaced it with a smile.
‘so you love her?’
Lex smiled and placed his left hand on his chest ‘with all my heart’
Sandra’s smile vanished before nodding her head ‘and i guess she feels the same about you?’
‘she loves me more than i can ever imagine. What about you? You have a boyfriend, yes?’
Sandra shook her head ‘i’ve never had a boyfriend my entire life’
‘because i never wanted to date any guy until i’m done with my revenge’
‘that reminds me. What were you saying the other time. That Tommy Anderson killed your parents?’
‘yes. Tommy Anderson stabbed my father with a knife and raped my mother to death’ as she said, tears stung her voice.
‘he raped your mother to death. He’s my worst enemy’
Lex was tempted to say that he too was out for revenge but it was not just Tommy Anderson, they were two more.
And one happens to be Peter’s father, Chief T. Oreva.
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