Love And Revenge Episode 5


Ann felt really good when Lex went on his knees, for the very first time and pleaded with her not to go. Seriously, she never knew she was so important to him. Now she believed he really couldn’t live without her.
She hadn’t meant it when she said she was leaving for Maiduguri the next day. How could she leave the love of her life and go somewhere else, what a joke!
ANN: Lex, you are just pleading for nothing. My mind is already made up as it is. I’m sorry.
LEX: You just can’t leave now Ann, not now when i need you the most. See, i promise, should you stay, i’m going to marry you immediately things settle down.
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ANN: So i should wait till things settle down. Let me ask you Lex, is your revenge more important to you than i am?
Lex frowned in confusion. He had never thought he had knelt down in front of a lady and beg her not to go. He needed her. He needed her for his revenge. She had always helped him and he was confident of her help if she stayed. And he was grateful for everything she did for him. If he should let her leave just like that, it would be so ungrateful of him.
LEX: Ann, we could make up. We could make this work.
Ann sighed. Maybe she should just give in now. She had just seen how important she was.
ANN: Stand up Lex.
LEX: No, i won’t stand until you tell you’ve forgiven me.
Ann scoffed and began packing the plates ‘when you are tired of kneeling, you would stand’ She picked the plates, eyed him and went to the kitchen and released the laughter she had been trying so hard to suppress. She felt so good right now, she had never felt this way in such a long while.
Lex on the other hand was hopeless. It was obvious that her mind was already made up and there was nothing he could do. Nothing? No, there was something he could do. He heard footsteps, the opening of a door and the closing of the door. Fine, Ann was in her room. He tiptoed to her room and stood there, waiting to hear if she was going to bolt the door or not. She didn’t bolt it. He pushed the door open quietly and saw her sitting on her bed, her top had gone off and she was unhooking her bra when he walked in.
She quickly reached for her top and covered her breasts. ‘what are you doing here?’
‘let’s make love Ann’
ANN: I’m that cheap to you right? You think you can just walk in here and say you want to make love to me and expect me to open my legs for you right? You are silly!
LEX: Ann, we could make this work i beg of you.
ANN: Fash abeg!!!! I want to spend the night alone, do me a favour and leave my room.
LEX: Really?
ANN: Yes really.
LEX: Ann, don’t do this to me i beg of you, i……
ANN: Lex, get out. I don’t want to hear any of your nonsense.
Lex nodded slowly and started leaving. Ann almost told him not to go when he turned back, grabbed her face with his hands and placed his lips on her with full force. She tried pushing him away, and tell him she wasn’t in the mood for love making but who was she decieving? She couldn’t resist making love with Lex, so she succumbed.
Ann smiled in contentment and placed her head on Lex’s bare shoulders. She sighed happily. Why did she love this man so much? So much she felt like dying? So much she felt her heart wasn’t hers anymore. If there was anything that surpasses love, then she definitely felt like that right now. The love in her heart was at bursting point.
Then something crossed him. What if she lost him to another lady? What if he breaks her heart in the end and marries another lady. Heaven knows she was going to commit suicide. She might just die and he was sure she wasn’t dying alone, Lex and the girl was going down with her.
ANN: Baby, i have a surprise for you.
LEX: What is it?
ANN: I got a job with 3BRAINS.
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