Love And Revenge Episode 10


Sandra smiled as she remembered the paper she purposely left on the floor of Ciara’s house before leaving the house.
It was to serve as a warning to Ciara. She had no problem with Ciara but since Ciara’s father had not only killed and raped their mother, he also shot her elder brother, she was going to kill him, Ciara and Anita. All she needed was time.
Ciara’s mother was down already.
Ciara’s mother was innocent quite alright but her mother had been innocent too. Whatever scores he had to settle with their father should have been between them but he killed her mum and elder brother as well. Then raped her as well before leaving her.
She had begged for him to kill her too but he only smiled and said ‘some situations are worse than dead, child’ he shone his white teeth and discreetly left the house.
Still sore underneath, Sandra had trekked to her aunt’s place which was about three streets away from their place. It was that her aunt that took care of her till stroke killed her.
But she managed to make a graduate out of Sandra and Sandra was grateful for that. She was going to kill people. Innocent people would have to pay with their lives. He who kills by the blood must die by the blood.
She looked at Lex and the strange but beautiful curvy lady as they ate their food in silence. The food was quite peppery and average in taste.
After eating, the strange lady she later knew to be Ann cleared the plates. Ann was nice to her. She made her feel very comfortable and with the way she and Lex exchanged kisses earlier on, she knew she was the girlfriend Lex had talked about.
As they exchanged kisses. She felt a pinch of guilt in her heart. She didn’t want to go into conclusion but ever since the first day she set her eyes on Lex, she couldn’t explain the flutter in her heart and the butterflies in her stomach. The guy was very handsome and apart from that, he was fun to be with.
His house smelt wealth. She didn’t know the weight of money in his account but she was very certain he didn’t need the salary of a manager. They all sat to watch a movie. Time was ticking very fast, it was past eight already.
LEX: Uhmm, Ann, as you already know, this is Sandra, and Sandra, this is Ann. Well Ann, Sandra told me something very shocking today. I thought you should hear it.
ANN: Go ahead.
LEX: Sandra wants revenge on Tommy Anderson too.
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Ann brought her medicated glasses to her nose ‘pardon?’
And Lex went ahead to explain everything Sandra had told him earlier and she was like: what the eff is going on in this room?
Sandra looked on as Lex divulged her secret to this lady and she wondered why.
Ann clapped her hands in ecstasy ‘this is wonderful! Gloryyyy!’
And Ann stood up and hugged her ‘welcome to the in gathering of revenge my dear’
Sandra was confused. What was she talking about?
LEX: I must say Sandra that we have the same goal. Tommy Anderson murdered my father before my very eyes. Then he burnt down my house and killed everyone of my family. I managed to escape and i never for once took off the idea of revenge off my heart. Honestly, i was shocked when you said you were hanging around Ciara just to get revenge on her dad, well, i’m also doing the same thing.
Sandra froze for seconds as she processed everything Lex said. Suddenly she felt pity for Ciara. She had too many enemies around her without her knowledge. She wondered how many other people were around her for the same reason. From the cleaners to the cook, oboy!
Ciara might be rude and very authoritative but she was the nicest person one would ever want to meet. It was a pity she was going to kill both her and her twin sister pretty soon. But she wanted to do this in front of Tommy Anderson.
SANDRA: Are you being truthful?
LEX: I swear with everything i’ve got Sandra. We both want the same thing…..
ANN: Both? I want the same thing as well, so the three of us wants the same thing.
LEX: That’s true. The three of us wants the same thing. And that’s to bring down Tommy Anderson, so if we work together, we could achieve our goal together.
Sandra thought for a while, then she suddenly smiled.
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