Love And Revenge Episode 7


Lex stilled for some seconds before he finally found his voice ‘how?’ Sandra opened her mouth to speak but just then, Ciara’s voice rang from the building. Lex coughed and they both entered the building.
CIARA: What took you so long to get here?
They just got in and it seemed Ciara already knew they were about entering.
LEX: Sorry, something came up and……
His voice trailed off when he looked up at Ciara. For the first time, he was realizing that this girl was an epitome of beauty. Fair, very light skinned, in fact she could be mistaken for  albino. She was wearing a very short red gown that exposed her very white laps. The v-neck of the gown exposed some white cleavage and desire licked through him. Jeez! He wondered how her ass was going to look like, then he pinched himself, that wasn’t a thing a gentleman should be thinking of.
LEX: I’m sorry.
Ciara noticed the way he stared at her but said nothing. Just then, another light skinned lady, though not as fair as Ciara came out of the house and Lex knew immediately that she was Anita, they looked quite alike, though this one was taller, bigger boobs and ass, but they were too big for her smallish stature. But Ciara’s hips were wider than hers.
She pecked Ciara on the cheek then hugged her ‘i would be leaving for work now. See ya later!!!’
‘yeah have a nice day’ Ciara said with a broad smile.
Anita stopped on seeing him, her lips slightly apart as if she was lost.
ANITA: Are you the new manager.
LEX: Yeah, i’m Lex.
ANITA: I’m Anita, Ciara’s twin sister. It’s nice meeting you. She stretched her hands towards him.
He took it ‘same here’
She smiled and left.
From her dress code, he could tell she was a lawyer. White long sleeve, black tight skirt with a black jacket, not that Sandra hadn’t filled him in on that. Silence reigned in the room for a while before Sandra cleared her throat ‘Ciara, are we leaving now?’
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‘yeah’ Ciara replied and bent to pick her purse from the couch which she had been sitting on.
Lex could bet his life that if she had bent a little more, her undergarment would have been seen.
Lex took a deep breathe and was just in time to catch the key that was thrown to him by Ciara.
CIARA: You are driving us.
LEX: What about your driver?
CIARA: I said you are driving us, period!
Ciara hissed and put her legs into the silver jimmy choo sandals in from of her, then she went out.
Sandra sighed ‘don’t try to question Ciara next time. She’s got a hell of a temper. Let’s go’
‘wait,’ Lex said ‘explain what you said earlier on’
‘i will explain that later. But for now, let’s start running’ Sandra said and grabbed his left arm and pulled him along.
Ciara grabbed the said guy by the shirt as fake tears streamed down her eyes ‘you must kill me today! What wrong did i do in marrying you eh? Stupid man!’
The actor pushed her hands away from his suit ‘stay away from me Ciara…..i mean Nonye’
‘cut!’ the movie director shouted and the movie crew laughed ‘why do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again Kenneth. We agree, her name is Ciara but in this movie, she’s Nonye’
Ciara laughed and wiped the fake tears from her cheek ‘i’m dehydrated, can we take a break?’
The director wanted to refuse but he knew that if he did, Ciara might choose not to do the movie again and he knew that if she didn’t, it was going to be a great loss to him. He noticed that people tends to buy a movie when Ciara is casted as the female protagonist, that was why Ciara was the one who acted most of his movies. Just that, she was quite expensive, much more expensive than any other actress.
‘okay’ the director replied.
Ciara moved towards where Sandra and Lex were standing, discussing something in hush tones and she wondered if they were gossiping about her or something but she picked out one word when she got close to them, REVENGE.
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