Love And Revenge Episode 6


LEX: What? How? When? Tell me you are joking.
Ann chuckled and opened her drawer, brought out a slip and showed him. It was her employment slip.
LEX: How did this happen?
Ann smiled.
ANN: Esther helped me. You know that my yeye cousin that works with 3BRAINS, that one that is dating Ciara’s father even though she’s married. With her connections, i……
Lex grabbed her and placed his lips on hers, gently and lovingly. His heart was thumping fast. Ann was the best. He vowed within himself that never would he do anything to hurt her. And he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. He loved her so much but now he loved her more than ever. She was everything to me. He looked at her eyes with so much emotion in his own eyes. Who ever said women were burdens.
LEX: I love you.
Ann smiled as tears welled up in her eyes ‘i love you more baby’
Lex smiled and hugged her, then kissed her hair.
Ciara paced up and down in anger. Where’s my fu.cking manager!!’
Sandra shook ‘i called him earlier. He was held up in traffic
Anita rushed in immediately ‘Ciara, daddy’s car got into an accident’
CIARA: What?????
ANITA: Luckily, he wasn’t in the car. He sent his driver to deliver something to uncle Sylvester, and the driver got into an accident. He died on the spot! When they checked what was wrong with the car, they found out that the brakes were cut. It’s either someone tried to kill dad or the driver.
Ciara waved her hands carelessly in the air. As far as her dad didn’t die, it didn’t matter who did.
CIARA: Why would someone want to kill dad? I’m sure it’s the so called driver. Maybe he stepped on someone’s toes. You know how this people from the slums behave now.
ANITA: Maybe, maybe not. Dad should have rivals too. Anyways, the family of the driver are asking for five million naira, can you imagine? Their pikin na gold?
Ciara chuckled a little. She and her twin sister were the same. They cared little about anything. Both spoilt and carefree, they had anything they wanted. While Ciara was a popular actress and model, Anita was a lawyer, their father’s personal lawyer. While Anita and their mother always frowned at the path she chose to take, her father was proud of her.
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Anita sat on one corner of the room, took her black jacket from the wardrobe and put it on. They both had a two bedroom flat about two streets away from their father’s house. They spent weekdays in their house and weekends, at their father’s house. Even though they both had separate rooms, they mostly spent the night together in the same room, either Ciara’s or Anita’s.
Ciara turned to her PA ‘where is my manager?’
Sandra picked up her phone ‘he just texted me, he said he’s on his way’
‘that guy is so patethic! What on earth happened to Sam. He’s a lot better than this Lex of a guy’
Sandra shrugged ‘Ciara, i would be in the sitting room’ She stood up and left. She didn’t particularly like Anita, she was much more bossy and arrogant then Ciara. Infact, they were alike.
Lex blared his horn harder this time, and immediately the gateman opened the door, he drove in. Sandra wanted to run down his battery. He had woken up late this morning, infact it was Sandra’s first call that woke him up. She said Ciara had a morning shoot and typical Ciara, she was mad. He came down from the car and saw Sandra approaching him. He quickly smiled and put his palms together ‘my sincere apologies’
SANDRA: Save your apologies for Ciara. Good morning.
LEX: Good morning Sandra, how was your night?
SANDRA: It was fine. Do you know what i heard this morning?
They were both walking inside now. In the two weeks Lex had worked with Ciara, he had gotten along with Sandra pretty well. She was a nice, pretty lady who loved talking and gossiping.
LEX: What?
SANDRA: According to what i heard from Anita, Ciara’s twin sister, they said their father’s driver died yesterday evening, that someone cut the brakes. They are saying the driver stepped on someone’s toes that’s why the brakes were cut but left for me, i think it’s the father they were trying to kill, their father is a bad man.
Lex stood for a moment, regained his composure then asked ‘why do you call him a bad man?’
Sandra stopped and looked around then whispered ‘please keep my secret for me. Their dad murdered my parents. And i’m here to have my pound of flesh!’
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