Love And Revenge Episode 4


Lex stole a glance at the silent Ann who was picking her food. Ann wasn’t a very good cook but she tried most times. Sometimes, it’s a problem of too much or no salt, too much maggi or over spices.
But he had never for once since they ran away together from Maiduguri to Asaba, ate. He loved eating her food even though it was not tasty.
He dropped his spoon and gently reached for her left hand ‘my love’ he called softly.
He missed her. Heaven knows he did. And it was hurting him to know that s-x was the problem between them.
Even only he could settle this problem, he would make sure they make love every single day just so she wouldn’t get mad at him again and think he doesn’t love her.
‘what?’ Ann threw coldly.
LEX: Let’s stop keeping malice.
Ann hissed and flung his hands away from her skin as if it stung
ANN: Stay away from me Lex, don’t you ever touch me in this house again and i mean it!!
LEX: What have i done wrong?
ANN: Ask me that again, nonsense! Please let me eat my food jor! You think i will beg you to have s-x with me?
She closed her mouth even before she said it. She didn’t want him to know she loved s-x. But had come to realise that s-x only with Lex was what she loved. In the course of their quarrel, she had slept with two guys and even though the guys were skilled, it was the most horrible s-x she had ever had
After having s-x with those two guys, she was like; is this how s-x is? If she hadn’t had with Lex numerous number of times and enjoyed it to the fullest, she would have hated s-x with passion.
LEX: Is s-x the problem?
LEX: Then what’s the problem between us?
ANN: Like you care.
LEX: Just tell me.
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ANN: You don’t love me Lex, that’s the problem. After everything i’ve done for you, after all the sacrifices i’ve made for you. I left my family because of you. I broke my vow of not having s-x until after marriage because of you. I’ve done so many dangerous things for you. I try my best to make you happy because i love you with all my heart but what do i get? Insults upon insults.
Lex shook his head.
LEX: I swear you are getting it all wrong Ann, i love you more than you can ever imagine.
ANN: Tell that to the birds in the sky.
LEX: Your problem is, every little misunderstanding we have, you are always quick to start listing the things you’ve done for me. I know that you’ve done a lot for me. I know that you left your family because of me. I know you’ve risked many things for me, it’s not as if i don’t know or i don’t remember. Why do you keep reminding me about it? Haven’t i done so many things for you too? Haven’t i risked my life for you too? Are you the only one who is making sacrifices here? Why do you keep reminding me of things you’ve done and haven’t done for me? Haven’t i shown you enough gratitude? Haven’t i showed you how much i truly love you? I love you Ann, i swear it! You are just being blind to that fact! All you think about is yourself.
ANN: Lex, are you talking to me like that? After everything that i’ve done for you?
LEX: Don’t make me regret ever knowing you Ann, you are making me sick! Didn’t i say i would marry you after my revenge is over? Why do you like talking about everything that you’ve done for me, why?
ANN: I’ve done so many things for you Lex.
LEX: Then undo them!!!! I am sick. And tired of your immature attitude. Wisen up Ann, you’re 26. You are not a kid anymore.
ANN: Lex, you are hurting me with your attitude. You are making me regret running away from my father’s house. You are making me regret living a wild life. I screw you Lex, and i screw any man you want me to screw(Tears were welling up in her eyes)You taught me how to sniff cocaine and smoke cigarette. Tell me, Lex what good thing have you taught me since i met you? What good character did i take from you? I was a holy girl when you met me but you changed me. You changed me into something else, something i didn’t even dream i would become. If i’m a chain smoker and a s-x addict today, it’s because of you Lex, it’s because of you.
You ruined my life! You destroyed all the great virtues my parents instilled me. You ruined my future! My dignity, you stole all that away from me. I would have been married by now or at least engaged. But you tied me down. You tied me down Lex. You won’t propose to me or even make love to me willingly. You are cold towards me and most times leave me lonely. What have i done to deserve all that Lex. I’m human and i have emotions, i’m not a toy, i’m not a property! I’m not a burden and i can never be a burden.
I have a family Lex, i have parents, siblings, cousins, aunt and uncles who love me and will eagerly welcome me if i should return. And guesss what? You are going to be alone from now on. Because i’m going back to Maiduguri first thing tomorrow morning.
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