Love And Revenge Episode 41


Lex felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he quickly parked the car at one side of the road. It was a text message from Brian asking for them to meet for the exchange.
Lex laughed heavily. How could someone be so cruel to his father? Well, it was his daughter’s life at stake here. But the said guy didn’t deem it fit to ask what the exchange was for. What a guy!
He quickly called Chuks and told him what to do next, then he ended the call.
He bedged in satisfaction. Things were going as planned. Very soon, all of Brian’s sisters would be in his palms and so will his father.
He gripped the steering hard and let out a loud laugh. He was finally getting justice for his father.
It was a good thing Ann left. She had been a distraction, when she had been around, he hadn’t been able to make any move. But just a few days that she was away from the house, his revenge was moving forward to it’s permanent site.
His phone beeped again, and this time it was a call from Chuks.
LEX: Have you carried the girl to the river?
CHUKS: We are on our way there now.
LEX: Very good. How about Emerald Bills?
CHUKS: Our guys are still on it.
LEX: And Petals?
CHUKS: We are going to get them before night fall.
LEX: Very good. Now get on to the plan and do not hand over the girl until you’ve gotten her silly old grandfather in your arms okay?
CHUKS: Got it boss.
LEX: Take care.
He hung up feeling contented with himself. This was what revenge feels like. Bloody!
‘take care of dad’ Mrs Emerald Bills said and hung up feeling sad. She didn’t like this.
Her younger brother who just came into the country two days ago and had had their only daughter kidnapped that same day.
And now his wife who had gone into labour the previous day had just delivered and she and her younger sister, Petals had offered to go take care of her for the meantime since her mother was late.
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And her father was in the hospital too. Could things get any worse? Her husband came in carrying his briefcase. He saw the worried look on his wife’s beautiful face.
BILLS: Emerald, what’s up? You ain’t looking too bright. Is it about your brother’s missing child? Don’t worry, they are going to find her.
EMERALD: I just got off the phone with my brother. Jennifer put to birth yesterday and currently Brian needs us, i and Petals to take care of his wife and his baby because of the things he has to run around for, he made it clear to me that he’s going to be particularly busy today with the search of Heavenly, so darling, the thing is…i will like to go over to my father’s place, spend some days or a week with them, it’s not just i, Petals will be coming over too, we have to take care of their newly born child.
Bills frowned. He never really liked Brian. He was too pompous and arrogant with his sharp eyes following everyone everywhere. He wanted to refuse but for the sake of Jennifer  and the newly born child, he had to agree.
BILLS: Okay, but what about our kids, who’s gonna take care of them?
EMERALD: You’ve got to be kidding me darling (she proceeded to knotting his tie) Andrea is a big girl, she’s sixteen remember, she’s capable of taking care of Nathan and Nimyel and you too my sweetheart (she kissed him).
BILLS: Okay, no problem. You can go to your father’s house, i’ve got no problem with that. And my regards to Jennifer and the little angel she gave birth to. Wait, male or female?
EMERALD: Female.
BILLS: Wow, nice one. I should be on my way now dear. I’m freaking late for work.
EMERALD: Alright, i’ll see you to the door.
Emerald watched her husband drive out for work and she exhaled a sigh of relief. Thank God he agreed to her going over to her father’s place. She hadn’t expected him to.
Suddenly, she heard a movement behind her. She looked back, no one. The kids had gone to school and it was definitely not the gardener because he wasn’t coming today. And the gateman was by the gate closing it.
She heard that same footsteps again but before she could call out to the gateman, someone grabbed her from behind and closed her nostril with a handkerchief, she became unconscious.
‘where are we headed Brian?’ Sampson whispered weakly. He was indeed tired. He was just discharged from the hospital and instead of his son to peacefully take him home, he was driving through several bushpaths.
BRIAN: You’ll soon know old man.
SAMPSON: Where is this place? And why is everywhere so bushy?
BRIAN: Keep shut dad. When we get there, we will get all the answers we need.
Sampson suddenly became scared. Could his only son hurt him? Normally, no son could hurt his father but his son Brian….was different and was capable of anything.
Brian looked through the rear mirror at his nervous dad. He felt no remorse. His father deserved it. He couldn’t say what it is his father did to the kidnapper but it was sealed.
His father for Heavenly.
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To be continued